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Unit3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived第五课时

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Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived?

Section B 3a - 4 第五课时


New words: ran, met, happen, anywhere

Key phrases: train station, run away, come in, think about doing sth.







上个星期六_____________ 在火车站________________

从---出来_______________ 喊某人的名字______________________

在火车站的外面________________________ 在...周围走____________

一场交通事故___________ 去纽约的航班 ____________________

起飞_______________________ 在诊所___________________________

三、合作探究(10 分钟)

⑴What was Linda doing when Davy ran away?

⑵Why couldn’t Linda see Davy?_____________________________________

⑶Where was Davy while Linda was looking for him?

⑷What happened while Linda was looking for him?

⑸What was Davy doing when Linda finally saw him?


Read the article.


?,the dog got out of the box and ran away ----.只狗冲出了箱子跑掉了。

run away 意为“逃跑,跑开”,away 为副词,意为“离开,远离”。

He was jumping and running with another dog.正和另一只狗跑着跳着。

1. another 此处作形容词,意为“另一,再一,别的”通常作定语。

如:There is another seat。I can’t sit over there。还有一个座位,我可以坐那边。

2. another 还可作代词,意为“又一个,再一个”,表示三者或三者以上中的另一个。

如:I don’t like this pen .lease show me another.不喜欢这只钢笔,请再给我拿一只看看。

3. another 后常接单数名词或代词,常有“another+基数词+名词复数”的形式,意为“另外几个,再有几个”,与“基数词+more+名词复数“同义。

如:“我想再买两本书”。可表达为:I want to buy another two books. I want to buy two more books.

这双鞋子太大了,我还想要另外一双。The shoes are too big ,so I’d like to try a_______pair。What happened while Linda was on the telephone?当琳达打电话时,发生什么事了?

1. happen为动词,意为“发生,偶然发生”,常指具体事件的发生,特别指那些偶然的或未能预见的事件的“发生”。 主语常为“事或物”。如:

A bad traffic accident happened yesterday.昨天发生了一起严重的交通事故。

2. 如果表示“某人发生某事”,常用结构“某事+happened(s)+to +某人。”如: What happened to her ?她怎么了? 3. sb happened to do sth“某人碰巧做某事”。如: I happened to meet my English teacher on my way to school.在上学的路上我碰巧遇见了我的英语老师。 take place /happen 二者都表示“发生”,都是不及物动词,所以不用被动语态。而且两者都是短暂性动词,不能与“一段时间”的状语连用。 Take place表示按照预先计划、安排某事发生。 Happen 往往表示偶然性的、没有预料的事情“突然发生”。 如:The May 4th Movement took place in1919. 五四运动发生在1919年。 How did the accident happened?这次事故是怎样发生的? 六、课堂检测(2分钟) 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1). He thinks Ted is __________(kid) about it. 2). What _______ you ________ (do) at this time last week. 3). Look ! Jim ________ (clean) his new car in front of the building. 4). The girl _____________(shop) when the thief got out. 5). The thief __________ (run) away before they ________(call) the police. 七、家庭作业: 1. 用所给动词的适当形式完成对话: Eve: Where _______(be) you when the UFO _______ (arrive) yesterday? Joe: I ______(walk) to the post office. Eve: What did you _______ (see)? Joe: Well, the UFO _______ (land) right in the middle of the street. Eve: What _______ (happen) next? Joe: One alien ________ (get) out of the UFO and _______(go) into the post office. Eve: Then what did you ________ (do)? Joe: While the alien ________(buy) stamps, I called the news reporters. 2.根据22页3,完成下列表格: Linda loves her dog Davy. Last Saturday they______________ New York City. While she ________a newspaper____________,the dog ___________his box and ___________.She couldn’t see Davy________. When Linda __________his name, some people looked at her but Davy didn’t ____________.Then she ____________.While she was______________-.Davy _______-another dog outside the station._________ the police were coming, Linda ________the station and ______Davy’s name. She didn’t _____________looking outside the station.___________, a little boy said to her,“Did you look outside? I __________ a big black dog when I ________.” When Linda finally saw Davy, he ____________and ____________ with another dog. There was a police officer _________them. The police officer said to Linda,“I think my dog __________your dog.”

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