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Unit 6 Is this your pencil?

1a — 2d

1.为…而感谢 2. 你的笔记本 3. 他的书包 4. 向…要 thanks for ________ your note book ________ ________ his schoolbag ask for ________ some keys ________ a computer game _________________ phone number

5. 一些钥匙
6. 电脑游戏机

in the school library 7. 在学校图书馆里 ___________________


This is my book.
Is this your book?


That is my book.
Is that your book?

这些是我的书。 那些是我的书。

These are my books. Those are my books.

这些是你的书吗? Are these your books?
那些是你的书吗? Are those your books?

1. That is his schoolbag. (变为一般疑问句) __ ____ his schoolbag? (作肯定及否定回 Is that 答) Yes, __ __. / No, __ _____. it is it isn’t 2. These are her erasers. (变为一般疑问句) ____ _____ her erasers? (作肯定及否定 Are these 回答) they aren’t they are Yes, _____ ____. / No, ____ ______.

1. Is that/this …? 那/这是……?这是个一般 疑问句句型,是用来确认物主关系的。肯 定回答:Yes, it is. 否定回答:No, it isn’t. 注意:答语不用this或that。 Is this an orange? 这是个桔子吗? Yes,it is. No,it isn’t. 是的,它是。 不,不是。 Is that your jacket? 那是你的夹克吗?

2. Are these/those …? 这些/那些是??吗? 在这种句型中名词要用复数形式。不用不 可数名词。 肯定回答:Yes, they are. 是的。 否定回答:No, they aren’t. 不是。 注意:不能用these或those来做简略回答。 Are these your rulers? 这些是你的尺子吗? No, they aren’t. 不是。 Are those his erasers? 那些是他的橡皮吗? Yes, they are. 是。


Complete the questions and answers about each picture. Yes, it is. Is ____ your book? this No, it ___. is

Are _____ my pencils? these

Yes, ____ are. they No, they aren’t. Yes, it ___. is No, it isn’t. Yes, they are. No, they ______. aren’t

Is ____ his ruler? that Are _____ her pens? those

Complete the chart with pronouns.

类别 第一人称 第二人称 第三人称 人称代 人称代 词主格 词宾格 I me you she he you 形代 my your her his 名代 mine yours


hers his


这是你的铅笔吗? 是的,它是我的\不,它是她的。 Is this your pencil? Yes, it is. It’s mine\No , it isn’t , It’s hers 这些是你的铅笔吗?是的,它们是我的\不,它们是他的 Are these your pencils?
Yes, they are. They’re mine\No , they aren’t , they’re his

那是你的铅笔吗? 是的,它是我的\不,它是她的。 Is that your pencils? Yes, it is. It’s mine\No , it isn’t , It’s hers 那些是你的铅笔吗?是的它们是我的\不,它们是他的。 Are those your pencils? Yes, they are. They’re mine\ No , they aren’t , they’r

e his


mine, hers, yours 等是名词性物主代词,相当 于一个名词,可以在句子中单独使用。它相当 于“形容词物主代词 + 名词”。而形容词性 物主代词只能和名词在一起使用。例如: This is your ruler. It’s not my ruler. (= This ruler is yours. It’s not mine.) 这是你的尺子,它不是我的。 Those aren’t his books. They’re her books. (= Those books aren’t his. They’re hers. ) 那些书不是他的。它们是她的。

二、用所给单词的适当形式填空。 pencil boxes 1. — Are those your ____________ (pencil box)? mine — Yes, they are. They’re _____ (my). Anna’s 2. — Is that _______ (Anna) green eraser. — No, it isn’t. The red eraser is ____ (her). hers 3.-Are ______ (this) your keys? these -No, _____ (it) aren’t. they yours 4. -Is the blue pencil ______ (your), Linda? -No, it isn’t. It’s ______ (Bob). Bob’s 5. That isn’t ______ (Eric) schoolbag. Eric’s His ____ (his) is red.


Listen again. Complete the conversation with the words in the box.

erasers pencil ruler pencil box


Tom: Excuse me, Grace. Is this your pencil ? Grace: Yes, thank you. And those are my _______. erasers Tom: And Jane, is this your ______? ruler Jane: No, it isn’t. It’s hers. Tom: OK, and these are my ______. This is books your ____________, Jane. pencil box

Teacher: Hi, Anna. Are these your pencils? Anna: No, they’re Bob’s. Teacher: And is this his green pen? Anna: No, it isn’t. The blue pen is his. Teacher: What about this dictionary?

Anna: It’s Helen’s. And the green pen is hers, too.
Teacher: And the eraser? Is that yours?

Anna: Yes, it is.
Teacher: Thank you for your help, Anna.

Anna: You’re welcome.

? 怎么拼写它? ? How do you spell it. ? 一个电子游戏机在图书馆。 ? A computer game is in the school library. ? 一些钥匙在7E教师里。 ? Some keys are in Classroom 7E. ? 我的电话是110. ? My phone number is 110. ? 打110找我。 ? Call me at 110. ? 给我发邮件到27080644@qq.com. ? E-mail me at maryg2@gfimail. com. 我丢了学生证。 I lost my school ID card. 我必须要找到它 I must find it.

Read the notices on the board 2b and circle the lost things. Lin Hai, Found: A computer game is Some keys are in in the school library. Classroom 7E. Are Is it yours? Ask the they yours? E-mail me teacher for it? at maryg2@gfimail. Mike com.

Is this your watch? My phone number is 495-3539. Call me. John

Lost: I lost my school ID card. I must find it. Call me at 685-6034. Thanks.

Tom ?

Lin Hai, Found: A computer game, the keys Classroom, they, Eschool library ,yours, mail …at Ask … for ? maryg2@gfimail. com. Mike

watch phone number 495-3539. Call. John

Lost: lost ,ID card. must find. Call ,685-6034. Thanks. Tom ?

Call … at … 打??找?? E-mail me at ... 给我发邮件到??
Now try your best. 现在看你的

了! 假如你丢失了一套钥匙;假如你捡到一张学 生证。写一写吧! ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

Lost: I lost a set of keys. I must find them. My name is Jim. Please call me at 347-2580.

Found: A school ID card. Is this your school ID card. I found it in the school library. Call Jim at 347-2580. Or e-mail me at im327@sina.com.

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