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Why do you like pandas教案

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Why do you like panda?

Period 1 1a~1c

Teaching aims:

1. knowledge aims:

words: panda, koala,tiger,lion,giraffe,elephant,cute, smart, lazy.

sentence structure: Let’s see the pandas first.

Why do you want to see them?

Because they’re very cute.

2. ability aims: can talk about their favorite animals and give reasons masterly

3. emotional aims:

a. train their sense of loving and protecting animals

b: train their cooperation ability in groups

Teaching key points:

a. talk about their favorite animals masterly

b. give the reason what animals they like best

Teaching difficulties:

a. words and its pronunciation

b. talk about favorite animals and give reasons

Teaching steps:

Step1: lead-in

Step2: present the new words: a: present the new words by pictures

b: teach the new words

Step3: practice the new words:

a: have students finish 1a by themselves

b: ask several students to read the words to class c: check their answers Step4: a guessing game

a: guess what animals they are

b: lead in the description words

c: check their answers

Step5: present the conversation

a: make a situation that if you are in a zoo

b: have students finish 1b according to the recording c: check their answers

Step6: practice the conversation

a: explain 1c and give them an example

b: ask them to practice the conversation in pairs c: ask several pairs to show their conversations Step7:summary

a. words about animals

b. how to describe animals with description words

c. how to use “why” to ask for reasons and its answer. Step8:homework

a: summarize the words about animals

b: write a short conversation

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