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福建省永定县湖坑中学2013-2014学年七年级英语上学期知识竞赛试题(无答案) 人教新


Ⅱ 选择填空:从A,B,C三个选项中选择最佳答案。(每题1分,计20分)

( )1. —Welcome to China!

— !

A. OK B. Yes C. Thank you

( )2. —Nice to meet you, Jane.

— .

A. Nice to meet you, too B. Thank you C. Hello

( )3.—How are you?

— .

A.OK B. Fine, thanks C.Thanks

( )4. — ,are you Jane?

A. Excuse me B. Excuse C.Please ( )5.I from Canada.

A. is B.am C.are

( )6. —Who is that?

— is Kangkang.

A.I B. That C.This

( )7.—What’s that ____ English? —It’s a desk.

A. from B. to C. in

( )8. —Let me ____you.

—Thank you.

A. help B. come C. be

( )9. I have a small nose, but he has a big ____.

A. one B. a C. an

( )10.Please give this letter____ Maria.

A. from B. to C. in ( )11. Mom, I want ____ a T-shirt and a cap.

A. to buy B. buy C. buys ( )12. He wants ____ shoes.

A. a B. a pair C. a pair of

( )13.The girl____ a yellow dress is Maria.

A. from B. to C. in


( )14. 选出下列单词中画线部分读音不同的一项 A. fine B. nine C. it

( )15. 选出下列单词中画线部分读音不同的一项 A. face B. name C. cap

16. 请选出画线字母发音和其它画线字母发音不同的单词。 A. orange B. photo C. OK

17. – What’s this?

– It’s orange.

A. the B. an

18. This is my good friend. first name is Mary.

A. She B. His

19. This is Bob and that is Kate. my friends.

A. They’re B. She’s

20. – Are these your pencils?

– No. They are .

A. her B. his Ⅲ 情景交际(每小题1分,计15分)



( ) 36.How old are you?

( ) 37.How do you do?

( )38.Does Kangkang have a ruler ?

( )39.What is your name?

( )40.What is your telephone number?


A. It’s (010)73815849.

B. I’m thirteen.

C. My name is Kangkang.

D. How do you do?

E. Yes,he does.


(1) Kangkang: Michael, 41__ is your favorite actor?

Michael: Guess. He’s Chinese and he 42__ a big nose.

C. a C. Her C. He’s C. my 2

Kangkang: 43__ he have long hair?

Michael: No, he doesn’t. Kangkang: Does he have 44__ wide mouth? Michael: Yes, he 45__ .

Kangkang: I see.It’s Jackie Chan.

(2) Wang Junfeng: Excuse me, 46__ this in English?

Jane: It’s 47__ eraser. Wang Junfeng: 48_ do you spell it?

Jane: E-R-A-S-E-R. Wang Junfeng: 49 .

Jane: That’s 50 .

Ⅳ 完形填空(每题1分,计10分)

Ann is a girl. 51 from the USA. She’s twelve. She 52 a round face and a small mouth. Her eyes 53 very big. She likes 54 . Blue T-shirt and skirt are 55 favorite clothes. She’s 56 blue every day (每天). She’s very cool. Now, she’s a high school student in Beijing. She’s in 57 . Her telephone number is 72585069. Jiang Shan is her good friend. She’s 58 . She’s from Qingdao. She’s eleven. She’s a high school student, 59 , but she’s in 60 different class. Her telephone number is 63257625. Her family is in Beijing now.

( ) 51. A She B Her C She’s

( ) 52. A have B is C has

( ) 53. A is B are C am

( ) 54. A red B blue C the blue

( ) 55. A her B his C she’s

( ) 56. A to B from C in

( ) 57. A Class Two, Grade Seven B Grade Seven, Class Two

C class Two, grade Seven ( ) 58. A China B Chinese C China’s

( ) 59. A to B one C too

( ) 60. A an B a C /

Ⅴ阅读理解(25分) (A)

Liu Li is a Chinese girl. She is in Beijing now. She is twelve. She has long black hair 3

and big black eyes. She has two good friends. One is Chunzi. She comes from Japan. She is thirteen years old. Her hair and eyes are black, too. They look the same. The other is Kate Green. She is from the UK. She is fourteen. She is tall and has blond hair and blue eyes. She is very nice. Her classmates(同班同学) like her very much.


( )61. Liu Li and Chunzi are Chinese.

( )62. Liu Li has black hair and eyes, but Chunzi doesn’t.

( )63. Chunzi is 13.

( )64. Chunzi and Kate look the same.

( )65. Kate is very nice.


