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Period 1

twins 双胞胎

What’s she like? 她是个什么样的人?

What’s he like ?

outgoing 外向的

serious 严肃的

athletic强健的, 健美的, 擅长运动的

quiet内向的, 安静的

What are they like?
wild 鲁莽的 calm 镇静的

Big big wolf

Pleasant sheep

New words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? twin 双胞胎 wild 鲁莽的,轻率的 calm 镇静的,沉着的 serious 严肃的,庄重的 athletic 强健的,擅长运动的 outgoing 外向的,友好的 quiet 内向的,安静的 funny 有趣的,幽默的

PK Time!

Task 2

They are both very tall. They both play basketball well.

Who is taller, A or B ?

1.98m 2.26m

Yao Ming is _______ _______ Jordan. taller than shorter than Jordan is a little _______ _______ Yao Ming.

They are both short.

Pang Changjiang is ______ ______ Zeng Zhiwei. Shorter than taller Zeng Zhiwei is a little ______than Pang Changjiang.

Fei Mao

fat They are both very _____ .


Fei Mao is ____________ _____ Liu Huan . heavier/fatter than



thin They are both very _____ . thinner than But Liu Yifei is ______ ______ Lin Xinru.

they are both athletic.

more athletic The man is _____ _____ than the woman.

outgoing. They are both very _____ more outgoing than But Li Yong is ______ ______ ______ Cheng Long.


more outgoing



funnier than Zhao Benshan is ______ ______ Lao Bi.

? Can you change the adjs into the comparatives?

? tall--,short--,wild--,calm-,quiet直接加er; ? nice--,safe--,late--,blue-不发音e加r; ? funny--, heavy--,friendly-- 辅音字母+y,变y为i,加er; ? fat--, thin--, big--,hot-- 重读闭音节,双写末尾字母,加 ? outgoing--,serious--,athletic--, 前面加more. beautiful--, popular--,interesting-

Find out their differences. The more the better.

1a Match each word with its opposite.

tall thin long hair calm

wild short hair heavy short


Listen and number the pair of twins [1-3] in the picture. 1 2


A.Is that Jim? B. No, it isn't. It's Tom. Jim is taller than Tom.

1. If you want to be thinner and

healthier, you’d better eat ____food
and take ____exercise. A.more, fewer C. fewer, more B. more, less D. less, more

Class exercises
quieter 1.Who is _______(quiet), Mary or Jane? 2.Lucy is much _____ (tall) than Lily. taller more outgoing 3.Miss Du is a little ________ (outgoing) than her sister. good 4.My English teacher is very _____(good) at telling stories. 5.Jim is shorter (short)than Lucy. _____

wild smart long

wilder smarter longer

shorter short fat fatter thin thinner funny funnier outgoing more outgoing


1.Copy the Phrases.

2. Make a conversation.

Period 2

Find out their differences.
The more the better.

beautiful more beautiful smarter smart happy happier nice fat thin good angry nicer fatter thinner better angrier

1. 形容词和副词的比较级和最高级。 大多数形容词和副词有三个等



? Can you change the adjs into the comparatives?

? tall--,short--,wild--,calm-,quiet- 直接加er; 不发音e加r; ? nice--,safe--,late--,blue-? funny--, heavy--,friendly-- 辅音字母+y,变y为i,加er; ? fat--, thin--, big--,hot--重读闭音节,双写末尾字母,加 ? outgoing--,serious--,athletic--, beautiful--, popular--,interesting- 前面加more.


e.g. good / well – better – best
bad / badly – worse – worst

many / much – more – most
little – less – least far – farther / further – farthest / furthest


比较级: 表示两者 (人或事物) 的比较。
e.g. I am taller than Tom. My dress is more beautiful than hers.

在形容词比较级前还可用much, even,
still, a little,a lot来修饰, 表示“……的

多”, “甚至……”, “更……”,

e.g. This city is much more beautiful
than before. She’s a little more outgoing than me.

“Which / Who is + 比较
级……?”比较A、B两事物, 问其 中哪一个较……时用此句型。 e.g. Which T-shirt is nicer, this one or that one? Who is more active, Mary or Kate?

2a: Listening
-er/-ier funny _____ quiet ____ more outgoing ________ athletic ______

smart _____

serious ______

2b Listen again, fill in the charts.

Tina is … funnier more outgoing more athletic

Tara is … more serious quieter smarter

Period 3

Reading (3a: p. 33)

Dear Isable, Thank you for your last letter.Here are photos of me and my twin sister Liu Ying.As you can see, in some ways we look the same, and in some ways we look different. We both have black eyes and black hair, although my hair is shorter than hers. We both like sports, although Liu Ying is more athletic than me. She’s more outgoing,and I’m quieter. I think I’m smarter than her. My favorite subjects are physics and chemistry, and her favorite subject is P.E .However, we both enjoy going to parties. Please visit us soon! Love, Liu Li

Read the statements about the article. Write “T”

(for true), “F” (for false), or “DK” (for don’t
know). 1. Liu Li has more than one sister. 2. Liu Li and Liu Ying have some things in common. 3. Liu Ying is not as good at sports as her sister. 4. Liu Ying talks more than Liu Li. 6. Both girls go to lots of parties.




