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/?i/ boy/b?i/ toy/t?i/ noise/n?iz/ voice/v?is/ point/p?int/ coin/k?in/

/i?/ ear/i?/ near/ni?/ idea/ai′di?/ hear/hi?/ mere/mi?/ spear/spi?/

/ε?/ air/ε?/ tear/tε?/ care/kε?/ dare/dε?/ fair/fε?/ there/eε?/

/u?/ tour/tu?/ poor/pu?/ sure/?u?/ moor/mu?/(停泊) your/ju?/

/p/ pea/pi:/ pie/pai/ top/t?p/ cap/k?p/ people/pi:pl/ pride/praid/

/b/ bee/bi:/ by/bai/ buy/bai/ black/bl?k/ bear/bε?/

/t/ let/let/ sat/s?t/ feet/fi:t/ team/ti:m/ tide/taid/

/d/ led/led/ sad/s?d/ feed/fi:d/ do/du:/ dear/di?/

/k/ lack/l?k/ take/teik/ clock/kl?k/ class/kla:s/ weekend/′wi:kend/

/g/ big/big/ lag/l?g/ glass/gla:s/ gum/g?m/ good/gud/ guest/gest/

/f/ face/feis/ fast/fa:st/ leaf/li:f/ surf/s?:f/ favorite/′feiv?rit/

/v/ very/′veri/ five/faiv/ fever/′fi:v?/ serve/s?:v/ never/′nev?/

/θ/ bath/ba:θ/(v洗澡) thick/θik/ mouth/mauθ/ breath/breθ/(n呼吸)

thought/θ?:t/ author/′?θ?/ truth/tru:θ/

/e/ the/ e?/ they/eei/ that/e?t/ mother/′m?e?/ thus/ e?s/ then/een/

/s/ face/feis/ mouse/maus/ cakes/keiks/ caps/k?ps/ likes/laiks/ stops/st?ps/

/z/ close/kl?uz/ keys/ki:z/ boys/b?iz/ pens/penz/ halves/ha:vz/

/t?/ catch/k?t?/ cheep/t?i:p/ rich/rit?/ watch/wt?/ child/t?aild/ question/kwest??n/

teach/ti:t?/ challenge/t?lind?/

/d?/ orange/′?rid?/ large/la:d?/ juice/d?u:s/ job/d??b/

/tr/ tree/tri:/ try/trai/ true/tru:/ trouble/traubl/ track/tr?k/

/dr/ dry/drai/ dream/dri:m/ dress/dres/ drink/dri?k/ hundred/′h?ndrid/

/?/ she/?i:/ sharp/?a:p/ fish/fi?/ shock/??k/ shoe/?u:/

/?/ pleasure/′ple??/ measure/′me??/ television/′telivi??n/

/ts/ let′s/lets/ sports/sp?:ts/ puts/puts/ writes/raits/ seats/si:ts/

/dz/ hands/h?ndz/ birds/b?:dz/ friends/freindz/ beds/bedz/ stands/st?ndz/

/h/ he/ hi:/ hard/ha:d/ him/him/ heard/h?:d/ half/ha:f/

/l/ like/laik/ late/leit/ learn/l?:n/ lead/li:d/ light/lait/

/m/ my/mai/ more/m?:/ seem/si:m/ meat/mi:t/ mind/maind/ men/men/

/n/ nice/nais/ wind/waind/ mind/maind/ rain/rein/ fine/fain/

/?/ sing/si?/ wing/wi?/ ring/ri?/ long/l??/ beautiful/bju:t?fl/

/j/ you/ju:/ few/fju:/ yard/ja:d/ music/′mju:zik/ student/′stju:dnt/ excuse/ik′skju:z/ /w/ work/w?:k/ way/wei/ well/wel/ what/w?t/ twelve/twelv/ twin/twin/ /r/ red/red/ road/r?ud/ write/rait/ wrong/r??/ problem/′pr?bl?m/

veer affair dare scare bourn gourd rural appear Colombia

material mysterious 5./θ/ /e/

month thief that than faith together thank themselves

The sun Tongue Twister(绕口令)

(1)There are thirty-three trees there. (θ, e)

(2)A big black bug bit the back of the big black bear. The big black bear beat back the big black bug. (/b/)

(3)She sells seashells on the seashore,and the shells she sells are seashells. I′m sure because if she sells shells at the seashore,the shells she sells are seashells for sure.

(/ θ/,/s/,/z/,/?/)

(4)There is a kitten in the kitchen.In the kitchen,I fly the chicken.A fly flies into the kitchen while I′m frying the chicken.( /t?/)

(5)You are no need to light a night light on a light night like tonight.For a night,light′s a slight light and tonight′s a night that′s light.When a night′s light like tonight′s light,it′s really not quit right to light night lights with their slight light′s on the light night like


(6)The sun shines on the small shop signs.(/s/--/?/)

(7)Why didn′t you do that what I told you to do? (/ /--/ /)

(8)The doctor′s daughter knocked at the locked door.

(9)Mike likes to write by the nice bright light at night.

(10)Is this pair of scissors of his sister′s? Yes,this is the pair of scissors of his sister′s . (/s/--/z/)

(11)Pete picked up a piece of paper and put it into the paper basket. (/p/)

(12)William wants to know whether the weather will be wetter tomorrow. (/w/)

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