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? Yunnan , has an abundance of colorful ethnic cultures.Except for Han, 25 minority ethnic groups inhabited here. ? Yunnan known as "Kingdom of plants". ? Yunnan is home to more than one third of China’s ethnic minorities and over half of the country’s plant and animal species.

? Kunming, Yunnan’s capital, resides at an elevation of 1890m and boasts a milder climate than most other Chinese cities. Celebrated as the "Spring City," Kunming has neither severe winters nor extremely hot summers and can be visited at any time of the year.

. The Stone Forest Scenery—The Peerless Wonder

Lijiang boasts of breath-taking wonderful sights such as Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Lijiang Ancient Town.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


Tiger-leaping Gorge
It is a most dangerous section of yangtze river about 17km long. It is said that tigers often leap to the other side of the river by this rock, thus the gorge earns this name.

Lijiang Ancient Town
Lijiang Ancient Town is officially called "Dayan Town“. More than 4,ooo families still live in the town . All the houses, look like they did centuries ago.

In the year 1893, James Hilton described an eternally peaceful and quiet place among mountains in the East—— "Shangri-La" in one of his novels for the first time. In the novel "Lost Horizon", an English diplomat Conway and his brother Gorge scattered the English citizens and helped them leave the dangerous region. On their way home, their plane was hijacked and fell down into the mountain in the Tibetan region. Some lucky survivors were taken to Shangri-la where Conway found lots of fantastic things in such a state founded nearly 200 years ago, in which the local people lived up to more than one hundred years old and lived peacefully and harmoniously with the other people, animals and everything here. The place was called "Shangri-La" by the local folks.

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