This is Jim. He is thirteen. He is from the USA. He is a student. He has a good friend. His name is Jack. Jack is fifteen. He is from Canada. Jack is tall but Jim is short. They are in the same class, but they are in different grades. Jim is in Class Two. Jack is in Class Two, too. They go to school(上学) at seven in the morning and go home(回家) at six in the afternoon. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。

( )66. Jim and Jack are ____.

A. sisters

B. friend D. from different countries(国家) C. teacher and student

( )67. Jim is ____.

A. short B. tall C. strong D. big

( )68. Jim and Jack are in ____.

A. the same grade

C. the same color

( )69. Jack is in ____.

A. Class 4 B. Class 3 C. Class 2 D. Class 1 B. different grades D. the same family

( )70. They go to school at ____ in the morning.

A. 6:00 B. 7:00


Hello, I’m Li Na. Please look at the picture. Are the two girls the same?

Yes, these two girls are twin(双胞胎)sisters. One is Jenny and the other is Gina.

The twin sisters are English, but Jenny and Gina like Chinese. Now, the twin

sisters are in Number 101 School in Beijing. The twin sisters are my good friends. We are C. 7:30 D. 8:00 4

in the same class(班). Mr Brown is the twin sisters’ father. He is an English teacher in our school, but he is not our English teacher. Here is a school ID card. Its number is BJ101777. It is Jenny’s card. Gina lost her card. Its number is BJ-101778. If you find it, please call Mr. Brown at 010-2828228. 42. Jenny and Gina are .

A. cousins B. twin sisters C. twin brothers 43. The twin sisters are .

A. English B. Chinese C. Japanese 44. Mr. Brown is .

A. Li Na’s father B. Li Na’s teacher C. an English teacher 45. lost a school ID card.

A. Mr. Smith B. Gina C. Jenny

46. What is the Chinese meaning(意思) of “same”?

A. 一些 B. 很多 C. 相同的


47. lost a cat.

A. Jack B. Mimi C. Isabel

48. colors are on Mimi’s body(身体)?

A. Four

49. Jack found the cat .

A. at his home B. in his school

50. Jack’s e-mail address is .

A. 8385412@hotmail.com B. Jack @163.com. C. Jack Wang @163.com C. at Isabel’s school B. Three C. Two


51. You may(可能)find these two passages (文章) in .

A. the newspaper(报纸) B. a book


A man is in a bus. A woman is beside him. The woman is about forty. They talk to each other. He speaks to her, “Do you have any children?” “Yes, I have a son,” she answers. “Oh, really?” says the man. “Does he smoke (抽烟)?” “No, he doesn’t,” the woman says. “That’s good,” the man says. “Does he fight with (跟某人打架) others?” “Of course not,” the woman answers. “Oh, he is a good son,” the man says. “And how old is he?” “He is eight months old.” the woman says.

57. Where are the man and the woman?

A. They are in a train.

58. Does the man have a son?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. Sorry, we don’t know. B. They are in a room. C. They are in a bus. C. a photo

59. How many sons does the woman have?

A. She has no son. B. She has two sons.

60. How old is the woman?

A. She is about forty years old.

B. She is about eight months old.

C. She is forty months old.

61. How old is the woman’s son?

A. He is eight years old.

B. He is eight months old.

C. He is forty months old.

Ⅵ 词汇(每小题1分,计8分)

71. Mom, t_____________ is my teacher, Mr. Li..

72. Five and e__________ is sixteen.

73. I have long _________(胳膊) and long legs.

74. --Do you have a__________ (姐姐)?

--Yes, I do.

75. _______(那些) are rulers.

76. Is that a ________ /t??/ ? No, it’s an eraser.

77. —Whose ___________ /'pensl/ is on the desk?

—It’s Ann’s

C. She has only one son. 6

78. -- What color is her dress?

--It’s_______________ /gri?n/.

Ⅶ 句型转换(每空0.5分,计6分)

79.I am from Japan.(变一般疑问句,并作否定回答)

_____ you from Japan? _____, I’m not.

80.Jim has a round face. (变一般疑问句)

_____ Jim ______ a round face? Yes, he does.

81.Her neck is short.(改同义句)

_______ _______ a short neck. 82.We are in Class 6,Grade 7.(划线提问)

___________ _________ are you in? . 83.She has blue eyes.( 划线提问)

_________ does she _________ like?

84.These are apples.(改单数)

_______ is _____ apple.

Ⅷ 看图写话(每小题1.5分,计6分) 85.


nice meet they are

_______________________________ ____________________________________ 87. 88.


Kangkang be from she long

_______________________________________ ______________________________________


根据卡片内容, 写一篇短文介绍你的朋友(首句已给出)。60词左右。

I have a good friend.___________________________________________________









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