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2013外研版英语七年级下册 Module 1 Unit 3

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Lost and Found
Lost and found box


mobile phone







ducks and pigs

Are these crayons yours?
Whose bag is this? It’s mine. = It’s my bag. 重点提示: 名词性物主代词 = 形容词性物主代词 + 名词。

Ask and answer questions. bag camera crayons eraser football gloves wallet watch

— Whose bag is this? Is it yours? — No, it’s not mine. It’s his.

形 式
人称 第一人称 第二人称 第三人称

主 格


形容词性 名词性 物主代词 物主代词

单 数

复 数 第三人称

I you he she it we you they

me you him her it us you them

my your his her its our your their

mine yours his hers its ours yours theirs

Match the words from Box A with the words from Box B. A

her his your our my its


his hers its

mine ours yours

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words from the box.

her hers his its mine my whose your yours
your 1. — Is this ______ sweater, Daming? — Yes, it is. yours 2. — Are these gloves ______, Betty? — Yes, they are.

3. — _______ watch is this? Whose — It’s Tony’s. 4. — This wallet isn’t _____. Is it yours? mine — Yes, it is. Thank you. 5. — Tony is looking for his crayons. — Are these _____? his 6. — Is this bag Betty’s? — No, it’s nothers ______. It’s Lingling’s.

7. — Is this the girl’s football? — No, it’s nother football. ____ 8. I can’t findmy camera. Where ____

is it?
9. — What’s the name of the dog?

— ____ name is Blackie. Its

1. — The pet cat in your hand is very nice. Is it _____? (2011滨州) — Yes, but I’ll give it to my friend Lucy as ______ birthday present. A. you; her B. your; her C. yours; her D. you; hers

2. — Is this _____ notebook? — No, it isn’t _____. (2011威海) A. theirs; their B. hers; his C. your; mine D. your; my 3. — Excuse me , are these ___ new shoes? — No, they aren’t. _____ are black over there. (2011泰安) A. your; Mine B. my; Your C. her; Her D. mine; Yours

4. — Hi, Jim. Is this your bike or

— It’s mine, not _____. (2011兰州)
A. her B. him C. his D. hers

5. — Is this your key, Jenny? (2011济宁)
— No, ______ is in my handbag.

A. His
C. Mine

B. Hers
D. Yours

6. We are sure that our football players
will do_____ best. (2011长沙)

A. their
C. them

B. they
D. themselves

7. Please send _____ best wishes to Mary. A. I B. me C. my D. mine

There are many lost and found websites, such as www. Lostandfound.com and www.Foundbin.com. You can’t find your dog, your cat, your favourite watch … or your brother?

判断正(T)误(F) (T)1. There are a lot of lost and found websites online. ( F)2. You can buy dogs and cats at www. lostandfound. com. (T)3. Maybe you can find your favourite things at www. foundbin. com. (T)4. The Internet lost and found websi

tes can help you find your lost things.

Student A: Think of three or four things you have lost or you can choose from the box. Describe them. Student B: Think of five or six things you have in your lost and found office or you can choose from the box. Describe them.

Try to describe them.
boat camera computer crayons duck football gloves mobile phone pig wallet watch Now ask and answer questions. Student A: Ask Student B if they’ve got the things you have lost. Answer questions about details.

Student B: Answer questions about the things Student A has lost. Ask questions about details. Act out your sketch to the class. ? Perform the sketch. ? Watch other students’ sketches and make a list of the things they have found.

Ⅰ. 根据句意用恰当的代词填空。 1. — Is that camera yours? — Yes, it’s ______. mine 2. Look at ____. She is very well. her 3. — Put on ______ glove, Tom. your — I’m going to put them on. 4. — What are _____ jobs? their — They are students.

Its 5. I have a beautiful cat. ____ name is Mimi.
6. That isn’t her mobile phone.Hers _____

is purple.
7. Tim and Tony are twins. _____ come They

from England. _____ parents are in Their
Shenzhen now.

His 8. That boy is my good friend. _______ name is David. Look! These crayons his are _______. 9. I don’t know her name. Would you please tell _______. me 10. Our bikes are new. These are old. They aren’t ours _______.

Ⅱ.选择填空。 1. There is ______ eraser on the desk. It’s Mary’s. A. a B. an C. the D. / 2. — Is this ______ camera? — No, it isn’t ______. A. theirs; their B. hers; his C. your; mine D. your; my

3. — Hi, Jim. Is this your bike or Mary’s? — It’s mine, not ______. A. her B. him C. his D. hers 4. Mr. Zhang teaches ______ English. We like ______ class very much. A. us; his B. me; her C. us; ours D. us; her

5. — How many people come to your town every week? — It’s hard to say. _____ people, I think. A. Five thousand of B. Hundred of C. Five hundreds D. Thousands of 6. He can ______ you ______ your lost things. A. help; find B. helps; to find C. help; finding D. helps; look for

中考英语写作专练:Lost and Found 请根据下面的汉语提示写一篇招领启事。 你于今天(9月1日)上午在学校花园 拾到手提包一个,内有钱若干及一个笔记 本,请失主前来6座308室领取。

例文: FOUND A handbag with some money and a notebook was left in the school garden

this morning (Sep. 1st). Will the owner
please come to Room 308, Building 6 and get it?

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