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1. She _________Beijing last night.

A.arrvied in B.got C.reaches D.arrived

2.__________ ready now, let’s begin.

A.Everything is B.Something are C.Nothing are D.Anything is

3.I ______ life was like here in the past.

A.wonder that B.know when C.wonder what D.decide why

4._____________weather it was!

A.What nice B.How a nice C.How nice D.What a nice

5. Another two hours _______not enough.

A.is B.are C.will are D.were


1.___________do you go to Shanghai?

A.How many times B. How often C,How long D.How soon

2. __________this book carefully and you can get a lot.

A. Reading B.Read C.Readed D.To read

3.There is ____________salt in the fridge, I will buy some.

A.little B.few C.a few. D.a little

4. I am going to study ________.

A.hardly B.hard C.hardly ever D.harding

5. _________do you watch TV? ----Twice a week

A.How many B.How long C.How far D.How often

6. He ___________ten years old.

A.may B.maybe C.may be D.might

7. ___________they were hard-working,_______they didn’t get good grades.

A. Although, / B.Though, but C.though, / D.Although, but

8. He is ________a clever girl __________she can work out this math problem.

A.so, that B.such, that C.too, to D.enough, to

9.The ___________dog was ___________on the floor, at last it __________.

A.dying, die, died B.died, die, dying C.dying, dying, died D.death, dying, die

10. _____________ of the students ____here.

A.None,is B.No one,are C.Nothing,are D.None,are

11.___________of my parents _____teachers.

A.All,are B.Both,is C.Both, are DNone,are

12. I will have ________________holiday.

A.three weeks B.three-weeks C.three week’s D.three-week

13. ---Next week I am ________ __________(相当满) for me.

----Really? ____________?

A. How about; B. How come; C.How often D.How many

14. My mother _________me __________.

A. hopes, to drink B.wants, drink C.except, to drink D.wants, to drink Unit3

1. ______________you study, ______________your grades are.

A.Harder, the better B.The harder, the better C.The hardest, best

2. He is ____________ of the two girls.

A.taller B.the tallest C.the taller D.tallest

3. The weather in Beijing is colder than ___________in Hainan.

A.weather B.it C.those D.that

4. You don’t need a lot of friends ____________they are good.

A.though B.but C.as long as D.in fact


5.Larry helps to __________the best in me.

A.bring out B.care about C.be up to D.have to do with

6. We ___________excellent, we ___________one thing in common.

A.are both, both have B.both are, both have C.are both, have both

7. Do you play it as ___________as your sister?

A.good B.better C.well D.best

8. He is talented __________.

A.in musics B.at musics C.for music D.in music

9.__________is easy for me _________friends.

A.That, to make B.It, makes C.It, to make D.This, make

10. It’s kind _________you to help me.

A.for B.of C.to D.at


1. My parents __________my education seriously last night.

A.taked B.made C.took D.gave

2. I don’t like the soap opera because the stories are ______________up.

A.make B.making C.makes D.made

3.That is __________ you to decide.

A.up to B. from to C.make up D.able to

4. He ___________in playing basketball.

A.is able to B.is ready to C.dresses up D.plays a role

5. Hangzhou is a good place ______________.

A.visit B.to visit C.visits D.visiting

6. The radio station ________, so I like it.

A.have good music B. has a good music C.plays good music D.plays a good music Unit 5

1. The news _________good news, the sitcoms are ____________.

A. are, educational B.is, education C.are, education D.is, educational

2. He expects ___________good grades, but I hope __________healthy.

A. to get, keep B.get, to keep C.to get, to keep D.gets, keeping

3. They are ___________this problem, but I don’t take part in the ___________(讨论).

4. I want to ___________who broke the window.

A.look for B.look after C.find out D.find

5. I am ready ___________cook dinner for my family, I am getting ready ________it.

A. to, at B.for, to C.to, for D.to, to

6. She wants to take her mother’s __________to clean the room.

A. room B.seat C.job D.place

Unit 6

1. Mr Green wants to know your name. Please _____on the paper.

A.write it down B.write down it C.write them down D.write down them

2. I’m going to write an article _________a magazine about women and children.

A.for B. to C.on D.at

3.---What is he going to__________when he __________up? ---A doctor.

A.do, grow B.be, grows C.do, grows D.be, grow

4.---What’s your ________for next year?

---I’m going to work hard and get good grades.

A. subject B.job C.work D. resolution

5.The story had __________a bus driver.

A.to do with B.doing with C.to do at D. do at

Unit 7

1. I feel ___________the bike, and unluckily, he feel ___________from the bike,too.


A.off, down B.in, into C.down, behind D. off, asleep

2. He will have a trip to Qingdao if ____________.

A.possible B.impossible C.probably D.I can

3. Will people __________robots in their homes?

A.has B.have C.there be D.be

4. Will there be much pollution in the future?

A.Yes,there be B.Yes, there will. C.Yes, it will D.Yes, there is.

5.Books will only be _________computers, not __________paper.

A.on, in B.in, on C.on, on D.in, in

6. People will ___________200 years _______space stations.

A.lives to be, in B.live be,on C.living be,in D.live to be, on

7. My mother will come back home _______two days.

A.after B.before C.for D.in

8.___________more trees in the cities.

A. There is going to be B.There will have C.There will has D.There will be

9.We will have __________free time and __________cars.

