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初 一 英 语


第一卷 选择题 非选择题(共80分)

注意:请把本部分答案填在相应的答题栏内。 Ⅰ、单项选择。(共30分,每题1分) 1.-- you sing ? --Yes, I can.

A. Do B. Are C. May D. Can 2. violin. A. / B. the C. a D. an 3. My sister doesn’watching TV. A. and B. or C. so D. but 4. My friend often me my English. A. helps; with B. help; with C. helps; does D. help; does 5. Jim speaks English very . A. good B. fine C. nice D. well 6. -- do you go to bed ? -- At 9:00 pm..

A. What B. Where C. What time D. How 7. Jim usually gets up six the morning. A. in; at B. at; at C. at; in D. in; in 8. Tony wants to find a new .He doesn’t like to here.

A. work; job B. job; work C. job; job D. work; work 9. I usually have breakfast at half seven.

A. past B. to C. after D.at 10. He can’t play the guitar. I can’t play it, .

A. also B. either C. too D. to 11. ---What’s the time, please? --- .

A. I don’t think so. B. It’s ten o’clock. C. Let me see. D. That’s right. 12. My brother often takes the bus school.

A. at B. to C. by D. of 13. She often gets to school bike.

A. in B. on C. by a D. by 14.-- does your father go to work? --- By car.

A. How B. Where C. W hen D. What 15. It takes me 10 minutes there.

A. go B. going C. to go D. to come 16.-- is it from your home to school? -- Ten miles.

A. How long B. How far C. How much D. How many 17. The bookshop is the post office the cinema.

A. between; to B. between; and C. between; but D. between; or 18. Can their dream come ?

A. truly B. true C. real D. really 19. Don’t listen music the hallways.

A. to; on B. for; at C. to; in D. at; in 20. Don’t late for class.

A. arrive B. arrives C. arriving D. to arrive 21. My English teacher is strict us.

A. at B. about C. in D. with 22. We also have to quiet in the library.

A. be B. are C. / D. have 23. My brother practice the guitar every day.

A. to play B. playing C. plays D. play 24. There are rules in our school.

A. too much B. too many C. many too D. much too weekends.

A. on B. in C. of D. off 26. I like koalas they’re very interesting.

A. and B. because C. but D. so 27.---Why do you like elephants?

----Because it’s interesting.

A. kind of B. a kind of C. lots of D. kind of 28. Pandas live China and they are to people.

A. at; friendly B. from ; friends C. in; friendly D. in; friends 29. Please remember your homework to school.

A. bring B. bringing C. brings D. to bring 30. Where lions ?

A. come; from B. comes; from C. are; from D. is; from

Ⅱ、完形填空 (共10分,每题1分)

Ann is a middle school student. She has a sister a brother. They are Helen and Paul. Ann and Helen can . Ann can sing and play well,but Helen .Helen doesn’t like playing the instruments. She chess.,but she doesn’t play chess Ann. Ann

can’t play chess. Helen often plays with Paul, because Paul plays well. Paul can play basketball well. And he is the school basketball club. He often other students with basketball.

31. A. or B. but C. and D. with 32. A. speak B. show C. dance D. say 33. A. the guitar B. guitars C. a guitar D. guitar 34. A. can B. can’t C. don’t D. isn’t 35. A. has B. does C. likes D. like 36. A. with B. for C. on D. in 37. A. basketball B. chess C. games D. a chess 38. A. also B. too C. only D. to 39. A. of B. to C. in D. by 40. A. plays B. joins C. helps D. does Ⅲ、情景交际,其中有两个多余选项。(10分,每题2分)

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A: Where do you live? B: . A: B: I live 10 miles from school.

A: How do you usually go to school? B:

A: How long does it take?

B: 20 minutes by bus and about 50 minutes by bike. A: It’s near to my school.

B: Do you usually go to school on a bike? A: No. Ⅳ、阅读理解:(共30分,每题2分)


Dear Tom,

I usually watch TV, play computer games or play chess. I like playing chess because my father works in a chess club. I take a shower at around nine o’clock and then go to bed at around nine thirty. Sometimes I read some books because I can learn something about my work. How about your evening? Write to me soon(尽快),please.

Best wishes, Victor 46. When does Victor get home from work?

A. At 6:00 am B. At 6:00 pm C. At 9:00am D. At 9:30 pm 47.Victor’s family has people.

A. two B. three C. four D. five 48.What doesn’t Victor do in the evening? A. Watch TV.

B. Play computer games. C. Play the piano. D.Play chess.

49. Where does Victor’s father work? A. In a chess club. B. In a swimming club. C. At a school. D.At a bookstore.

50. The letter is mainly(主要地)about .

A. Victor’s work B. Victor’s evening C. Victor’s family D. Victor’s dinner.


A cow asks a horse,“Moo,where is John, the farmer?”

