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My favorite subject is science

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My favorite subject is science
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.We______math and English in the afternoon today. A.play B.eat C.take D.have 2.-______do you like science?-Because it’s interesting. A.What B.Why C.When D.How 3.We go to school____Monday____Friday. A.on;on B.on;at C.from;to D.to;from 4.They have the art class____2:00p.m._____Monday. A.on;on B.at;on C.on;at D.at;at 5.-_____is your English teacher?-Mr.Li A.Where B.What C.How D.Who

My favorite subject is science
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.-________don’t you play tennis with me? -Because I don’t have a tennis racket. 2.-______is that?-It is my car. 3.-______is your mother’s favorite color? -Red. 4.-_______is your friend? -Ann is my friend.

My favorite subject is science
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.我们的课程在4;30结束。 Our classes ________ ________4:30. 2.下课后,我想和你一起玩游戏。 ____________ __________,I want ________ _________ _________with you. 3.“你为什么喜欢体育?”“因为它令人兴奋。” _________ _______ you like P.E.?-____________it’s interesting 4.他最喜欢的学科是什么? What’s ________ ___________subject? 5.今天是星期二。我们上历史课。 It’s _____________.And we have ________________.

How much are these socks
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.I n_____to buy a p____ of shoes. 2.I don’t want this small hat.I want a b___ one. 3.We can buy clothes in the s_____ . 4.You can buy these bags for o_____ five yuan. 5.This pencil box is five d________ . 6.Do you like these red _________(短裤)? 7.How much is your _________ (毛衣)? 8.How much are these blue _______ (包)? 9.The ______ (价格)of this black hat is 4 dollars. 10.Two and eleven is __________________.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.Does she want ____swimming with us ? A.go B.to go C.goes D.going 2.- How much ______the shorts?-____$40 A.is,they’re B.are,they’re C.is,It’s D.are,It’s 3.-Do you know Bob?-_______,I don’t know him. A.Thanks B. Excuse C.Sorry D.Yes,please 4.I like P.E.____I don’t like history.

? ? ? ?

A. but B. or C. because D.so 5.-_______your father like apples? -No he _______. A.Is,doesn’t B.Is,isn’t C.Do,don’t D.Doesn’t,doesn’t

? 6.-_______-He sells shoes in a shop. ? A.Where are the shoes B.When does your brother work C. What is your brother’s job D.Who buys shoes in a shop ? 7.-What’s your favorite ______,Jane?-Science. ? A.color B.food C.city D.subject ? 8.The blue shorts ______forty yuan and the green shirt _____fifty yuan ? A.is ,is B. is are C.are , is D.are ,are ? 9.-Is your uncle _______today ?-yes, he has a lot of work to do. ? A.busy B. strict C.short D.funny ? 10.-______is your brother?-He’s twelve. ? A.How many B. How much C.How old D. What color

? 11.Jenny is my ____friend and she can play ping-pong very ______. ? A.good,well B.well,good C.good,good D.well,well ?

12.-Happy birthday .Jack!-___________. ? A.You’re welcome B.Thank you C.Here you are D.The same to you ? 13.-________?-Yes,I want a blue sweater. ? A.How are you B.What are these C.Can I help you D.How do you do ? 14.For lunch ,I like _________. ? A.red and green B.chicken and tomatoes C.fruit and hamburger D.father and sister

? 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 ? 1.Miss Gao and Mr.Black are both ___________(teacher) in our school. ? 2.On Susan’s desk we see two _____________(tomato) ? 3.Mom,I ______________________(not like)the black shirt.I want to buy that white one. ? 4.__________(we) math teacher is Mr.Wang.He is strict. ? 5.If you want to be ____________(health),you should eat more vegetables.


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