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1. The children__to swim last month and they can swim very well now.

A. are taught B.were taught C.have taught D.taught

2. today, computers are really helpful. They__ _everywhere.

A. use B.are used C.used D. were used

3. More money ____ when we use both sides of paper.

A. will save B. was saved C.hassaved D.will be saved

4. —Can you sing this English song?

—Of course I can. It _____ many times on the radio.

A. taught B.has taught C.is taught D.has been taught

5. Some people think trees____on Tree Planting Day only.

A.should be planted B.should plant

C.should be planting D.be planted

6. This kind of food ___cool, clean and dry according to the instructions.

A. should be carried B.must be put

C. should be placed D.must be kept

7. Driving after drinking wine ___in china.

A .allows B.doesn’t allow C.is allowed D.isn’t allowed

8.Every year, more than 70,000,000 sharks ___for their fins(鱼翅)

A. were killed B.have killed C.are killed D.will kill

9. A lot of food___ to that country after the war was over.

A.was sent B.are sent C.is sending D.sent

10. The baby now ___by the nurse in this hospital.

A. looks after B. is looking after

C. is being looked after D. has looked after

11.—oh, my God! I can’t find my key to the office. —Don’t worry. Perhaps it ___ at your home.

A. leftB.has left C.was left D. had left

12. Tom is often made __for twelve hours a day by the boss.

A.workB.working C.to work D.to be working

13.It’s a custom in China to have some tea or other drinks beforethemeal___ .

A.servesB.served C.is served D.will be served

14. The film is really worth ___ twice.

A.to see B.seeing C.to be seen D.be have seen

15. These flowers ___.Let’s get some water.

A.need to be watered B.need watered

C.have been watered D.are watering

16. Everything in this room wants___.

A.wash B.to wash C.washing D.to be washing

17. Hot water___ in the students’ flats from 5p.m. to 7p.m. now.

A.supplies B.is supplied C.suppliedD.was supplied

1. Look at these photos. All ofthem___last year in Beijing.

A.are taken B.were taken C.can be taken D.may be taken

2. —Have all the students known that our class will visit the factory this afternoon?

—Yes. Every student ___ about it.

A. tells B.toldC.was told D.has told

3. —Why is your bedroom so dirty?

—Sorry, Mum . It ___. I felt very tired after playing soccer.

A.isn’t cleaned B.didn’t clean C.doesn’clean D.wasn’t clean

4.The thief ___ by the policeman already.

A.has caught B.has been caught C.caught D.is caught

5. A talk on English study ___by Mr.Smith this Friday.

A.will give B.will be given C.givesD.weregiven 6. It will be two days before the decision_____.

A.has made B.will be made C.was made D.is made

7. Can you tell me whom the play______ in 1998.

A.was written by B.was written

B.is written by D.is written

8. Lady Gaga is very popular, and she ___by many boys and girls at school.

A. Loves B. is loving C. is loved

9. The village is building a school . I hope it___ before August this year.

A. finishes B.will finish C.is finished D.will be finished

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