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Unit2 You’re sitting in my seat

北 付

岩 中 学 秀 玲

一、语言知识目标:掌握词汇及结构:set off, nod, tear, towards, cigarette, though, get off, Now it was in front of him, to set off soon.. I’ve got a long way to go. 二、语言技能目标:通过略读、速读、精读 的方式培养学生的阅读理解技能,并能用英 语描述旅途中所发生的事情。 三、情感目标:学习如何有策略地争取、维 护自己的权益。

Match the titles with the correct parts.
Paragraphs1-4 Paragraphs5-7 Paragraphs8-10 Paragraphs11- the end

a. Lin got back his seat.
b. Lin’s seat was taken up by a young man c. Lin left home. d. Lin asked the young man for his seat.

Read Part1 and answer the question: How old was Lin?
He was16.

Read Part2 and choose the best answer
? What was it like on the train?( B ) ? A: It was almost empty. ? B: It was full of people and bags. ? C: There were few people. ? D: There were a number of empty seats.

Read Part3 and complete the following exercises; ①Lin said in a stronger voice. more strongly Lin said_________ __________(同 义句) ②The young man in Lin’s seat Hangzhou would get off the train at_________

Read Part4 and answer the question: Did the young man sitting in Lin’s seat give up the seat at last?

Yes,he did

Fill in the blanks according to(根据) the passage went/travelled train Lin ____________ to Beijing by________. first This was his_______ long trip at the start of

his new life. many/of too/lots There were________ ________ people on the train. When he found his seat, a young sitting man was _______i n Lin’s seat. Lin wanted to didn’t get his seat, but the young man_______ give wearing/with the seat to Lin. At last, a man__________ glasses helped Lin to get his seat.

? Write a passage named “A …… trip”。

? We have learned ? set off, nod, tear, towards, cigarette, though, get off, ? Now it was in front of him, to set off soon.. ? I’ve got a long way to go. ? We can read and write a passage named “A …… trip”。

? 1.I dreamed about visiting (visit) the Great Wall yesterday. ? 2.He was unable to go (go) to work today, because he was ill. ? 3.I read the novel---- “ Water Margin” with interest (interest) ? 4.Tell the children playing (play) there not to make so much noise.

? 1.“I love you.mother.” the daughter said with tears in her eyes (眼含 泪水) ? 2.课堂上不要交头接耳。 ? Don`t talk with each other in a low voice in class.

? You must rewrite your passage named “A …… trip” and read it to your deskmate. ? You can read the essay in Activity4 .

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