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Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.( Section B 1a—4)

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Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.
(Section B 1a-4)

Teaching aims:
?Knowledge aim: the words, phrases , and ‘should be allowed to do…’,etc. ?Ability aim: To learn how to express agreement / disagreement. ?Moral aim: To know the importance of obeying our school rules.

Key and difficult points:
Key words:
concentrate, study, present, opportunity, volunteer

Key phrases:
be strict with, concentrate on, learn from, be good for

Difficult points:
‘should be allowed to’

1.上课迟到: get to class late 2.和朋友一起学习: study with friends 3.严厉的制度: strict rules 4.对某人太严: be too strict with 5.(数学)考试不及格: fail a (math) test 6.不久前一天: the other day

How often do you do them at school?
always usually sometimes never

clean the classroom sleep in class

√ √

get school late
copy other’s homework

A: Do you ever ……? B: I sometimes……

A: Do you ever get to class late? study with friends? finish test early? worry that you’ll fail a test? B: Yes, I …… / No, I ……

Why is Peter going to fail the test?

1. Peter is going to… c 2. He isn’t allowed to… e 3. Peter wasn’t allowed to… 4. He could… b 5. He should be allowed to…
Should he be allowed to take the test later?

a d

A: I think Peter should… B: I don’t agree.

C: I think…
1.Peter should be allowed to take the test later.

2.Students need strict rules.
3. Parents should not be too strict with teenagers.

Listen to the tape and fill in the chart. What rules do they talk about? What do they think about the rules? Rules
wear uniforms study in groups during the evening have long vacation



√ √ √

Read the article again and answer the following questions.

1. What do the students in this article think about
the school uniforms?

The students think the uniforms are ugly.
2. What kind of clothes do they usually wear?

They usually want to wear their own clothes or
they want to be allowed to design their own uniforms.

3. How do they like to study?

They like to study in groups during the evening.
4. What are their ideas about vacations? They think that vacations should be good for volunteers? 5. Why are they good for volunteers?

Because longer vacations would give volunteers much
more time to have a good experience.

Use these phrases to make sentences.

be strict with …


concentrate on be good for…

learn …from each other
have an opportunity to

Are you agree with all your school rules? What school rules should be changed? Why? A: What school rules do you think should be changed? B: I think we should be allowed to wear our own clothes. A: What’s the reason? B: we would feel more comfortable and that is good for studying.

Challenge yourself Ⅰ.根据句意完成句子。 1. Peter has an opportunity to work ______ (work) in Beijing 2. I’m glad that I have p______ the ass exam. 3. As a student, we m

ust be s_____ trict in our study. 4. When the movie actors came out, noisy the audience(观众) got _____ (noise). volunteered 5. How many teacher __________ (volunteer) the other day?

Ⅱ.根据汉语完成句子。 1.你必须专注于你的新工作。

on You must concentrate _____ your new work. _______ 2.李先生对他儿子及他的工作要求很严格。 Mr. Li is _____ ______ _____his son and _____the work is strict with in he does. 3.锻炼对你的健康有利。 is good for Exercising _____ ______ ______your health. 4.人人都有优点,我们应该相互学习。 learn from ____ ____ Everyone has strong points. We’d _____ _____ each other

What have we learned this class?

And do you have any question?

1.Please master the key points we have learned this class. 2.Please write a report about your discussion of Part 4.

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