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unit15Section A 2

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新目标 九年级 Unit 15

Is it a good place for the animals?

What do you think of this kind of zoo? Is it a good place to protect animals?

tiny 极小的



Zoos provide clean and safe places for

endangered animals to live.

3a Read the letter and find out why the writer is against the zoos.

1. Zoos are terrible places for animals to

2. The animals are kept in tiny cages and
hardly move at all.

3. They are only given food once a day.

3b Read the letter. Do you agree with “Disgusted” or “Animal Friend”? Animal Friend. He thinks that the zoo is an important place for the animals. And it is like a living textbook for young people.

Debate Do you think zoos are good for animals?
Useful expressions I think that….. I agree with you. I believe that…. I disagree with you. I feel that…. I agree that….

I disagree with you. I feel that zoos provide clean and safe places for endangered animals to live.

I think that animals should not live in zoos.

be like living textbooks provide….for… educate


be very important places be against building… terrible places be suitable for be kept in tiny cages

If we don’t support our hardly move at all zoos,…. be only given food urge …to do… once a day

Pros: Firstly zoos are places for people to see many different kinds of animals from all over the world. Secondly, zoos look after the animals very well.

Thirdly, zoos protest the animals and keep them from becoming extinct.

Most animals are kept in small cages. Most cages are not clean, either. The food in the zoos is not natural. In the forest they can find the food by themselves.

1. I’m writing to say that I am against building a new zoo in our town. against 介词, 反对, 违反, 与……相反(=opposite) e.g. Are most people against the proposal? 大多数人反对这项提议吗?

against 介词还有触, 碰, 倚, 靠的意思。

Put the piano there, with its back,

against the wall.

be against doing sth. 反对做某事
反义词组是 be for doing sth, 赞成某事

All the people around the world are against cloning human beings. 全世界的人民反对克隆人类。

2. I’ve visited a lot of zoos in my life, and I have never seen one I liked or one that was suitable for animals to live in. (1) be suitable for sb to do sth. 表示

这里suitable 是suit的形容词,表示


suitable强调适合某种环境、情况或某种 特殊需要; fit表示衣服鞋袜等是否合身 e.g. This kind of bamboo is not suitable for pandas to eat. 这种竹子不适合给熊猫吃。 This dress suits you very much, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit you. 这套女装款式非常适合你,只可惜大小不 合适。

(2) to live in 在此处作animals的后置定 语。英语中动词不定式短语做名词 定语,放在后面。 e.g. There is nothing for us to worry about.


3. The animals are kept in tiny cages.
动物被关在极小的笼子里。 tiny=little 很小的, 带有感情色彩 区别: the tiny country 国家小 (含可爱的意思) a small country 小国家(与large country 相对应)


因年龄小而使身形娇小, 后者则侧重于
指比一般人身材矮小,含有比较的意味。 a little boy 爱怜之意, (年龄小) a small boy 小男孩(身材矮小)

4. They provide homes for many
endangered animals, and help to educate the public about caring for them. (动物园)他们为许多濒危的动物提供 了家,也有助于教育众人来关心这些 动物。

provide sth for sb. 提供给某人某物

The firm provided a car for me. 公司给我一辆汽车。

the public 指 “民众,公众”。在英语

中, 定冠词the 后接形容词表示一类人。

the young 年轻人
the wounded 受伤的人

care for 照顾, 照料;喜欢 e.g. Care for wild animals, the protection of home! 关爱野生动物,保护美好家园! Do you care for pop music? 你喜欢流行音乐吗?

5. I urge all of your readers to visit our

wonderful zoo soon.

urge v. 力劝, 鼓励, 怂恿, 极力主张, 强调

e.g. They urged us to go with them. 他们怂恿我们一起去。 She urged the important of speed.


urge n. 强烈的欲望, 冲动 urgent adj. 紧急的 e.g. He has an urge to travel. 他有去旅行的强烈欲望。

我反对在我们镇上建新的动物园。 I am against building a new zoo in our ___ ______ _______ town. 我发现那里几乎没有人,我感到非常惊讶。 I was very ________ ___find hardly surprised to ___ anyone there.

他们为许多濒危动物提供家园,并且帮助 教育公众关心它们。 provide for They ________ home ____ many to endangered ___________ animals and help ___ educate caring ___ _________ the public about ______ for them. 我强力要求每个人参观我们的动物园。

I ____ everyone ___ ___ our wonderful zoo. urge to visit

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