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1.Lily and Liz ___________ a cat.They like it very much.

A.have B.has C.there is D.there are

2.—Do you have any empty bags?


A.Yes;don' t B.No;don' t have anyC.Yes,have any


3.—How many pens ___________ Jim ___________?


A.does;have B.do;haveC.does;has D.do;has

4.I don't ___________ a dictionary.She ___________ one.

A.has;have B.have;haveC.have;has

D.have;has a

5.They don't have ___________ colour pencils,but I have ___________

A.some;some B.any;someC.some;any D.no;some

6.—Is this your bike?

—No,it is___________.___________is red.

A.her;His B.his;HerC.mine;Her D.hers;Mine

7.Every day ___________ has a good rest and does his homework after school.

A.Tom B.KateC.Tom and Kate D.Tom's sister


8.___________ that old woman ___________ a house near the river?

A.Do;has B.Does;haveC.Does;has D.Do;have

9.—___________,what's the time? 

—___________,I don't know.I don't have a watch.

A.Excuse me;Sorry B.Sorry;Excuse meC.Sorry;Sorry

D.Excuse me;Excuse me

10.—Who ___________ 20 yuan now?

—I do.

A.have B.hasC.do have D.is have

11.—___________you___________any apples?


A.Do;have;do B.Are;have;doC.Are;having;am


12.—Li Wei,do you have any pencils?

—___________! I don't have any.

A.Excuse me B.CertainlyC.OK D.Sorry

13.___________,do you have a pencil?

A.Hello B.SorryC.Thank you D.Excuse me

14.Kate gives___________ some books,but I must give___________ back soon.

A.I;it B.me;themC.my;they D.me;they

15.—Do your friends have any story books?



A.aren't B.not haveC.don't D.can't Ⅱ、句子转换

1.I have some baseball bats?(改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答) ________________________________________________ 2.We have a big TV in our house? (改为否定句) ________________________________________________

3.She has many things to do today.(改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答)


4.Kate has some money in her pocket.(改为否定句)


5.My parents have five good friends.(就划线部分提问) ________________________________________________


1.A:Do you ___________ a soccer ball?

B:No,I don't.

A:What about Billy?

B:I think he ___________ one.

2.There are some children in the room.They all ___________ new books.But they don't ___________ any colour pencils.Lei Hao ___________ a big pencil-box.Ren Lijuan ___________ a small one.What about Bai jie? Oh,she ___________ two!




A: Hi, Han Mei. 1

B: I’m in Class Three, Grade Seven.

A: Oh, I have a good friend in your class.

B: 2

A: Yes, she is. She has a round face.

A. Who is she?

B. What class are you in?

C. Where is she from?

D. No, she doesn’t

E. Is your friend a girl?

F. Where is he from?

G. Yes, she does.

B: Does she have long black hair?

A: 3 She has short black hair. B: Does she have big eyes?

A: 4

B: 5

A: She comes from Shanghai.

B: Is she Zhang Hong? A: Yes, you are right.


Hi, I have two friends. They are twelve 1 old. They 2 from England. Look at the 3 . His name is Jim. He 4 a round 4

face, a big nose, a small mouth 5 small eyes. This girl is his 6 , Jane. She and Jim are from 7 same family(家庭). But they look 8 . She has a long face, a small 9 , a small mouth and big 10 . They are my good friends.

( )1. A. years

D. age

( )2. A. welcome D. is

( )3. A. girl


( )4. A. is

D. has

( )5. A. and

D. but a

( )6. A. sister

D. student

( )7. A. a

D. / ( )8. A. same

D. the different

( )9 A. face

D. nose

( )10 A. arm


B. year B. comes B. boy B. are B. but B. teacher B. an B. different B. mouth B. hair C. ages C. come C. mom D. C. have C. and a C. friend C. the C. the same C. eyes C. eyes D. 5

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