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Do you have a soccer ball

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Listen to a song and find out the balls you know. Write down the balls when you listen, you may write the first letter and then write the words.

soccer ball

tennis volleyball


golf ball

baseball ping-pong ball

2a Find the sports words in the unit. Write them in
the correct column. 从本单元找出有关运动的词汇,填 在对应的栏目 里面。 Things I have _____________ _____________ _____________ things I don’t have ________________ ________________ ________________

Here’s a survey result, listen and fill in the blanks.
调查 结果 Do you have a soccer ball? Frank Brown: I ______ have a soccer ball, but my brother Alan does. We don’t same go to the_______ school and we love soccer. We play it at relaxing school with our friends. It’s________. Gina Smith: Yes, I do. I have two soccer balls, three__________, four volleyballs basketballs and five baseballs and bats. I love sports, but I watch don’t play them----I only ________ them on TV! Wang Wei: No, I don’t. Soccer is_________. I like ping-pong. It’s easy difficult for me. I have three ping-pong balls and two ping-pong After bats. ________class, I play ping-pong with my classmates.

Read the survey results in a school magazine 2b and answer the question: Read Frank Brown and answer: (阅读Frank Brown的段落回答问题) 1. Does Frank Brown have a soccer ball?

Read Gina Smith and answer:(阅读Gina Smith的段 落并回答问题) 2. How many(多少个) soccer balls does Gina Smith have? 3. Does Gina Smith have 7 basketballs?

Read Wang Wei and answer:(阅读Wang Wei的段 落并回答问题) 4. Does Wang Wei have 3 ping-pong balls? 5. Does Wang Wei have 5 ping-pong bats?
6. Who has a soccer ball?

2c Who do you think says these sentences?

Check(√)F for Frank, G for Gina or W for Wang Wei. √ √ √ √ √ √

1.I play ping-pong with my classmates after class. 2. I have soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs and baseballs. 3. My brother has a soccer ball but I don't. 4. I only watch sports on TV. 5. Soccer is not easy for me. 6. My brother and I are in the same school.

1. I don’t have a soccer ball, but my brother Alan does.

我没有足球,但是我哥哥艾伦有。 句中的does是do的第三人称单数形式。此处用do来代替上文出现过的 动词或动词词组,以避免重复。在本句中,does代替上文出现过的have a soccer ball。如:

? Jack doesn’t play volleyball, but his sister

_________. does
? 杰克不打排球,但他的姐姐打。 ? Linda has a baseball bat, but I _______. don’t ? 琳达有一个棒球拍,但是我没有。

2. watch ... on TV 表示“在电视上看…

其行为动作,侧重于场面过程。 on TV是固定短语,意为“在电视上”。 如:

She often watches football matches on TV.

3. easy是形容词,意为“容易的

的”,其反义词是difficult。常用结构: sth. is easy/difficult for sb. 对某人来说某事是容易的/困难的。 如: English is difficult for her. 对她来说英语很难。 Basketball is easy for me.


don’t have same school

but brother love

Read after the tape

play Read loudly by yourselves school friends

Frank Brown

have 2

, 3



love sports

don’t play
only watch

Gina Smith

like easy for

have 3

2 play with classmates

Wang Wei

Group work
Do a survey in your groups, and check in the form. 在小组内调查,并在表格内打钩。
name name ball ping-pong basketball volleyball








3c Writing:

Look at your group survey result and write sentences like this. Try to use but. 根据你小组的调查结果,仿照开头写句子,尝试用上 but。

1.Ball games: 2.sentences: I don’t have …, but…does. I don’t have…, but I have… He has a …, but he doesn’t have… 3.Writing: Write a survey report.

Homework: 1. Finish writing the report. 2. Retell 2b in your groups.

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