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Ⅰ。㈠听句子,选出句中所包含的信息。(共5分) 1. A. nervous B. noisy C. nurse

2. A. hand down B. hand in C. hand over 3. A. 1901 B. 1910 C. 1911.

4. A. Rose is five years younger than me.

B. Rose is five years older than me. C. Rose is as old as me.

5. A. Tom can’t speak French well, but Jim can. B. Tom can speak French well, but Jim can’t.

C. Neither Tom nor Jim can speak French well。 ㈡听句子,选出该句的最佳答案。

6.A. I’m sorry to hear that. B. It’s nice of you. C. Yes, he feels much better.

7. A. Don’t mention it. B. Good luck to you. C. Thank you all the same.

8. A. It’s my pleasure. B. It doesn’t matter. C. Thank you all the same.

9. A. Nice to meet you, too. B. Pretty good. C. How do you do? 10. A. Never mind. B. Thank you. C. Just so-so. ㈢ 听对话和问题,选择正确的选项。(10分) 11 12.

13. A. To cheer up. B. To go out. C. To join him in playing. 14. A. Mary. B. Lisa. C. Carla. 15. A. On Friday. B. On Saturday. C. On Sunday.

16. A. When she was a baby. B. When she was a teenager.

C. When she was thirty.

17. A. Five, including a cat. B. Four, including a cat C. Six, including a cat.

18. A. America. B. Australia. C. Canada. 19. A. To go traveling in Australia. B. To practice English with Peter.

C. To make friends with more foreigners.

20. A. At 8:30 a.m. B. At 9:30 a.m. C. At 10:30 a.m. Ⅱ.词汇(5分)


1.—What’s the result? —My mother will make the ________________(决定). 2. Only then will I have a chance to a____________ my dream.

3. All the students must c__________________ their attention on their work. 4. At last, they s_______________ in finishing that hard work. 5. The pet’s d________ makes her sad.

Ⅲ 选择题(共25分,每小题1分)。从各题的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。( )1. I study English ______ making flashcards. A. of B. by C. in D. on

( )2. Can you tell me ______ learn a foreign language well. A. what to B. how to C. what I can D. how can I

( )3. It’s very difficult to learn English well, but you can’t _____. A. put it up B. take it up C. look it up D. give it up ( )4. They enjoyed _____ piano.

A. play B. playing C. playing the D. to play a ( )5. I don’t know _____ it next.

A. what to do B. how to do C. what can I do D. how can I do ( )6. _____ you _____ to go to the park when they were children? A. Did, use B. Did, used C. Do, used D. Do, use ( )7. Mary _____ six dollars for the pen. A. spent B. paid C. cost D. took ( )8. I’m _____ in the _____ film.

A. interested, interested B. interested, interesting

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C. interesting, interested D. interesting, interesting ( ) 9—Jim enjoys listening to pop music. — .

A. So does Helen. B. Also is Helen C. Helen likes also D. So Helen does ( )10. He _____ has time for concerts, does he? A. hard B. hardly C. already D. ever ( )11. My life _____ a lot in the last few years.

A. change B. changed C. has changed D. have changed ( )12. I will eat ice, meat _____ noodles.

A. instead of B. stead of C. instead for D. instead by

( )13. There used to be a tall tree in front of our classroom. _____? A. used there B. didn’t there C. wasn’t there D. did it ( )14. Good books ____ again and again.

A. should be readed B. should be read C. must read D. ought to read ( )15. I _____ the sea. I don’t know how to swim.

A. am afraid of B. am afraid C. am afraid to D. like

( )16.Yesterday they watched spiders and other insects _____. A. all the time B. all time C. along the time D. along time ( )17. The children often take time to do things like_________.

A. volunteer B. to volunteer C. volunteers D. volunteering ( )18. The best way to learn English grammar is to _____ in every class. A. taking notes B. take notes C. takes notes D. took notes

( )19. I don’t think he will come, and I don’t think he will phone us, _____. A. also B. neither C. either D. too

( )20.We should go to school at 8:00 ______________ school mornings. A. at B. in C. on D. of

( ) 21. Something is wrong with my Iphone. I will get it ___________ . A. repair B. repairing C. to repair D. repaired ( ) 22. Mary is seven years old. She is _____ to go to school. A. too old B. enough old C. so old D. old enough ( ) 23. It ___________ that he has been ill for a long time. A. seems B. looks C. looks as if D. seems as if ( )24. This kind of cloth _____ soft.

A. feels B. is felt C. was felt D. feel

( )25. “Would you like to have dinner with me this evening?” “_____.” A. Yes, please B. I’d love C. I’d love to D. Yes, I would

Ⅳ。完成句子。(分A、B两节, 10小题,20空,前5个题每空1分,后5题,每空0.5分,共15分) A:句型转换

1. He did n’t know what he should do at that time. (改为简单句)

He didn’t know _________ ________ do at that time. 2. He is too tired to fall asleep (改为同义句) He is ___ tired ____he can't fall asleep

3. A lot of people in China can speak English now . (改为被动语态)

English can ____ ______ by a lot of people in China now.

