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牛津英语a day out教案

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8A Unit 3 A day out ---- Reading 1

Hello, everyone, I am Heyu, from Yongxing Middle School, It’s my great pleasure to be here today. My subject is FUN WITH ENGLISH 8A Unit 3 A day out Reading 1. I’ll talk about this lesson from five parts:Teaching Material, Teaching & Learning Methods, Teaching Aids, Teaching Procedures and Self-assessment.

Teaching Material

(一)Status&Functions Unit 3 A day out is a new lesson, and play an important role in this book. From this lesson, we will learn how to talk about the place of interest we want to visit. We also learn sth about the places of interest. Tell sthdents we must love our world and study harder to make our world more and more beautiful. through learning this lesson to improve learning interest and spoken English.

(二).Teaching Aims &Demands

1.Knowledge aims:

(1) Learn and understand the new and important words , expressions and sentences in this lesson.

(2)Read the passage to learn something about this trip.

2. Ability aims:

(1)The students can identify the interesting places of interest at home and

abroad, especially in Beijing;

(2)The students can get the overall understanding of the passages on a trip.

3. Emotion aims:

By reading the passage on a trip, the students love travelling and the nature.

(三)Teaching important &difficult Points

1. New and important words, expressions and sentences for the students to learn and master;

2. The overall understanding of the passages on a trip.

Teaching & Learning Methods

For teachers, I mainly use three kinds of methods: Task-based Teaching

Method, Communicative Teaching Method, Audio-visual


For students, I mainly use four kinds of methods: discuss in Group, Pair work,

Presentation, Role-play.

(In general, all is take the student as the main body, teachers play a guiding role)

Teaching Aids

Tape recorder,



Teaching Procedures

Step 1 Greetings(1min)

Say ‘It is a wonderful and amazing world. There are many places of interest in the world. In modern society, many people spend a lot of time and money on the trip every year. We also go to a magical place to have a look today.

Step 2.Warm-up & lead-in (5mins)

Show the pictures of different places. Then get the students to talk about where they are and what can they do there. This places are amazing and famous, I believe that the students would be attracted.

(Through pictures to arouse their interest ability) Step3. Pre-reading(7mins)

Pair work (Discuss with your partner.)

Q1:What is your favorite place of interest?

Q2: What do you think of it?

Q3:How long do you think it will take you to travel around the world? In this part, I will introduce the new words and phrases, they are very important for later learning.

Step4. While-reading(20mins)


Play the tape and get the students to listen. At this time, the students are

just asked to get the general meaning of the text. The better students can close the books, for the weak students, they can open the books. After listening, the students can finish a matching exercise. (2) Listening and reading

Play the tape again and get the students to listen and repeat. Then invite them to help Daniel put the pictures in the right order. If necessary, I can pause to help the students get the right order.

(3)Skim to Find out how she felt :

1. At the beginning/on the way,

2. When she arrived at the park,

3. When she was inside the park,

A. she didn’t enjoy it / she felt sick.

B. she became excited .she didn’t feel sick any more. she wanted to enjoy herself.

C. she couldn’t believe her eyes. she wanted to join in the dancing

(through reading to find the details of the article, it can improve the students' reading quality rapidly.)


Suppose you are Linda, retell the day out to the World Park according to the pictures.

(Through this part, let students can master the basic meaning, and practise them speaking ability.)

Step5. Post-reading (8mins)

Discussion (Group work)

Talk about the place of interest you want to visit best.

1) where to go 2) when to go 3) how to go

4) why to go 5) what to see 6) how to feel


Each group chooses a student to give us a report.

(Through this part to improve the students' comprehensive ability of using


Step6. Summary(3mins)

What we have learnt and key points

Assessment on each group

(The main function of this part is to consolidate the key and different points of this lesson.)

Step7. Homework (1min)

Write a letter to your close friend to tell him/her your pleasant trip to a place of interest.

(I think this kind of practice is very important, it is the specific application of language learning.)


Strengthen the interests of learning English

Develop the abilities of speaking and writing

Foster the abilities of cooperation and action

(Of course, propose different requirements for different students, I think, as long as they can say one more word, write one more sentence, they will progress.)


To be a good English teacher is my dream, I think a teacher is not only a guide for the students, but also a friend of them. I always build a close relation with my students, helping them not only on their study, but also on their lives. I will try my best to achieve further success!

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