The horse answers,“Hee, I don’t know. Ask the hen.” The horse asks the hen, “Where is John, the farmer?” The hen answers,“Cluck, cluck, I don’t know.”

The hen asks the duck,“Quack, quack, I don’t know,” answers the duck,“Ask the sheep.” Answers the sheep,“Baa, I don’t know.” The sheep asks the dog..

“Ruff, ruff”, answers the dog,“I don’t know.”

“Meow, meow, ”says the cat,“I don’t know, either.” They are all hungry. Where is John? Do you know? 51. Who does the hen ask?

A. The cow. B. The horse. C. The duck.. D. The sheep. 52.Which is the dog’s language (语言)? A. Hee. B. Cluck.. C. Baa. D. Ruff. 53. How many animals does John have? A. Five. B. Six. C. Seven. D. Eight. 54.Why are they looking for John? A. Because they like him. B. Because they are afraid. C. Because they play games. D. Because they are hungry. 55.Do you know where John is?

A. In his house.. B. Under a tree. C. Behind a hill. D. We don’t know.


Miss Gao asks me,“What’s your favorite subject?”My favourite subject is…I don’t know. I don’t like any subject. I don’t like to go to school. I don’t like English. I don’t like Chinese. I don’t like math. I like basketball only. I like to play with my dog. My dog’s name is Dick. Dick is two years old. Dick doesn’t like subjects. His subject is only running around with me. We’re good friends. I want to be my dog.

56. Does the boy like his subjects?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he isn’t

C. I don’t know. D. No. he doesn’t, but he likes basketball. 57. What’s the boy’s favorite subject?

A. English. B. Chinese. C. PE. D. Math. 58. What does he like to do ?

A. He likes to go to school. B. He likes to do his homework. C. He likes to play all day. D. He likes to read English. 59. Why does the boy want to be a dog?

A. Because he likes English. B. Because dogs don’t have any subject. C. Because his dog can run around . D. Because the dog is two years old. 60. Do you think he is a good boy? Why?

A. No. Because he is lazy. B. No. Because he likes running.

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C. Yes. Because he is diligent(勤奋的). D.Yes. Because he work hard(努力).

68.My father often ________(drive) his car to work.. 69 Lucy can’t ________(be) at school now. 70.My father (sleep) 8 hours every night.

选择题答题栏 (说明:请把选择题答案填在该栏中。)

Ⅶ.根据句意和汉语提示或首字母填单词(共10分,每小题2分)。 71. We should help the old 72. My grandfather often takes a after supper. 73. There are two (百) students on the playground. 74. He has to (穿) a uniform at school. 75 .Let’s (挽救) our earth.

Ⅷ.基础写作(包括A、B两部分, A部分5分,B部分10分,共计15分) A) 连词成句(共5小题,每小题1分,计5分)


76. the, play, guitar, you, can

_______________________________________________________________? 77. time, do, what, to, school, go, you

______________________________________________________________? 78. does , long, it, to, get, how, take, school, to

________________________________________________________________? 79. leave, dirty, the, kichen, in, don’t, the, dishes

________________________________________________________________. 80. pandas, you, do, like, why

第二卷 非选择题(40分)

Ⅴ、任务型阅读(共5小题,每小题2分,计10分) 阅读短文,并按要求完成61—65小题)

My husband (丈夫) Stephen and I are going to Chicago this summer. We’

re going to watch a basketball match in Chicago. We like to eat some delicious food and buy some things there.

People in New York usually take buses or subways. I know people in Chicago take public transportation(公共交通) like us. So I don’t need a car.

I want to order(预定) our hotel on the telephone. We only need a hotel in Chicago for three nights. Where should we stay? What do we have to do? Where do we have to eat?I need a map so I can know more about the city.

But I have a problem. I don’t know how I’ll be away from my son for three days, but I’m going to try.

61、62 题判断正误(“T”表示正确,“F”表示错误);63题将文中划线句子译成汉语。64题据课文填空;65题简略回答问题。

61. They want to watch a basketball match and enjoy some sea food.( ) 62. Stephen is going to Chicago with her wife (妻子) and his son .( ) 63. .

64. The writer(作者)wants to their hotel on the telephone. 65. What do they want to eat in Chicago? .

Ⅵ、用括号内词语的正确形式填空(共5分,每小题1分)。 66. I want to join a _______ (sport) club.

67. You should (应当) brush your _________ (tooth).

________________________________________________________ ?


下面是八年级一班学生上学方式的调查表,请根据表中内容用英语写一篇60词左右的文章。 要求: 提示内容全部使用,语句通顺。

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_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

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