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Module4 unit 1

课型:listening and speaking 课时:4周1课时 课型:新授课 备课人:时恩华

一、 教学目标:

Teaching Aims and Demands:

Language Knowledge

Key vocabulary and phrases: normal, advantage, lend, battery, borrow, charge, favour,

publish, issue, ordinary, printing, age, replace, a couple of, see to.

Key structure: Present perfect passive voice and modal verb passive voice (重点)

二、 教学重点、难点

The passive voice






一、新知预热 自主学习


二、新知学习 合作探究

3. be made of ----

be made from---

be made up of ---

be made in------

be made by—

be made into –--

Ex. 1. Look at the camera, Where is it ________________? Japan.

2. The table is ____________wood, while paper is ___________wood.

3. Our class is ______________twenty boys and twenty three girls.

4. The metal can be ____________ a knife.

5. This kind of car is _____________ many workers in the factory.

4. write words on--

make a book --

in those days --

at a time --

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by hand ---

as a result ----

Ex. 1. He could even eat three hamburgers ____________, __________ he became very fat.

2. This picture is produced ___________, so it’s very expensive.

3. _______________ there were few people knew about computers.

4. They tried to _____________ paper in order to ___________

三、新知检测 小组评价

1) It is said that a new robot ____by him in a few days.

A) designed B) has been designed C) will be designed D) will have been designed

2) We are late. I expect the film ____by the time we get to the cinema.

A) will already have started B) would already have startedC) shall have already started

D) has already been started

3) She will stop showing off if no notice____ of her.

A) is taken B) takes C) will be taken D) has taken

4) Diamond ____in Brazil in 1971.

A) is found B) has been foundC) was found D) had been found

5) ―Have you moved into the new flat?‖ ―Not yet. The room____.‖

A) has been painted B) is paintedC) paints D) is being painted

6) My pictures ____until next Friday.

A) won't develop B) aren't developedC) don't develop D) won' t be developed

7) Tim ____since he lost his job three weeks ago.

A) had been unemployed B) was unemployedC) has been unemployed D) has unemployed

8) A great number of colleges and universities ____since 1949.

A) has been establish B) have been established C) have established D) had been established


at the beginning of 在…初/ 开始时

after that 然后,之后

in a way 以…方式

compare…. with…. 与….相比 , 与….相媲美

You can’t compare him with Tom, they’re different. as compared with… 与…比较 He’s really done better as compared with last term

rather than 胜过,而不愿

prefer to do… rather than do… 情愿…而不..

be replaced by 被….所替代 be read online 在网上阅读

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