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( ) 1. A. grade B. great C. glad

( ) 2. A. himself B. herself C. myself

( ) 3. A. place B please C. plane

( ) 4. A. How much B How often C How long

( ) 5. A. back B. pack C. bad

II. 听对话选择正确的图画。(听两遍)(5分)

( ) 6

( ) 7

( )8

( )9


( ) 10


I know I am a good person, because I have many________. We work together. We help each other. We make ourselves strong! I study a lot. I strive to do______ in school. I do my homework and I study for my exams. I often ______ letters and talk to my English friends. This gives me confidence to ______ English. I _______like to go to University someday. I’d like to be an English teacher.



1. Does she _____ a book that Black wrote.

A haves B have C has D had

2. The desk __________wood.

A is made of B is made from C are made of D are made from

3. What’s the time? It’ A 15:05 B 5:15 C4:45 D 5:45

4. This pair of shoes are very nice, can I _______?

A try it on B try on it C try them on D try on them

5. Would you tell me________________?

A where is the shop B where the shop is

C where are the shop D where the shop are

6. I ________an English teacher for ten years.

A have taught B have been C taught D teached

7. Let’s _______shopping tomorrow.

A go B going C will go D to go

8.—Hello! ________, can I speak to Danny please?

--Sorry , he isn’t in ,can I take a message for you?

A I am Jenny speaking B This is Jenny speaking

C my name is Jenny speaking D I’m Jenny talking

9.--________do you visit your uncle ?

---once a week

A How often B How long C How many D How much

10. Will he have _________to tell me?

A something important B important something

B anything important D important anything


1. There are three _______(play) on my team.

2. Li Ming _______(study) English every day.

3. Today is December _______(two), 2006.

4. Help _________(you) to some soup, children.

5. On ________(teacher) Day ,many students send postcards to their teachers.

6. I have fun _______(work) with my classmates.

7. She __________( be) here for ten years.

8. English, Chinese and math are very useful, but I like English _______(well).

9. There are many ________(bus) in a parking lot.

10. It is _______(sun) today, let’s go for a walk.


nine o’first trip to London, she didn’train would The boy looked at the old woman and said,“Tu, Tu, Tu, Tu, Tu, Tu,”. She sat in a chair and thought the boy’“What a clever boy! He tells me the in such a way.”Do you know the time?

( ) 1. A get up B. gets up C. got up D. look up

( ) 2. A. at B. on C. in D. of

( ) 3. A.So B.Then C.And D. Because

( ) 4. A. heard B. listened C. looked D. watched

( ) 5. A. arrive B. get C. arrive in D. get to

( ) 6. A. to B. for C. in D. at

( ) 7. A. away B. off C. out D. back

( ) 8. A. happy B. happily C. angry D. angrily

( ) 9. A. face B. words C. mouth D. toys

( ) 10. A. cry B. sleep C. smile D. wake


Jack is six years old. He has no sisters. But he has a brother. His brother’s name is Mike. Jack likes eating apples, oranges and bananas. Sometimes he eats some of his

brother’s apples. And his brother hits him for that. He doesn’t like Mike. This September he is going to school. It’s the ninth day at school. Jack and his classmates are having a new lesson.

“Jack, how much is five minus three, please?”


“Now, listen to me,” says the teacher, “If your sister has five apples, and you have eaten three of them…” “But I have no sisters.” Jack says.

“Oh, sorry. But do you have any brothers?”


“Now, if your brother has five apples, and you have eaten three of them, tell me how…?”

“He’ll certainly give me a good beating” Jack says quickly.


( )1. How many brothers and sisters does Jack have?

A. One brother and one sister. B. One brother and two sisters.

C. Only one brother. D. No brothers and no sisters.

( ) 2. Why does Mike sometimes hit Jack? Because ______.

A. Jack often hits Mike. B. Jack doesn’t like eating fruit

C. Jack doesn’t do his homework D. Jack often eats some of Mike’s of apples

( ) 3. Why can’t Jack answer his teacher’s question? Because _______

A. he has no sisters B. he has no brothers

C. he doesn’t understand his teacher’s question D. he has no apples

( ) 4. If you have five apples, you have eaten three of them, how many apples remain (剩下) _________

A. two B. three C. four D. one

( ) 5.When does the story happen (发生)?_______

A. In October. B. On the ninth day at school.

C. In a new lesson. D. At school.



She ______ stays at home ______stays at school.


He is ______ ______ his son.

3. Jenny has never been to Guiyang ,_______ _______?(构成反意疑问句)

4. I do well in English.(改同意句)

I am _____ _____ English.

5. It’s very delicious food.(改为感叹句)

________ _______ the food is !(

6. Please open the door!(改为否定句)

______________________. (对划线部分提问)

_____ ______ do your friends go home?

8. He did his homework last night.(改为一般疑问句)

_____ he _____ his homework last night?

VI、完成下列对话,请按正确的顺序把右边方框里的序号填入下面对应的横线上。(10分) G: I don’W: Thank you all the same. Excuse me ,where is the hospital? P: No.23 , It will take you ten minutes to get there.

W: Thank you! 1______ 2______ 3______ 4______ 5_______

VII、书面表达。请根据下图提示和所提供的短语,写一写自己愉快的周末,字数在50字左右。短文开头已写出。(10分) 1 get up 2 do one’s homework 3 play…with 4 watch TV



1. She is in Class 3 Grade 8. (A)

2. I bought a pen for myself. (C)

3. They go to Shanghai by plane. (C)

4. How often does he visit his grandpa. (B)

5. Welcome back to school. (A)


6. A: How old are you, Danny?

B: I’m thirteen years old. I was born in May 12 , 1994.

Q: When is Danny’s birthday?(B)

7. A: Hello, 6045.

B: Hello, may I speak to Lucy please?

A: This is Lucy speaking.

Q: What’s the phone number? (A)

8. A: Kate, it’shalf past six. Get up please.

B: I doesn’t feel well, Let me stay in bed, will you?

Q: What time is it now? (B)

9. A: May I help you?

B: I’m looking for computers?

A: This way please.

Q: What does the man want to buy?(B)

10. A: Who is our teacher?

B: The man in black coat and black pants is our teacher.

Q: What picture is their teacher? (C)

III do my homework and I study for my exams. I letters and talk to my English friends. This gives me confidence to English. I like to go to University someday. I’d like to be an English teacher.



I 1B 2A 3C 4C 5B 6B 7A 8B 9A 10B

II 1 players 2 studies 3 second 4 yourselves 5 Teachers’ 6 working 7 has been 8 best 9 buses 10 sunny


1 C 2A 3D 4D 5D 6B 7A 8C 9B 10C


1C 2D 3C 4A 5B


1 either…or… 2 proud of 3 has she 4 good at 5 Don’t open the door please

7 How often 8 Did… do…


1C 2B 3E 4D 5A


Today is Saturday. It is sunny day, I get up early. First, I do my homework in the morning. Then I play football with my friends on the playground in the afternoon. We are tired but we feel happy. After supper, I watch TV. At nine o’clockI go to bed.

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