4. Mr. Wang hardly spoke a word at the meeting yesterday?(改为反意疑问句) Mr. Wang hardly spoke a word at the meeting yesterday, ________ ________ ? 5. Not only Tom but also Bob has been to that island. (改为同义句) ______ Tom and Bob ____ been to that island. B:根据所给汉语提示翻译句子。

6. What about ________ ________ to practice spoken English.(大声地朗读) 7. 今天我以学校为荣,明天学校以我为傲。

Today I’m ________ of my school and tomorrow my school will take ______ in my success.

8. 随着时间的流逝,他忘记了那些不愉快的事情。 As time ______ _______, he forgot those unpleasant things. 9他多次尝试过戒烟,但都失败了。

He tried ______ ______ smoking several times, but failed. 10如果你熬夜看你喜欢的电视节目,你会感觉困的。

If you for your favorite TV programs, you will feel sleepy.

Ⅴ、补全对话(共五小题,每题1分共5分)从方框中选择合适的选项来补全对话,是对话意思完整符合逻辑。(选项中有两项为多余选项) A:I heard you won a million dollars in the lottery. B:Yes, I did. A: B:I would help animals. A:第 2 页 共 6 页

B:Because I think helping animals is helping people. A:B:Pandas. I like pandas best. What about you?

A:Animals are our friends. If I had a lot of money, I would help animals, too.

B:A. What would you do? B. How about go to the zoo?

C. I’m very happy to hear that. D. Which animal do you like best? E. I like animals. F. Some animals are very cute. G. Why would you help animals?

答题处:1_______2_______3_______4_______5_______ Ⅵ.完形填空(共10分,每题1分) 阅读短文选择正确答案(四选一)(10分)

Which is the best way to learn a foreign language? We _ 1___ that we all learned our own language well when we were children. If we can learn a second language in the same way, it won’t seem to be so __ 2___ . Think of what small children do. They listen to __ 3__ people say and they try to imitate (模仿) what they _ 4__. When they want something, they have to __ 5___ for it. They are using languages, taking __ 6___ it all the time. If __7___ use a second language like this all the time, they will learn it more ___8__ . It is also important to remember that we learn our own language by hearing people speaking it, ___ 9__ by seeing what they write. In school, though you learn to hear and speak, to read and write, you must learn all new words through the ear. You can read them, spell them and write them __10___. ( ) 1. A. forget B. remember C. knew D. thought ( ) 2. A. easy B. difficult C. interesting D. important ( ) 3. A. what B. which C. that D. old ( ) 4. A. hear B. listen C. speak D. see ( ) 5. A. ask B. look C. wait D. send ( ) 6. A. with B. by C. on D. in

( ) 7. A. children B. teachers C. people D. workers ( ) 8. A. carefully B. hardly C. quickly D. slowly ( ) 9. A. but B. and C. then D. not ( ) 10. A. before B. later C. first D. earlier Ⅶ 阅读理解(共20分; 每小题2分) 根据短文内容选择正确答案

( A )

Hundreds of years ago there lived a king in a small country. He liked swimming. When summer came, he always went to another palace by a forest with his guards and returned to the capital in autumn.

One afternoon the king went swimming in a river in the forest but he didn’t tell others about it. He was very happy when he swam in the water. After that he heard a great noise and saw a big bear coming at him. He tried his best to run away. He ran and ran and at last he lost his way. He was hungry and tired when he found an old house. There was an old farmer in it. “It’s your king,” he said to the old man.” I’m hungry now. Bring me something to eat quickly!”

The old man had nothing dear. He only had four eggs. The king ate them and felt better.” How much must I pay you for that?”

“Eighteen pounds.”

“How dear they are! Are eggs rare(稀有的)here?”

“No,” answered the old farmer. “We have only one king in our country!” ( ) 1. _________, he was happy.

A. The river was beautiful B. He was swimming in the water C. The water was warm D. The king could swim for a long time ( ) 2. When the king saw the bear, he _________.

A. asked the old farmer to help him B. cried for help C. ran away quickly D. ran outside the forest ( ) 3. At last the king found _________.

A. an old house B. his guards C. his capital D. the bear ( ) 4. The king felt better because _________.

A. he could sleep in the farmer’s house B. the bear couldn’t find him C. he ate four eggs D. the farmer knew he was a king ( ) 5. Which is the best title of the story?

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A. The King and the Old Farmer B. The King in the Forest C. The King and the Bear D. The Kind hearted King ( B )

A. Pele B. Yao Ming C. Steffi Graf D. Martina


( )7. _____ comes from South America.

A. Yao Ming B. Steffi Graf C. Pele D. No one ( )8. Which of the following is RIGHT? A. Yao Ming is a table tennis player.

