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20131228 M11 M12 作文

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Dear Granny,

Greetings from China. I have been here for more than one year and now I am writing to tell you some traditions in China .First, Chinese have meals with chopsticks, not folks or knives. Second, in China, people must accept a present with both hands, but they mustn’t open it immediately. Third, Spring Festival is the most important festival in China, just like Christmas in western countries. Before Spring Festival, every family does some cleaning. During Spring Festival, people mustn’t have a haircut or break anything because it is bad luck.I like Mid-autumn Day a lot because I like eating moon cakes with nuts in them.I really enjoy my stay in China.

I hope that you will come and visit China one day.



Dear fellow students,

It’s my honor to be here to talk about how to stay away from the terrible H1N1 virus. To be healthy, there are many little things we should do. First of all, do some exercise every day. For example, you can go running or play basketball with your classmates after school.Second,drink boiled water when you are thirsty.Third,wash your hands every day,especially before meals.Fourth,open the door(s)and window(s)several times a day to let the fresh air come in.Fifth,you can wear a mask in busy streets or on crowded buses. Finally, if you don’t feel well, go to see a doctor immediately.

I hope that you find my advice useful and I wish you good health.

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