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The Simple Present Tense


一般现在时(The Simple Present Tense)

e.g. He’s twelve. She’s at work. 2.表经常或习惯性的动作: e.g. I get up at 6:30 every day. He reads English every morning. 3.表主语具备的性格和能力等: e.g. She likes noodles. They speak French. 4.普遍真理和自然规律: e.g. Two plus four is six. The moon goes around the earth.

1.be 动词的一般现在时的句式: ?肯定句:主语+be+表语(n., adj.等)

e.g. He is a worker. You are thirteen. They are in the classroom.

?否定句:主语+be+ not+表语

e.g. He is not a worker. You aren’t thirteen. They aren’t in the classroom. e.g. Is he a worker? Yes, he is./No, he isn’t. Are you thirteen? Are they in the classroom? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.



e.g. What is he? What colour is that bird? How old are you? Where are they ?

2.实义动词的一般现在时句式: 肯定句:?主语(I/We/You/They)+实义动词+其他 e.g. I stay at home on Saturdays. They have sports every day. ?主语(He/She/It)+实义动词三单现形式+其他 e.g. He stays at home on Saturdays. Lucy has sports every day. 否定句:?主语(I/We/You/They)+do+ not+动词原形+其他 e.g. I don’t stay at home on Saturdays. They don’t have sports every day. ?主语(He/She/It)+does +not+动词原形+其他 e.g. He doesn’t stay at home on Saturdays. Lucy doesn’t have sports every day. 一般疑问句:?Do+主语(I/we/you/they)+动词原形+其他? e.g. Do you stay at home on Saturdays? Do they have sports every day? ?Does+主语(he/she/it)+动词原形+其他? e.g. Does he stay at home on Saturdays? Does Lucy have sports every day?

特殊疑问句:疑问词+ do/does+主语+动词原形+其他? e.g. What do you want? What does she want? What time do you have lunch? What time does she have lunch? What do you do? What does she do? How do you spell it? How does he spell it?

1.This is

my pencil ? (变一般疑
your pencil ?


2. These red socks are Kate’s . (变一般 疑问句) socks Kate’s ? 3. I want to buy a big green bag . (变特 殊疑问句) you want to buy ? 4. Mary does not have any books . (变肯 定句)Mary books .

5. The clothing shop is on sale . (变为否 定句)
6. She likes the black bag very much . (变为否 定句) 7. I buy the pants for only 50 Yuan. (用she改 写句子) the pants for only 50 Yuan. 8. It’s an English dictionary . (对画线部分提 问)

9. Lily and Lucy are fifteen years old now . (对画线部分提问) Lily and Lucy ? 10. Her dog is 2 years and 5 months old . (变 为否定句) Her dog 2 years and 5 months old .

11. I usually get up at seven o’clock . (用he改 写句子) at seven o’clock . 12. He often has hamburger and apples for dinner . (变为一般疑问句)

13. My family always like thril

lers . (对画 线部分提问) your family always like ? 14. Jane’s sister wants to see the comedy . (变为一般疑问句) Jane’s sister to see the comedy ?

15. Maria and Jack come to this school on Monday . (对画线部分提问) Maria and Jack come to this school ?

16. Titanic is really a great sad movie . (对画 线部分提问) Titanic ? 17. I think this documentary is boring . (变复 数句) think boring . 18. Mike can play the guitar . (对画线部分提 问) Mike ? 19. Julia and her mother can live (居住) in the same city . (变一般疑问句)

Julia and her mother live in the same city ?

20. The teacher wants to join a music club . (变为 特殊疑问句) club the teacher want to join ? 21. She doesn’t know when to join the rock band . (变为肯定句)She when to join the rock band . 22. My mother usually has lunch at 12:12 . (对画 线部分提问) your mother usually lunch ?

23. Li Xing goes home late on Friday afternoon . (变为一般疑问句) Li Xing home late on Friday afternoon ?

24. Li Xing goes home late on Friday afternoon . (对画线部分提问) Li Xing goes home late ?

25. This girl is Joy Smith . (变为特殊疑问 句) is this girl ?
26. The twins are eleven . (变为特殊疑问 句) are the twins ? 27. The students study English every day . (对 画线部分提问) the students study every day ?

28. They want to buy some food . (对画线部 分提问) they want to buy ?

29. She watches TV on Saturday evening . (对 画线部分提问) she TV ?
30. She often has a drink of water after supper . (变为一般疑问句) she often supper ? a drink of water after

31. That is an apple tree . (变为复数句)

32. Mike’s birthday is February 19th . (对画线 部分提问) is Mike’s birthday ?

33. Come down to our new shop, please. (变为否 定句)
to our new shop, please. 二.用be动词的适当形式填空。 1. I a student . You a teacher .

2. She

my friend.

3. 4.

you Li Fen ? No,

not . .

Mr. green very busy?Yes , he

5. He must
6. Comedy 7.

at home .
very interesting .

thrillers very scary ? good friends .

8. You and I

9. His friends

very funny .

10. The twins very happy because they want to go to a movie . 11. Our class big , but their class small .

12. The basketball club
13. The girl in red clothes 14. Lily’s room

exciting and fun .
my sister .

not very big .

15. It _______ nice to meet you.
16. Your name _______ nice. 17. What class you in ?

18. ________ your Number Seven?

1. My classmate bike . 2. His sister usually am . 3. Lin Tao 4. Let me (know) the man on the (go) to school at 7:00

(like) his new sweater . (have) a look .

5. Let’s

(play) tennis !



(like) English ? (go) to a movie .

7. I want

8. He
9. Nice 10. Can I

(not know)the teacher’s name
(meet) you ! (ask) the policeman ?

11. (sit) down and tea . 12.

(have) a cup of

(not look) at your book !



(can see)the bananas

on the table ?

14. I need
15. She likes 16. It’s time

(buy ) some new clothes .
(play) chess . (play) games .

17. You must
18. She must

(be) a good student .
(sing) well .

19. He (have) an egg and a banana for breakfast . 20. Li Min (take) a shower after lunch .

21. People usually evening .
22. What time basketball ?

(eat) dinner in the

Mary usually

23. This boy likes (play) chess with his father on weekends . 24. Where his parents do you know? 25. Who school? (work) now,

(teach) you English in your

26. Helen, again.

(not be) late for class

27. I don’t like the movie. It’s (born). 28. (not look) at the pictures. (listen) to me.

29. Little Tom can
30. The weather

(ride) a horse.
(be ) windy today.

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