A. fewer, fewer B.more, less C.less, fewer D.fewer, more

10.There are much pollution __________the earth, we should paly a part in __________the earth.

A.in, saving B.on, save C.on, saving D.at, to save

11.Can you fight in the classroom?

A.I hope so B.I think so C.I don’t think so D.I don’t hope

12. American astronauts _________rockets to the moon before some years.

A.by B.fly C.ride D.flew

13.There may be someone _____________my umbrella by mistake.

A.taking B.bring C.takes D.to bring

14.This ____________job makes me feel _____________.

A.bored, boring B.boring, boring C.bored, bored D.boring, bored

15.These robots are fun ____________.

A.watching B.to watch C.watches D.watched

16. Some robotes will look like humans, ____________might look like snakes.

A.others B.another C.the other D.else

17. The roborts can________the people who are under the buildings,and can also______the sick people.

A.look after, look at B.look for, take care of C.look out, look into D.look at, look after Unit 8

A. mix up it B. mix up them C. mix it up D. mix them up

2. Please cut the blender.

A. up, in B. up, on C. in, up D. on, up

3. There are two A. potatos B. potatoes C. potato D. zoos

A. for B. to C. up D. of

5.--Would you like football with us ?-- Sure , I like football very much .

A. to play, playing B. playing, play C. to play, play D. playing, to, play

6. Don’t forget to A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down D. turn up

A. are, are B. are, is C. is, is D. is, are

8. -- milk do we need ? --Two glasses .

A. How much B, How many C. How often D. How far

9. -- _______ teaspoons of salt do we need? --Two.


A. How B. How much C. How many D. How many of

10. If you want to make dumplings, you should ______ the meat.

A. cook B. cut down C. cut up D. cut off

11. Please give us________. A. two glasses of milks

B. two glasses of milk C. two glass of milk D. two glass of milks

12. Would you like ______ meat ?

A. some B. any C. many D. no

13. -- would you like _______ ?

A. an apple milk shake B. a apple milk shake C. an apple milk shakes D. apples milk shake

14. Let Mary ______ a book .

A. to have B. having C. has D. have

15. “ Finally “ has the same meaning as “______” .

A . at last B. in end C. last D. at the end

16. -- Let’s make fruit salad . --_______ .

A. No, I’m not B. Thank you C. That’s all right D. That’s a good idea

17. He usually gets up _____ six in the morning and leaves _____ school at seven .

A. around, to B. about, for C. at about, for D. at, to

18. My parents ______ in the same post office .

A. are all B. all are C. are both D. both are

19. He is not full .He wants to eat _____ piece of bread .

A. other B. others C. the other D. another

20. Turn on the blender______ about two minutes .

A. in B. at C. for D. to

Unit 9

1.I____________an exam, then he ___________go to college.

A. prepare to, prepare for B.prepare for, prepare to C.prepare, prepare to

2. I ___________him, and I replied to him.

A.hear from B.hear of C.hear about D.heard from

3. My mother __________, so she has to go to the doctor.

A.meets a friend B.has the flu C.prepares for the dinner D.goes to the concert

4.Would you like _______(来) to my birthday party?

A. I’d love B.Yes, I like C. Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t. D.I can’t.

5.---Can you come to my housewarming party?

---I’m sorry, _________I might look after my sister.

A.and B.so C.but D.for

6. I went bike __________with him last fall.

A.ride B.rode C.riding D.to ride

7. I didn’t go to bed __________I finished my homework.

A.if B.after C.until D.when

8. ---_________you tomorrow. -----See you tomorrow!

A.Accept B.Refuse C.Catch D.Reach

9. ------___________________? ----It’s Monday, January 28th.

A.What day is it today ? B.What’s today? C.What’s the date today?

10. We will ___________a trip to Shanghai _____________this month.

A. have, by the end B.take, at the end of C.take, in the end

Unit 10

1.He is a famous athlete and can ______ a lot of money every year.

A.pay B.make C.cost D.ask

2.If you study harder,you will ______ go to college.

A.are able to B.be able C.can be able to D.be able to


3.Nobody went there with him.He went by ______.

A.him B.himself C.his D.themselves

4.I'm late for school today.I think my teacher must be ______ me.

A.worried about B.pleased with C.friendly to D.angry with

5.If she ______,she'll have a great time.

A.do B.will do C.does D.did

6.It's a secret between you and me.I hope you can keep it ______.

A.to us B.to ourselves C.for us D.for ourselves

7.Unless we ______ the problem,we won't be happy.

A.solve B.will solve C.solved D.solving

8.Your son often smokes.Please advise him ______it.

A.to smoke B.not to smoke C.smoking D.not smoking

9.He got ______ before he was famous.

A.a education B.an education C.education D.some education

10.He often makes ______ mistakes,because he doesn't read ______.

A.careful;carefully B.careless;careful C.careless;carefully D.careful;carelessly

11.—I don't remember the teacher's telephone number.

—If you______,we can call her for help.

A.are B.will C.do D.did

12.______ a problem is like ______ it in half.

A.Share;cut B.Sharing;cut C.Share;cutting D.Sharing;cutting

13.Do you think the worst thing is ______nothing?

A.do B.does C.to do D.done

14.When they move ______ there,they live in ______.

A.to;apartment B.to;an apartment C./;apartment D./;an apartment

15.Half the class______.

A.is sing B.is singing C.are singing D.sings


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