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1. V-ing做主语,谓语用三人称单数

2. go to sb for help向某人寻求帮助

3. Prefer sth. To sth; prefer to do/prefer doing ; prefer doing sth to doing sth; prefer to do rather than do更喜欢做某事

4. A as well as B 就远原则 相同用法 with/along with/except/of B

5. Without +doing 介词后面用V-ing形式 (介词:by/in/on/of/at/with/when/while/before/after..

6. Remind ab. Of sth/remind to do sth./remind +that从句

7. The key to sth/the key to doing sth 。。。的关键

8. One of the most important forms one of the +最高级 +形容词 +名词复数

9. It can show whether a person is friendly or unfriendly. 宾语从句;连词;陈述语序;时态

10. Avoid doing; finish doing; practice doing; mind doing; enjoy doing

11. Have difficulty doing sth=have trouble doing sth. ;have difficulty with sth 干某事有困难

12. It's time to do sth./ it's time for sth 是做。。。的时候

13. Spend time/money (in) doing sth/on sth某人花。。。在某事上

14. On top of the world欢天喜地

15. So will your hair so /neither /nor +助动词,be动词,或情态动词+主语

16. Prevent...from doing something防止;阻止

17. It is important for you to reduce the pressure;

it is +adj +for /of sb. To do; sb find it +adj to do sth

18. Adj + enough to do 够。。。做某事

19. Have something done让他人为你做某事

20. Sound/look....+adj感官动词+形容词

21. Make a good impression on sb. 给某人留下好印象


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