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Unit 10 If you go to the party, you'll have a great time Section A 1

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会议;集会;会面 n. 录像带;录像n. 组织;筹备 v. 炸土豆条;炸薯条 巧克力 n. 难过;失望;沮丧adj. 出租汽车;的士n. 劝告;建议 n.

meeting video organize potato chips chocolate upset taxi advice

She is going to walk to school.

She will be late.

will be If she walks to school, she _____ ___late. _____

It is going to rain tomorrow.

I will stay at home.

rains will stay If it _____ tomorrow, I _____ _____ at home.

It will be sunny tomorrow.

They will have a trip tomorrow.

If it ____ sunny tomorrow, they _____ is will ______ a trip. have

He won’t study hard.

He will fail in the exam.

If he _______ study hard. He ____ doesn’t will _____ in the exam. fail

1a Match the statements with the
pictures [a-d]. 1. ___ I think I’ll wear jeans to the party. c 2. ___ I think I’ll stay at home. d 3. ___ I think I’ll take the bus to the party. b 4. ___ I think I’ll go a
to the party with Karen and Anna.

Listen and complete the 1b responses in 1a. If you do, the teachers won’t ________ let you in. If you do, you’ll ________________ be sorry. If you do, you’ll ____________________ be late.

If you do, you’ll ____________________ have a great time.

Look at the pictures and make 1c conversations.
Are you going to the party A:明天晚上你去参加聚会吗? tomorrow night? B:是的,我去。 Yes, I am. A:你将和谁一起去? Who will you go with? B:我想我将和凯伦、安娜一起去。 I think I’ll go with Karen and Anna. A:如果那样,你将会玩得很开心。 If you do, you’ll have a great time.

Listen and circle the correct answers to complete the sentences. 1. The students are talking about when to have (a class party/ a class meeting / a birthday party). 2. They plan to have it on (Friday evening / Saturday afternoon/ Saturday evening).



Listen again. Choose the correct short answer in the box to answer each question.

half the class won’t come some students will be bored make some food students will leave early the party games

1. What will happen if they have the party today? ______________________________ Half the class won’t come. 2. What will happen if they have the party tomorrow? Students will leave early to study. _________________________________ 3. What will happen if they watch a video at the party? Some students will be bored. __________________________________ 4. What will Mark organize? _________________________________ The party games. 5. What will Nelly do? _________________________________ She will make some food.

2c Role-play a conversation
between Nelly and Mark.

A:好吧,什么时候是举行聚会的好时间? OK, when is a good time to have the party? B:让我们今天就举行吧。 Let’s have it today. A:嗯,如果我们今天举行, half the class Hmm. If we have it today, 一半的同学将不会来。 won’t come.

Read the conversation and 2d answer the questions.
1. What will happen if we ask

people to bring food? _____________________________________ They’ll just bring potato chips and _____________________________________ chocolate because they’ll be too lazy to cook. 2. What will happen if we give people some small gifts if they win? ___________________________________ More people will want to play the games.

Role-play the conversation.
J: 嘿,本。下周的聚会我们让大家带食物好吗?
B: 不,我们还是从饭店订餐吧。如果我们让大家带食物, 他们只会带薯片和巧克力,因为大家都太懒了, 不愿意做饭。 J: 好吧。游戏呢,如果有人赢了,你认为我们该给他们 一些小礼物吗? B: 我觉得这个主意很棒!如果我们那样做的话,会有 更多人愿意参加游戏。 J: 对,游戏也会更加有趣。

have 1. I’ll buy a computer if I _______ (have) enough money. 2. I’m sure if he ______ (go) to the party, goes he __________ (have) a great time. will have 3. You ___________ (not get) nervous if won’t get do you _____ (do ) enough exercise. 4. If she _______ (finish ) work early, she finishes ______ (go) home. will go 5. If it _____(rain), we ________ (stay) at rains will stay home.


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