B. Yao Ming is on the Houston Rockets now.

C. Yao Ming is playing for the Chinese Football Team. D. Neither of Yao Ming’s parents is a basketball player. ( )9. Which of the following is WRONG? A. Pele was a great football player. B. Pele was born in a poor family.

C. Pele played football in the street all his life.

D. Pele became famous soon after he was picked to play for Santos. ( )10. From the passage, we know that _______ . A. Martina Navratilova was also a tennis player B. Steffi Graf was born in Wimbledon in 1985

C. Steffi Graf won the tennis final when she was only 16 D. Steffi Graf has won few of the main matches since 1985

( B 卷50分) Ⅷ.词形转换(15分)(A)用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空,毎空格限填一词。(共10小题,计10分)

1. This problem isn’t difficult, I can work it out ____________(easy). 2. She often makes mistakes in ___________________(pronounce). 3. They all think my ____________(speak) English is very good. 4. This thing is_____________(important) , you can finish it tomorrow. 5. The boy is creative. He does everything_____________ (different). 6 . We will solve problems by_____________( regard) them as challenges.

7.Why don’t you join us to practice____________(swim) in the pool?

8.I think_____________(listen) to tapes is the best way to learn more English.

9. We get excited about something and then end up ________________(speak) in Chinese.

10. It is our duty____________(try) our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teachers.

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11 Don’t English. It’s a very important subject.

12. If everyone of us __________the environment around us, it will be much


13. She often reads a good book _________watching a bad TV program. 14. This TV set is too loud, will you please _______it_______?

15. If you don' t know a word, you can ________ the word in a dictionary. Ⅸ 阅读理解( 20分)

( A ) An old scientist recently made several tests with different animals to find out which was cleverer than other animals.

In one test the old scientist put a monkey in a room where there were several boxes. Some boxes were inside other boxes. One small box had some food in it. The scientist wanted to watch the monkey and to find out how long it would take the

monkey to find the food. The scientist left the room. He waited a few minutes outside the door. Then he got down on his knees (膝盖) and put his eyes to the keyhole. What did he see? To his surprise, he found himself looking into the eye of the

monkey. The monkey was on the other side of the door and looked at the scientist through the keyhole.

( )1. The scientist did the test to see ____________. A. if the monkey would steal (偷) the food B. if the monkey would look for the food C. if the monkey was cleverer than other animals D. if some boxes were inside other boxes

( ) 2. In one test the scientist put a monkey __________. A. into a small box B. into several small boxes

C. into a box where there was some food D. in a room ( ) 3. After the scientist left the room, the monkey_________. A. began to eat food B. began to look for food

C. looked at the scientist through the keyhole D. came into the boxes one

after another ( ) 4. The scientist_______________.

A. got down on his knees and waited outside the door B. got down on his knees and heard with his ears C. left the room for a long time

D. looked at the monkey through the keyhole with his eyes ( ) 5. To the scientist’s surprise ______________.

A. the monkey got down on its knees B. the monkey came out of the

room C. the monkey looked at the scientist through the window D. the monkey put its eye to the keyhole

( B ) 阅读短文,把A~E四个句子分别填入文中空白处,使短文内容完整正确。

Students in many countries are learning English. Some of these students are small children. Others are teenagers. Many are adults. Some learn at school, others by themselves. 6 _______ One must work hard to learn another language.

Why do all these people want to learn English?7___________ Many boys and girls learn English at school because it is one of their subjects required(要求) for study. They study their own language, maths and English.8__________ Many people learn English for their higher studies, because at college or university some of their books are in English 9_______

There are about fifteen hundred languages in the world. English is one of the most important.10____________It is difficult to say how many people are learning English.

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Ⅸ .书面表达(共15分)



Ⅰ.Listening Test.(共20分)




(A)用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空,毎空格限填一词。(共10小题,计 1_____2_____3_____4_____5____6____7_____8_______9____10_______

10分)A)1 __________ 2 __________ 3___________ 4__________

11_____12____13___14___15_____16____17____18___19____ 20_______

5__________ B ) 6__________ 7__________ 8__________ 9__________

Ⅱ.词汇。每小题1分, 计 5分)


1 __________2 __________ 3___________ 4__________ 5__________

Ⅸ.阅读理解 (每小题2分,共10分) A)

B) 6____________ 7 __________8.________9__________ 10.________

Ⅹ.书面表达(共15分) (A) 根据要求完成小作文,词数:30词左右。(共5分)

请就你的现在和以前的兴趣、爱好或性格等写篇短文。要求使用 used to 和 but,

Ⅳ。完成句子。(分A、B两节, 10小题,20空,前5个题每空1分,后5题,开头已给。

每空0.5分,共15分) It seems that I have changed a lot, I used to A)_ __ 2 ______ _ __ _______ 4______ ____ 5____ ______ B ) 6______ ____________________________________________________________________


8_____ _

9 ______ ____ _ _


对话,是对话意思完整符合逻辑。(选项中有两项为多余选项) 1 __________ 2 __________ 3___________ 4__________ 5__________

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