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八年级上册英语教案unit 1

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Unit1 How often do you exercise?

Period One (Section A 1a- 2c)



1)词汇:how often; exercise; skateboard; hardly; ever; shop; once; twice; time; surf; Internet; program 2 )句 型:

What do you usually do on weekends? I play soccer.

How often do you exercise? I exercise every day/once a week. I hardly ever exercise.

2.能力目标 能够谈论课余时间的活动并谈论做事情的频率。


Task I

I can read:我能根据词汇表大声朗读目标1中的生词并能熟记这些生词。 Task II

I can say: 我能结合grammar focus【找出本堂课的重点句型。合作探究】

Group work: 瞧,我们可真棒,我们能一起对话。(根据对话内容完成表格)

What do you usually do on weekends?

I often exercise.



I、Listening part 1b,2a,2b. II、翻译下列短语。

1、多久一次 __________ 2、一周两次 __________ 3、一月三次 4、从不 5、几乎不III. 、单项选择 ( )1? —Every weekend.

A How soon B How long C How often ( )2、you come back from USA ?

— In three weeks.

A How soon B How long C How often ( )3、______does she drink coffee? -- Twice a day.

A. How long B. How soon C. How often ( )4、The doctor and then told him that there was nothing wrong with him.

A after B over C through IV“译”往无前:


2、--Jim 多长时间看一次电视? --他一周看电视两次。


Period Two (Section A 3a- 4)



1)词汇:high school;most;no; result; active;as for

2) 句型:All/Most/Some/No students watch 【巩固提升】


1. 他一个星期看三四次电视.

He watches TV _______ ________ ________ ________ a week. TV every day.

How often do you read English books?





high school as for be active do homework 2.阅读并完成短文page 3,activity 3.


TaskI: 小组讨论,展示3.

TaskII:朗读短文,并回答下列问题 ( )1.What does the word “exercise” in the passage mean ?

A. do sports B. do homework C. watch TV

( )2.What’s the Chinese for “ once or twice” ?

A. 一两次 B. 曾经两 C. 从前或者两次 ( )3.Do all the students like watching TV ?

A. No. B. Yes. C. It’s hard to say. TaskIII:小组活动,完成4并展示。


2. 至于家务,我母亲做了大部分.

_______ ________ housework, of it. 3. 她从不锻炼 ,所以她很胖.

She _______ exercises, so she is very fat.

4. 他每天做锻炼.

He exercises _________ ___________.

5. 他一个月看一次电影.

He goes to movies ________ ________ ________.

II、根据要求完成下列各句 1、He reads English books twice a week.(改为一般疑问句)

2、The girl exercises in the morning.(否定句)


4、My sister has an unhealthy life style.(改为同义句)


Period Three(Section B1a- 2c)



1)词汇:junk ; junk food; milk; coffee; chip; cola;chocolate; drink; 【巩固提升】


1. I watch TV _________ (two) a week. 2. She watches TV ______(one) a week. health; how many ;interview 2) 句型:

Is Bill healthy ?

But my mother wants me to drink it. She says it’s good for my healthy.




Task I: 认读语言目标1的词汇。

Task II: 根据句子和汉语意思,完成所缺的单词。


I ______ milk ______ _____. 2)对你的健康有益。

It’s ______ for your _______.


Task I: 1b pairwork 谈论做1a活动的频率。

Task II:小组讨论听力部分2b,用how often does she/he do ? 操练第三人称单数形式。


3. Bill _______ (need) lots of sleep. 4. Katrina _______ (exercise) every day. 5.My mother says it's good for my h________.

6. Lily e________ every morning to stay healthy.


1. usually , soccer, play, I (.)

2. often, Katrina, does, TV, watch, How.(?)

3. do, you, What, usually, weekends, on, do ( ? )


( )1.My teacher wants me ______ hard.

A. study B. studying C. to study ( )2. Eating fruit and vegetables ____our


A. is good to B. is good C. is good for ( )3.Miss Liu is very ________, because she exercises every day.

A. health B. healthy C. unhealthy ( )4.Thank you for __me with my English.

A. help B. to help C. helping ( )5._______ milk do you drink? A. How many B. How much C. How often


Period Four(Section B3a- 4)

【学习目标】 【巩固提升】


1.语言目标 1. heath(形容词) ________ 1)词汇:habit;try;of course;look after;2. though (同义词) ________ lifestyle;grade;better;same;as;different;3. different (名词) difference; unhealthy;yuck;maybe;although 4. vocabulary (复数形式) ________ 2) 句型:Is her lifestyle the same as yours or 5.不健康的饮食习惯 different? What are the differences? I try to eat junk food only once a week. My healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades. So maybe I'm not very healthy, although I have one healthy habit. 2.能力目标: 能够谈论关于自己和他人健康方面的话题并恰当运用频率副词和短语。 【定向自学】 I can read:我能根据词汇表大声朗读目标1中的生词并能熟记这些生词。 【合作探究】 Task I:以对话的形式复习2b,谈论Katrina 和Bill的生活方式。 Task II: 以第一人称的方式讲述Bill的生活方式并完成3b. Task III: Read 3a and answer the questions. 【知识小结】

6.一年二次 7.一个月三到四次 8.垃圾食品 9.大多数学生 10.一周一到两次

II、Writing :3c

How healthy are you? Write about your own habits.


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