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性定时作业试题(二) 人教新目标版

(时间:120分钟 总分: 150分)

Part 1 听力部分(共30分)



( )2. A:father B: mother C:brother

( )3 .A:fourteen B: fifteen C:thirteen

( )4 .A:Good morning , teacher B: How are you ? C:And you ? ( )5. A:Goodbye, class. B: Goodbye, teacher C:Hello ! Jim

二.情景反应,根据所听问句选择正确的应答语.(听一遍): (5分)

( )6. A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, it is. C. Yes, it does.

( )7. A. It’s a book B. They are books. C. Yes, they are mine.

( )8. A. It’s hers. B. It’s purple. C. It’s a coat.

( )9. A. It’s a book. B. It’s on the table. C. It’ blue..

( )10. A. I am fine. B. She’s fine. C. He’s fine.


( )11. A. Yes,they are . B. They are books. C. It’s a book.

( )12. A:Yes,it is . B: It’s green. C:It’s red.

( )13. A:It’ on the desk. B: On the sofa. C:They are on the sofa. ( )14. A:He is Tina’s brother. B: He is Bill’s friend . C:He is Bill’s brother.

( )15. A:She is twelve . B: She is thirteen . C:She is eleven .

四.根据所听短文内容,选择正确答案。(听两遍): (10分)

( )⒗ How old is Li JIa?

A:She is twelve . B: She is thirteen. C:She is eleven .

( )17. What color is her bed?

A:It’s green. . B: It’s purple. C:It’s red.

( )18. Where is her jacket?

A:It’s on the table. B: It’s on the bed. C:It’s on the desk.

( )19 .Are her books on the table?

A: No.they aren’t. B:Yes,they are. C:No,it isn’t.

( )20. What is under the bed?

A:Her computer game. B: Her dog. C:Her computer and her dog. Part 2 笔试部分(共120分)

五.单项选择:20分 ( )21. Is the cup on the table?

No. It’s ____the table.


A. on B. at C. under D. in

( )22. Please call Mary _____(023)85781489. A. in B. for C. at D. on

( ).23 .下列字母中含有相同元音因素的有:

A. dfh B .cpv C .ghk D .klm

( )24.—Is that ________ English map?

—No, it’s ________ Chinese map.

A. an;an B. an;a C. a;a D. a;an

( )25..一Good morning! ---_________

A.Thank you B.Good morning! C.Hello! D.Hi

( )26.What’s ________ bike number?

A. Li Lei B. Li Lei’s C. Li Leis’ D. the Li Lei’s

( )27.Jim and Lin Tao ________.

A. is a boy B. is boy C. are boys D. are boy

( )28. 一What’s your name? --________.

A.Mary B. I’m OK. C.Thank you D.Hi.

( )29. 一Sit down,P1ease. ---_________.

A.I’m fine B.My name is Dale. C.Thank you. D.I’m OK.

( )30. This is ______ nice pen.

A.an B. a C.One D./

( )31. ---Colin,what’s this in English? ---__________.

A.This is a pencil B.It’s a pencil C.It’s pencil D. This is pencil

( )32. 一Who is the girl? 一The ______ in the blue jacket?

一Yes. -- It’s Zhang Lei.

A.one B.an C.a D./

( )33. ---________ is that quilt? —It’s black.

A. Which color B.How color C.What color D.What’s color

( )34. 一What color is her jacket? 一It’s _______.

A.an orange B.orange C.the orange D.a orange ( )35. ____ name is Sue Read. I'm an English girl. A. Her B. My C. Your D. I ( )36. Is this watch ?

A. your B. her C. yours D. you

( )37.Some keys in Classroom7.

A. is B. am C. are D. be

( )38. Are these his pens?.

_____. They’re my pens. A. Yes,they are. B.Yes,these are. C. No,they aren’t. D. No,these aren’t.


( )39. my keys? They’re under the sofa.

A.where’s B. Where is C.Where are D.What are

( )40.The white model plane is .

A. hers. B .her C.she. D. her’s


This 1 Jim. He is 2 friend. He is twelve. He and I 3 in the same school. I 4 eleven. I’m 5 Class 3, Grade 1.He is in Class 2, Grade 1.His mother 6 a teacher. 7 teaches English 8 my school. 9 name 10 Feng Ling.

