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八年级上期末复习单元考点unit 2

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鑫鹏学校教师:胡英华电话:13673132760 每日金句:Clothes make the man.

Unit 2 How often do you exercise?点击考点

1.He said he would come to see us ______ the next afternoon. A.sometime B. Some time C. Sometimes D.some times 2.——______ has your uncle been to Canada? ——only twice.

A. How many times B. How often C. How long D. How soon

3.—— _____ do you water the plants? —— Twice a week.

A. How long B. How soon C.How often D. How much 4.—— When does your mother go shopping? —— Usually ______ Sunday mornings. A.on B. In C. At D. For

5. Enough sleep _____ health. If you stay up for your favorite TV Programs, you will feel sleepy.

A. Is good for B. Is good at C. Is good to D. Does well in 6.I find the girls _____ under the tree.Don’t trouble them. A. Dancing B. Dance C. To dance D. To dancing 7.—— What do you do?

——I’m a engineer. I _____ in a company in Wuhan. I like my job very much. A.work B. Had worked C. Will work D. Worked. 8.(2012南州中考)—— what about ____ a rest? —— Ok! Let’s go for a walk.

A. To have B. Had C. Have D. Having

9.(2012重庆中考)Mr. Li asks the students ____ in the river, because it’s too dangerous. A.swim B. To swim C. Not to swim D. To not swim

10.—— How do you communicate with your foreigh friends. —— ____ writing emails, of couse. A. With B. By C. At D.from

11. Only fifty percent of the farmers here ____ illerate(文盲的) at twenty years ago. A. Are B. Was C. Were D. Is

12. We should keep ____ in the library.

A. Quietly B. Healthily C. Quiet D. Healthy

13.It’s past the appointed(约定的)time.____ he isn’t coming. A.Maybe B. May be C. Can be D. Must be 14.____ Uncle Li is old, _____ he is quite healthy.

A. Although, but B. Although, / C. Because, / D. Because, so 15. Can you speak a little louder? I can____ hear you. A. Hard B. Really C. Hardly D. clearly

16.____ too much TV isn’t good ____ our eyes.

A. Watch; to B. Watching; for C. Watch; for D. Watching; to 17.____ is good for our health.

A. Drink milk B. Drinking milk C. Drinks milk D you drink milk

18.(2012江苏中考)The moonlight is shining in _____ the window. Everything in the room looks so nice.

A. Over B. Across C. Through D. Past

19. She doesn’t like exercising, so she looks _____.

A. Pretty unhealthy B. Hardly unhealthy C. A kind of unhealthy D. Good healthy 20.Is William’s lifestyle ____ David’s?

A. The same B. Same as C.same to D. The same as


Unit2How often do you exercise?.

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