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一 根据英文写中文

1 do a good job 2 army 3 take one’s place 4 common 5film 6 unlucky 7lose 8 ready 9character 10simple 11 girlfriend 12 dress up

二 翻译句子

1 This problem(问题) is common.

2 You have done a good job.

3 I want to join the army(军队).

4 This question(问题) is simple.

5 He is unlucky. He have lost(失去) his girlfriend.

6 He is ready to help(帮助) others(别人).

7 Tom is ill. I will take his place.

8 There are many characters in the film. 注:there be 有

三 单项选择

1 He is______. He failed(失败,不及格) in the exam again.

A lucky B unlucky C ready

2 He is______ to help others.

A ready B main C rich

3 I am not happy, because I am worried to______ a friend like him.

A plan B expect C lose

4 Mary is ill today . I will take her______.

A army B place C film

5 What’s the main______ in this passage?

A character B reason C action


一 根据中文写单词或短语

1 理由,原因 2 主要的 3 可能,可以 4 成功的 5 富有的 6 变成 7 出现 8 著名的 9 动画片

10 动作影片 11毫无意义的 12 行为

二 单项选择

1 Jack is a _________ writer. He writes many novels(小说).

A meaningless B beautiful C famous

2 He is poor(穷的), so he wants to become_________.

A outgoing B wonderful C rich

3 He_________ come , but I’m not sure(肯定的).

A might B can C must

4 He is late(迟到的) . The main _________ is that he is ill(生病的).

A reason B cartoon C action

5 He works hard . He wants to become_________.

A hungry B successful C healthy

三 翻译下列句子

1 He likes action movies.

2 He is a famous writer.

3 He doesn’t appear.

4 He thinks he will become rich.

5 He is a successful writer.

6 The main reason is that he is ill.

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