( )41.A. is B. are C. am

( )42.A. me B. I C. my

( ) 43.A. be B. are C. is

( )44.A. am B. is C. are

( )45.A. at B. in C. to

( )46.A. am B. are C. is

( )47.A. Her B. She C. He

( )48.A. to B. on C. in

( )49.A. Her B. She C. His

( )50.A. be B. is C. are

七. 阅读理解 30分


Look! This is a picture, in this picture, you can see hills, trees and a school. You can see some boys and girls. They are at school. The school is a middle school. Ling Ling and Lan Lan are good friends. Ling Ling is twelve. Lan Lan is twelve, too. Mr Li is their teacher. He is a good teacher.


( )51.In the picture, we can see birds and trees.

( )52.Ling Ling and Lan Lan are at a middle school.

( )53.They are twelve.

( )54.We can’t see any boys and girls.

( )55.Their teacher is Mr Li.

B .

Hello! I'm Ren Lijuan. R-E-N, Ren. L-I-J-U-A-N, Lijuan. I'm ten and I'm a student. I'm in Class 6, Grade 4. Lei Hao is my classmate(同班同学). He likes baseball. Miss Niu is my English teacher. She is a good teacher and we all like her.

56. Can you spell the name Ren Lijuan?

A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I can. C. No, she can't.

57. How old is Ren Lijuan?

A. He is ten. B. I'm ten. C. She is ten.

58. What class is she in?


A. She is in Class 4. B. She is in Grade 6. C. She is in Class 6.

59. Is Miss Niu her English teacher?

A. She is her teacher. B. Yes, he is. C. Yes, she is.

60. Does Lei Hao like baseball?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn't. C. I don't know.


I have a little dog.Its name is Cici.Cici is only one year old.It is from Beijing.It’s very lovely(可爱的).All the people(人)in my family(家)like it very much.It has two big ears,a big mouth,a small nose and four short legs.Its eyes are big,too.It’s white and black.And its nose is black.


( )61.Cici is a cat.

( )62.Cici is one year old.

( )63.All the people in my family like it very much.

( )64.Cici is White and black. ( )65.Cici’s nose is red.


I'm a new student here. My name is Gina. I'm twelve years old. In my family, there are six people. My grandmother, my grandfather, my mother, my father, my sister and I. I live in Beijing now. My telephone number is 535-4567. Fill in the blanks:

66. Is Gina a new student?

67 .There are ____________ people in her ____________.

68. Where is Gina?

69. 535-4567 is her ____________ ____________.

70.How old is Gina?



71. What's this i___ English ?

72. These two boys are my b .

73 This is my English d . It’s in my schoolbag.

74. Here's my ID c________.

75. This is a c____________ game. I like it.


76. I ______( be) a girl and I like red.

77. _______(she) name is Mary.

78. Is it _______(you) pencil?

79. My room is on the _______(one) floor.


80. I have a set of _______(key).


81. — name?

— Her name is Jane.

82. —How are you?(回答)

- 。

83.My dictionary is under the bed .

is dictionary?

. This is my grandmother. (一般疑问句)

this grandmother?

85. This is a book.(改复数)

books .

十一.情景配对。10分 86.How are you? A. Yes,it is.

87.What’s that in English? B.Nice to meet you!

88. Is this her pencil? C.He is my friend. 89. Are these your friends? D.It’s on the desk.

90. What color are his erasers? E..They are black.

91. Where is her notebook ? F. Good evening.

92. Nice to meet you! G.No.they aren’t.

93. Who’s he? H.I’m fine.

94. Spell “key “ ,please . I. It’s an English book.

95.Good evening! J. K-E-Y.


A: Excuse 96 ,! Is 97 your pencil?

B: Yes, it is.

A: Here you are.

B: Where is your pencil case?

A: It’s on the desk. Look 98 the pencil case.

B: Oh, 99 very good.

A: Can I have a look?

B: Yes, please.

A: 100___

B: That's all right. 

96._______ 97. ______ 98. _____ 99. _______ 100. _______


七年级上中期试题 听力材料


W:It’s green.

Q; Is this ruler green?

W:Is your schoolbag on the desk?

M: No,it’s on the sofa.

Q: Where is the schoolbag?

W:Hi,Bill.Who is that boy?

M:He’s my brother,Jim.

Q: Who is Jim?

15.M:Hello! I'm Jim.Are you Wei Hua?

W:No,I'm not.I'm Liu Ying.Nice to meet you.

M:Nice to meet you,too.How old are you? Liu Ying . W:I’m twelve.


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