5.Liu Ying’s favorite subject is physics. F

1. As you can see, in some ways we look the same, and in some ways we look different. “look the same” 看上去一样 “look like…” 看上去像… look different 看上去不一样

2. We both have black eyes and black hair,

although my hair is shorter than hers.
(1)both“两个、两者都…”, 在句中可代词、形容

词、副词、连词。作副词时常放在be动词之后, 实

e.g. Both (of) his parents are doctors. (作 代词或形容词) = His parents are both doctors. (作副词)

Both En

glish and math are very
(both… and… 不但…而且…短语常连 接两个并列的成分, 可连接名词、动词、形 容词和代词等。) 注: both指两者都, all指三

e.g. Both Jim and John are studens.

Both you and I are teachers.

(2) although与though常可互换, 表“虽然、即使、 尽管”, 都不能与but用于一句话中。但 though用得更普遍。此外though可作副词, 在 句尾表“然而”, although不能。 e.g. There are some differences, though. 固定短语是 even though 表“即使、纵然”, 不 能用even although.

3. She has more than one sister . 她不止有一个姐姐。 e.g. More than one girl likes shopping. e.g.more than five students are boys.

more than one+可数名词单数谓语动词用单数。

More than +可数名词的复数。谓语动词用复数。

4.They have some things in common.
( have some things in common有一 些共 (同) 之处) (something 某物, some thing某一个事 物, some things一些事物)

4. Li Ying is not as good at sports as her sister.

(1) as…as…同级比较, 两个“as”之间

“如同……一样…”, not as /
so …as “不如…一样…”

my bike

her bike

as ... as
My bike is as big as her bike. My bike is as big as hers.

be good at sth. / doing sth. = do well in sth / doing sth 擅长于(做) 某事,在某方面做的好。 e.g. he is good at maths. =he does well in maths. They are good at playing badminton. =They do well in playing badminton.

Unit 6 1. 谢谢你的上封来信。 Thank you for your last letter. 2. 正如你能看到的,…。As you can see,… 3. 从某些方面来说 in some ways 4. 从某一方面来说 be different from in a way 与。。。不同=not the same as 5. 看起来相同 look the same 看起来不同 look different 6. 喜欢做某事 enjoy doing sth

= like/love to do sth. = like/love doing sth. 7. 超过,多于 more than = over 不到,少于 less than 8. 有一些共同之处 have some things in common 9. 擅长于… be good at sth / doing sth = do well in sth / doing sth

1、 这是我和我双胞胎妹妹的一些照片。

Here are some photos of me and my twin sister .
2、爸爸和儿子有一些共同的东西。 The father and the son have some things in common. 3、他们两个都是小学生。 They are both primary school students . 4、我妈妈喜欢每天都看电视。 My mother likes watching TV every day .

适当形式: longer 1. He has _______ (long) hair than Sam. better 2. Who is ________ (good) , Tom or Peter. curlier 3. Whose hair is ________ (curly) , yours or mine? outgoing 4. I’m not shy. I think I’m very __________ (outgoing) Health 5. ________ (healthy) is more important to me than money. swimming 6. Are you good at ___________ (swim)? serious 7. My English teacher is as __________ (serious) as my father. thinner 8. Maggie is a little __________ (

thin) than her sister. to worry 9. You don’t need ___________ (worry) about your take son. He can _______ (take) good care of himself. more outgoing 10. This little baby is _______________ (outgoing) than that one.

句型转换: 1. Tom is tall. Jim is short.(比较级合并) taller than Tom is _______ ______ Jim. 2. My hair is long. Mary’s hair is longer .(合并成一句) longer than is Mary’s hair _______ _________ _______ mine. 3. Pedro is thinner than Sam. (改为同义句) fatter/heavier than Sam is _______________ ________ Pedro. 4. My sister is better at study than me. She is smart. (改为同义句) smarter My sister is ___________ than me at study. 5. Peter is funny. Paul is funny, too. (合并成一句) as as Peter is _______ funny ________ Paul.

6. I like singing. Tina likes singing, too . (合并成一句) __________ he ________ I like singing. Both and 7. My brother does well in English.(改为同义句) is good at My brother ______ _________ ______ English. 8. Both of us enjoy going to parties. What do of ________ _____ _______ ____ you enjoy both doing? 9. Sue is 16 years old. I’m 16 years old, too. (the Both of us same 合并为一句) are the same _____ _____ ______ _____ _______ age. We are both the same. 10.Tom is fatter than any other student in his class. Tom is _____ than _____ other students in his fatter the ______ _______ class.

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