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情态动词2 make inferences

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Make inferences: When you are sure They are laughing. They must be happy. They can’t be sad.

He must be cold. He can’t be hot.

He must be hungry.

He can’t be full.

He must be busy.
He can’t be free.

Make inferences: When you are not sure It must be noisy. What is he doing?

He may / might/could be doing his English homework.

They may / might/could be…

piggy banks

They may / might/could be…


Task Ⅲ: Guess what might happen next.扣人心弦!

Watch carefully.

TaskⅠ :The Quickest eyes!火眼金睛 It must be / belong to…

John Jim


Carla Bill

Mary Grace

Exercise for consolidation

Fill in the blanks with “must, might/could, can’t”. 1. The notebook ________ be Ming’s. It was must on her desk. 2. The homework _______ be Carol’s. She can’t wasn’t at school today. might/could 3. The soccer ball ___________ be John’s or Tony’s. They both play soccer, don’t’ they? must 4. The French book _________be Li Ming’s. She’s the only one who’s studying French.

Exercise for consolidation

must/might 5. I can’t find my backpack. It ___________ be still at school. 6. The photo ______be Lu’s. Those are his must parents. can’t 7.The red bicycle _______ be Hu’s. She has a blue bicycle.

might/could 8. The ticket ___________be my aunt’s or uncle’s. They’re both going to the concert.

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