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Just as my father's death had changed Jimmy's world overnight, September 11th changed our lives; the world we'd known was gone. But, as we sang for Jimmy and held each other tight afterward praying for peace around the world, we were reminded that the constant love and support of our friends and family would get us through whatever life might present. The simplicity with which Jimmy had reconciled everything for us should not have been surprising. there had never been any limitations to what Jimmy's love could accomplish.

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First, love needs time. Perhaps people can recognize in a moment the possibility for love, and make grand declarations such as "I love you" within weeks of having met, but this love is comparable to the beginning of a long road up a mountain with many ups and downs. Mature love is like a living organism. It parallels the life of an oak tree, growing slowly from a seed in the mud to a slender trunk with barely any leaves and finally into its sheltering glory. We cannot manipulate or speed up the amount of years it needs to grow, but must instead, with wit and patience, appreciate one another's differences and share one another's joys and pains over time. So it is sad when divorces are caused by small provocations, when parents and children give up on one another, when friendships fall apart at the first injury, when we give up on love.

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I learned that love is like an elastic band that must stretch apart before it pulls you back close to one another. It is a coming tide whose waters retreat a little after a single wave, but the next one is closer to your heart than the one before.

Finally, love needs words to make it real.Without words, quarrels can't be resolved and we lose the power to share the meaning of our lives. The important thing is to acknowledge and express our feelings. In this way, we can truly send the spirits of those we love as well as our own soaring upwards.

Love is not a single act, but a lifetime adventure in which we are always learning, discovering, growing. It is neither destroyed by a single failure nor won by a single kiss. It can only be achieved through patience and understanding.

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Iron deficiency is very common among women in general, affecting one in four female teenagers and one in five women aged 18 to 45, respectively. But the ratio is even greater among active women, affecting up to 80 percent of female endurance athletes. This means, Lyle says, that "too many women ignore the amount of iron they take in". Women of childbearing age are at greatest risk, since their monthly bleeding is a major source of iron loss.

Plus, many health-conscious women increase their risk by rejecting red meat, which contains the most easily absorbed form of iron.

And because women often <14>restrict</14> their diet in an effort to control weight, they may not consume enough iron-rich food, and are liable to experience a deficiency.


There are three stages of iron deficiency. The first and most common is having low iron reserves, a condition that typically has no symptoms. Fatigue and poor performance may begin to appear in the second stage of deficiency, when not enough iron is present to form the molecules of blood protein that transport oxygen to the working muscles. In the third and final stage, people often feel weak, tired, and out of breath—and exercise performance is severely compromised.

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Explaining his approach to education, Joe Gauld says the conventional education system cannot be reformed. He notes "no amount of change" with the horse and carriage "will produce an automobile". The Hyde School assumes "every human being has a unique potential" that is based on character, not intelligence or wealth. Conscience and hard work are valued. Success is measured by growth, not academic achievement. Students are required to take responsibility for each other.

To avoid the controversy of other character programs used in US schools, Gauld says the concept of doing your best has nothing to do with forcing the students to accept a particular set of morals or religious values.

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To talk about problem-solving or decision-making within a national environment means examining many complex cultural forces. It means trying to measure the impact of these forces on contemporary life, and also coming to grips with changes now taking place.

In Japan, the most important thing is what organization you work for. This is of extreme importance when trying to analyze the direction-taking or decision-making process. At the least, it explains the greater job stability in Japan, in contrast to the great job mobility in America.


Now, while Japan's industry and technology are highly developed, they have not replaced the fundamental force of human energy and motivation. By that I mean that the Japanese take great pride in doing a job well and getting it done no matter how much time is required. There is a commitment and sense of responsibility, which have not yet been discarded in this age of machines.

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Although scientists still cannot predict earthquakes, they are learning a great deal about how the large plates in the Earth's crust move, the stresses between plates, how earthquakes work, and the general probability that a given place will have an earthquake. Someday soon it may actually become possible to predict earthquakes with accuracy. However, even if prediction becomes possible, people who live in areas where earthquakes are a common occurrence will still have to do their best to prevent disasters by building structures that are resistant to ground movement and by being personally prepared. These precautions can make a great difference in saving lives and preventing the loss of homes. Education concerning how to survive an earthquake should be a major emphasis for all government programs and earthquake -related research projects.

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The self-described "hacker" has dominated the personal computing revolution and modernized the whole world in the process. Indeed, his classification into any other rank than this would seriously understate his impact on the world.

Gates' success stems from his personality: an unbelievable and at times frightening blend of high-voltage brilliance, drive and competitiveness.

Indeed, if there's one thing that distinguishes the Gates style, it is his time management skills.

On the subject of travel, he has become known for saving money and time as well. Another trait that makes him so unusual is his incredible "multitasking" ability.

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