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Unit 14

Section BPeriod 2 (3a —4)

3a Read and fill in the chart:

Don’t miss the New Ocean Waves!


?For years, we played other people’s 许多年来”says lead singer Zhu Wen. “But songs,

now we play mostly our own songs. We’re had a few songs in the top ten, but we really








?获奖原创歌曲录制音乐唱片上电视举办音乐会流行音乐在过去的十二个月中?win an award?original songs?make a music video?be on TV?have concerts?pop music

?in the last twelve months

1.Don’t missthe New Ocean Waves. miss :错过miss the early bus想念I miss my friend.

2.one of the best bands最好的乐队之一one of the +最高级+名词的复数形式

最高的学生之一one of the tallest students3. In the last twelve months 在过去的12个月中

in the last /past +一段时间,是现在完成时的


eg:We have learned 2 thousand words in thelast two years.

4. ①be sure to do务必,一定要be sure not to do务必不要,一定不要

eg:Be sure to tell me when you arrive home.Be sure not to be late.

②be sure of/ about +名词对...有把握,

确信。eg:He was sure of success.

③be sure that +从句相信,认为…一定会eg:I’m sure he will tell you more aboutChina.

5. some day/one day来日,将来某一日.I hope to be a scientist some day.

6.be off 离开,走开

eg:They are offto a great start.7.half of the money 一半的钱

half of the +名词,作主语时,谓语动词单复数取决于名词的单复数。

Half of the apple iseaten by rats.Half of the students aregoing to Beijing.

Finish the sentences below.



2、在过去的十二个月中,他们已经举办了三场重要的音乐会,并发行了曾轰动一时的CD。, they three major and CD.

3、祝新浪潮乐队好运。New Ocean Waves.Be sure not to miss____________________ the New Ocean

(3a )read the article, then fill in the following information card.

1、The name of the band

2、Things they have done in the last twelve monthsThe New Ocean WavesThey’d had three major concerts and made a hit CD

3、Time they are going to appear on CCTV

4、Their hopeNext monthTo have a number one hsome day

5、To whom they gave half To a charity for homeless childrenof the money they made

Task 5 [重点难点释义](Language Points)



He won the race easily.

She won the first prize in the music competition.

(2)beat “打败、击败”,其宾语是“人、竞争对手队”。

You beat me in the race, but I’ll beat you at tennis.The runner in our class beat the school record

2. in the last twelve month 最近十二个月

in the last / past + 一段时间:表示在过去的/ 最近…(时间)里,常用于现在完成时

eg. In the last / past 3 year, I have studied Englishvery hard.


3. have concerts = have a concert 举办音乐会eg. They will have concerts this week.

4. go on a world tour 进行一次世界旅游go on a trip 进行一次旅游

go on a picnic 进行野餐

5. be sure not to do sth 千万不要做… / 一定不要be sure to do sth 千万要做… / 一定要… / 必要eg. Be sure not to forget it. 千万不要忘记它。He is sure to come here.

be sure of / about 对…有把握

6. Good luck to …! 祝…好运!

Good luck to you !

7. miss sth / doing sth 错过…

eg. They missed the train yesterday.

I came late and missed seeing the beginning of the movie. 我来晚了,错过了电影的开头。

8. Have you ever done sth? 你曾经做过…吗?eg. Have you ever visited a farm?

9. have / has been to 去过某地(回来了)have / has gone to 去了某地(还没回来)have / has been in 去某地多久了

eg. I have never been to Beijing .

Where is Tom? He has gone to Beijing .

My brother has been in Beijing for 2 years. 我哥哥去北京两年了。

My favourite band is S.H.E.. There are threemembers in this band. They have been together for about 10 years.They used to play stuff by other bands, but now they only play their own songs. They have made some music videos.Some of their songs are very popular. They have been on TV for many times. Of course, they have won many awards. But they haven’t written many original songs yet. I like them very much.


?点拨:一般过去时表示过去某个时间发生的事、存在的状态或经常发生的动作,说话的侧重点在于陈述一件过去的事情,与现在没有关系;现在完成时表示与现在有关系的发生在过去的动作,它不与表示过去的时间状语(如yesterday,last week,a moment ago等)连用。

_____________________*made a hit CD

_____________________*had a few songs in the Things they haven’t done yet

_____________________top ten

*played other people’s _____________________

songs._____________________*go on a world tour_________________________*perform in ten different cities_________________________*have a number one hit ._________________________

Read the article. Circle the things the New

Ocean Waves have already done. Underlinethe things they haven’t done yet.

Don’t miss the New Ocean Waves!

Read and answer.

1. How many major concerts have they had in the last 12 months?

They have had three major concerts.

2. Do they have their own songs or play other people’s songs?

Now they play mostly their own songs.

Things they have done:

have three major concerts; play mostly their own songs; have a few songs in the top ten; give money to a charity

Things they have not done:

appear on TV; go on a world tour; perform in ten different cities; have a number one hit

And they’re going to go on a world tourin which they will performin ten different cities.


tour n. 巡回比赛, 演出等

He is in the United States on a speaking tour.


tourn.旅行, 观光

My tour lasted two months.我的旅行持续了两个月。v.旅行, 游历

They are touring in Spain.他们正在西班牙旅行。

journey,tour,travel,trip 辨析





It was a long journey, but we eventually arrived.

旅程很长,但我们最后还是到达了。You are hardly fit to travel alone at present.照目前的情况, 你不宜单独旅行。They planned to make a wedding trip to Paris.


in which 引导定语从句,这里引导词which前的介词是不可缺少的,其中关系代词which是作介词in的宾语,介词既可以放句首,亦可放在句末。This is the book for which you asked. 这是你所要的书。(介词前置)

This is the book which you asked for. (介词后置)


The people who you were talking to are Germans.

你与之谈话的那些人是德国人。Here is the car that I told you about. 这儿就是我和你谈过的那辆车。




Complete this review of Apple Ice Cream.Apple Ice Cream is a rockband. They havewritten their ownoriginalsongs although they used to sing other people’s songs. _________________________They won “The Best New _______________________________________________Group of the Year” award last year. They haven’t

_______________________________________________made a music video yet, but they’ve had six concerts of _______________________________________________their own. They haven’t been on TV yet, but they have _______________________________________________talked to Bands on Parade about doing a TV show next _______________________________________________month.

Write about your favorite band.its name

its members

the time it was formedits style…

A: Have you done exercise?

B: Yes, I have. I have already done in the gym.

Have you painted a picture?No, I haven’t yet.

I’ll do it right away.

play basketball

play computer games

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