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新目标九年级 Unit 13 Section A

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Happy feelings

Unhappy feelings

sad unhappy 1.伤心的______/________ happy glad upset 1.高兴的 _____ /_______ 2.沮丧的________ excited nervous tense 2.兴奋的________ 3.紧张的______ /_______ 3.放松的________ 4.担心的_______ relaxed worried energetic uncomfortable 4.精力充沛的_________ 5.不舒服的___________ 5.舒服的___________ 6.疲劳的_________ comfortable tired confident sleepy 6.自信的___________ 7.困倦的_________ angry mad 8.生气的_______/_______ hungry 9.饥饿的____________ bored 10.无聊的_________

Being an active student makes you excellent.(做个积极的学生会使你优秀)
Sharing your ideas with others makes you wise.(与别人分享思想会使你智慧)

Loud music makes me ________ .
Loud music makes me want to ______.

Soft music makes us ___. Beautiful pictures make us ___.

The sad music makes me____.

Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad.

Rainy days make me sad .

Rainy days make me want to cry .

weather rainy sunny cloudy feelings sad swim



A: Do you like … days? B: Yes, I do. ( No, I don’t.) A: Why ? (Why not?) B: Because they make me…

Rockin’ Restaurant


Blue Lagoon Restautant Tina

1b Listening
The Rockin’ Restaurant The awful pictures make Amy____. sad The loud music makes Amy_____. tense The Blue Lagoon Restaurant The soft music makes Amy _______. relaxed The soft music makes Tina ______. sleepy



Listen again and choose the right answers.

1. Waiting for Amy makes Tina_______. A. happy B. angry C. sad 2. Where did Tina and Amy have a good time? A. the Rockin’s Restaurant B. the cinema C. the Blue Lagoon 3. Sad movies make John _______. A. happy B. sad C. want to leave 听力策略:先把句子快速浏览一遍,带着问题去听。




orange red white ______ makes us think of energy, war, danger, power, love… Red

Orange _______ makes us think of sunshine, happiness, success…… _______ makes us think of nature, growth, freshness…… Green Blue _______ makes us think of the sky, sea, quiet, confidence …… _______ makes us think of power, death, mystery …… Black

What does the color red make most people feel? Red makes most people hungry. It makes them eat faster.

Some things

Red color

Soft colors

Loud music

Hard seats want to eat quickly and leave /

make people
make food

hungry relaxed want to eat faster look good leave
/ look bad /


Wall Music

Which color? Loud of soft?

How do you feel about ---?

Seats ----

Hard or soft? ----


汇报如下:If I am a manager of the restaurant, I will paint the walls __________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Knowing how to use “Make” makes you knowledgeable! 总结我们学过的关于


I.单项选择 C 1.You should make your clothes __________. A. be clean B. to be clean C. clean D. cleaned D 2.The movie just made me ____________. A.wanted to leave B. to want to leave C. wanted leave D. want to leave 3.——How do you feel about loud music? ——Loud music makes me ________。 B A.happily B. happy C. happiness D. unhappily 4. The workers were made _______on the farm. B A.work B. to work C. worked D. working 5. Let’s make _____ 8 o’clock tomorrow morning. A A. it B. that C. them D. this

II. 句子翻译。

Soft music makes us relaxed.
2. 等他让我很生气 。

Waiting for him made me angry. 3.这个好消息让她很高兴 。
This good news made her very happy. 4.悲伤的音乐让我想哭 。

Sad music makes me want to cry.
5.Restaurant owners have to know how to make food and how to make money.


Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧。) Early to bed and early to rise make a person healthy , wealthy and wise.

Learning to do

? You must: 1. Finish the homework paper of Section A. ? If you can: Do a survey about the restaurant science and write a report.

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