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题材:周边环境 文章:130字 问题:82字 建议用时:4-5分钟 实际用时:_____ 分钟 Our classroom is big and nice. There are some desks and chairs in it. Twelve for girls and ten for boys. There is a teacher’s desk in the front of the classroom. There are two pictures and some boards on the wall.

This is our Calendar and News Board. There is our Goal Board, Celebrations Board and our Time Together Board. And we have a Snack Reporter, Weather Reporter, Book Reporter, and “My News” Reporter. When the kids arrive, the reporters start writing their reports. The Snack Reporter tells us our snacks for the day; the Weather Reporter reports on the weather; the Book Reporter tells us something about the popular books; and the “My News” Reporter tells us some news or other things.

1. The class doesn’t have ________.

A. desks B. pictures C. computers D. Boards

2. There are ________ students in the class.

A. ten B. twelve C. twenty D. twenty-two

3. _________ are on the wall.

A. Pictures and a clock B. A clock and a map C. Pictures and boards D. Boards and maps

4. There are ________ boards in the classroom.

A. three B. four C. five D. Nine

5. The class has ________ reporters.

A. two B. three C. four D. Ten


题材:幽默故事 文章:162字 问题:190字 建议用时:4-5分钟 实际用时:_____ 分钟 Mike was having a holiday at his aunt's in London. One day a strange thing happened to him when he was on a bus. He wanted to get off, so he stood up and rang the bell twice in order to make sure the driver heard him. But the bus didn't stop, and the conductor came and shouted at him. The conductor was so angry and spoke so fast that Tom didn't understand him at all. The bus stopped at the next stop. As Mike got off he heard someone say, “I think he is a foreigner.”

When Mike got back, he told his aunt about the story.

“How many times did you ring the bell?” she asked.

“Twice.” said Mike.

“Well, that's the signal(信号) for the driver to go on,” his aunt explained. “”

1. The story is about what happened to Mike _________.

A. on a bus B. at his aunt’s house C. in a busy street D. on his way to London

2. If someone rings the bell twice, _________.

A. the driver will drive slowly B. the bus will go on running

C. the conductor will check his ticket D. the driver will stop the bus

3. Mike rang the bell twice because __________.

A. he wanted to get off the bus B. the bell didn’t hear the bell

C. the conductor told him to do so D. ringing the bell was quite funny

4. Mike couldn’t understand what the conductor said because _________.

A. Mike got so angry B. the conductor was a foreigner

C. Mike was listening to others D. the conductor spoke too fast

5. Which of the following is true?

A. The conductor explained to Mike why he got angry.

B. The bus didn’t stop where Mike wanted to get off.

C. Mike wasn’t British but knew English very well.

D. Ringing the bell twice is signal for passengers to get off.




题材:人际关系 文章:222字 问题:129字 建议用时:5-6分钟 实际用时:_____ 分钟 Stuart and Steve were twin brothers. Stuart loved to play basketball. But Steve loved to read books.

One day when Stuart was playing basketball, he fell and broke his leg. When they took him to the hospital. The doctor said he wouldn't be able to play basketball for six months. Steve went to visit him and brought him some books on basketball. At first Stuart wasn't going to read them. Then he began to read them and found that there were ways he could play basketball better. He began to think that books weren't that bad.

When Stuart's leg started getting better, Steve would help him by going for walks with him. Finally Stuart's doctor said he could start playing basketball again. Then Stuart showed Steve how to toss (投) for baskets. Steve found that he enjoyed it.

Then Stuart was ready to win basketball games. Steve went to games and enjoyed himself. They then always practiced basketball and read books together.

Stuart about books and Stuart showed Steve about basketball. 1. _______ loved playing basketball at first.

A. Steve B. Sturt C. The twin brothers D. The twin sisters

2. What happened to Stuart one day?

A. He won a basketball match. B. He bought some books for his brother.

C. He went to visit a doctor. D. He fell and broke his leg.

3. Steve gave his brother ________ when he visited him in the hospital.

A. some books on basketball B. Some toys about basketball

C. some basketballs D. Some books on baseball

4. The underlined word “toss” in paragraph 3 means __________.

A. 拌 B. 玩 C. 投 D. 买

5. The story tells us we can ________.

A. read books in the hospital B. play basketball together

C. Enjoying learning from others D. help others go for walks


________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 答案:1. CDCCC 2. ABADB 3. BDACC

翻译:1. 只有售票员被允许按两次铃。

2. 因此你同样可以试着向别人展示你喜欢做的事情,并且他们会向你展示他们所喜欢的事情。

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