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2013新目标八年级Unit10 If you go to the party,you’ll have a great time!复习学案

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八年级Unit10 If you go to the party,you’ll have a great time!

一、单词 v.组织_________ n. ________n.代理人;代理商________ 难过________

劝告,建议________ /________ n.机会;机遇________ 旅行________ 专家________青少年

________ 正常的________ 除非________肯定________钱包________生气________善解人



二、词组 在晚会上____the party请某人做某事___ sb. __do sth呆在家___ ____home一半学

生__ the class/students 保守秘密_____________玩得高兴_____________运走,取走

___…away一直,始终all the time=________谋生make ___ _____为了做某事_____________

举行聚会_____________上大学go to _________挣钱make money事实上____________

嘲笑____________too much…太多(修饰____________)too many…太多(修饰____________)

much too+形容词/副词太??

get exercise锻炼 注意:(exercise当“锻炼”是不可数名词,而当“操”“练习”是可数名词)

周游世界_____________努力工work ______穿牛仔裤wear _______允许??进入_________

获得教育get an education 分成两半_____________最后,终于_____________

本单元目标句型:1. If you do, you’ll… 2. I’m going to … 3. You should…

4. Don’t you want to …? 5. Don’t you think ….?

①如果许老师去参加晚会,我们将会玩得非常高兴。If Mr. Xu go to the party, we’ll have a great time.

②如果你穿牛仔裤去晚会,许老师将不会让你进入。If you wear jeans to the party, Mr. Xu won’t let you in.

四、本单元语法讲解if 引导的条件状语从句。If是连词,所连接的句子 叫条件状语 从句,

表示假设或条件,意思是 “ 如果…的话”,用法如下:

1、表示假设,表示将会发生和可能发生的事,或进行提醒警告。句子结构如下: If +句子(一般现在时),+主句(主语will/may/can) +动词)

a. If you finish your homework , you can go out and play.

b. If I have enough money next year , I will go to travel .

2. 表示真实条件、客观真理、自然现象、定理定义 . 民 间谚语等,句型是:

If + 句子 (一般现在时 ),+ 主句 ( 一般现在时).

例: If you study hard ,you are sure to succeed . If you put ice in a warm place ,it turns into water .

If a glass falls on the floor, it usually breaks If you cook a banana, it becomes very soft .

If a plant don’t get enough light ,it grows very tall and thin.

Ⅳ. (单项选择)( )1 —Listen! Somebody is coming.—No,___is coming. I can’t hear_____.

A.somebody, anybody B. anybody, somebody C. nobody, anything D. somebody, somebody

( ) 2. We __go on a picnic if it___rain tomorrow.A. don’t, isn’t B. don’t stop C. shall, doesn’t D. aren’t, doesn’t

( ) 3. He always thinks of__more than himself.A. other B. others C. the other D. the others

( )4.Get up early or you can’t __the early bus.A. catch B. catch up C. catches D. catches up with

( ) 5. Da Shan speaks Chinese ______ for us to understand.

A. good enough B. enough good C. well enough D. enough well

( ) 6. If you don’t want to go swimming, I ____.A. won’t; too B. also won’t C. won’t, either D. won’t ,neither

( ) 7. He was___tired ___he couldn’t go on working.A. too…to B. such…that C. so…that D. too…that

( ) 8. It’s hard_____the work in two days.A. finishing B. to finish C. finishD. finishes

9. Our teacher said sound___much more slowly than light.A. traveled B. was traveling C. has traveled D. travels.

( ) 10. I don’t know if she________. If she_______, let me know.

A. comes; comes B. will come; comes C. comes; will comeD. will come; will come

( ) 11. You________ to school tomorrow if you go to look after your mother in hospital.

A. don’t need come B. don’t come C. needn’t to come D. needn’t come

( ) 12. Everyone knows that “I”___ a word and also a letter in English.A. am B. is C. are D. be

( ) 13. She said that she _____ more time in English next year.

A. will spend B. will take C. is going to cost D. would spend

( ) 14. What an______ story! I’m much ______ in it.

A. interested, interesting B. interesting, interestedC. interesting, interestingD. interested, interested

( ) 15. Oh, it’s you, Lily! ______ you ______ here.

A. I don’t know, were B. I didn’t know, areC. I knew, are D. I think, were

( ) 16. If you are late for class, the teacher ____angry.A. isB. was C. will D. will be

( ) 17.How ____I ___?A. am; get thereB. can; get to thereC. can; get thereD. will; get there

( ) 18. If you watch TV now, you _________the homework tonight.

A. don’t finish B. won’t finishC. didn’t finish D. aren’t finish

( )19. I am surprised ___that you won’t go to college.A. to hearingB. hearingC. hearD. to hear

( ) 20. I like football very much. I want ___a football player.A. is B. amC. to be D. be

( ) 21. What will happen if they to the party?A. going B. goes C. go用所给动词的正确形式填空1. If he______(have) enough time tomorrow, he_______ (meet) you at his office.

2. When Ann called me, the barber_________ (cut) my hair.

3. My English teacher always lets me_______ (choose) the answer more carefully.

4. Tom is a good football player; he is good at____________ (play) football.

5. The students will go to the Summer Palace if it __________ (not rain) tomorrow.

6. If you helped me with my English, I______________ (not fail) the exam.

7. It_____________ (hurt) your eyes to read in such poor light.

8. I like watching the children______________ (swim) and jump.

9. Mary asked Li Ming ___________ (help) him with his Chinese.

10. Can you finish _____________ (read) this book in five days?

11. If you _________ (help) others in trouble, you_________ (be) happy.

12. What_________ (happen) if there is no water or air on the earth?

13. The students will go to the beach if it (rain) this weekend.

14. If he 15. I don’t know if Gina (not let) you in if you (wear)jeans to the party. 17. I think I (take) the bus to school tomorrow.


1. My teacher took_________ my mobile phone because I used it in class.

2. In order _________catch the train, we got up early this morning.

3. I stay_________ home to do homework today.

4. If I have enough money, I will travel _________the world.

5. _________fact, I know all the things about the singer.


1.如果他们在聚会上看录像,会发生什么情况? if they 2.如果他们明天举行聚会,班上将有一半的学生不会来。 3.学生们正在讨论什么时候举行班级聚会。 when a class party.

4.如果你去参加派对,你将会玩得开心。If you go to the party, you 5.杰克太小而不能打扫他的房间。Jack is young

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