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I can because I think I can.



1、 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出适当的选项补全短文,并将选项的编


Eating out is more popular in Britain today than it has ever been. that many British people are becoming more and more interested in how good

their food tastes, and also how healthy it is.

约会) with friends, or having a birthday, many

people like to go to a restaurant, and people often also eat in a restaurant before

going to the cinema or the theater.

As in all cultures, there are many rules of manners about eating. also impolite to speak with your mouth full when you are eating.

Most British cities have a large collection of food as well as British food,

from the very cheap to the very expensive-French, Italian, Indian, Chinese,

Japanese, Thai and many, many more.

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In the United States, headmasters and teachers discipline(惩罚) students in several ways. The teacher often writes to or call the students’ parents. student behaves very badly, the headmaster can stop the student having classes. The student can’t come to school for one, two or three days. ’t let students come to school, they were happy. ”A three-day holiday!” they thought.

One day, a boy was in MrLazares’ office. The boy was not behaving well in

class. “If you come to school with your son, I won’t stop him having classes,” he said. The boy’s father came to school and went with his son to every students behaved better, too.

They, too, think that students behave better when parents come to school.

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