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1.Jenny____have kept her word.I wonder why she changed her mind.(MET1992)A.must B.should C.need D.would

2.—Could I borrow your dictionary﹖

 —Yes, of course you ____.(MET1992)

A.might B.will C.can D.should

3.It’s nearly seven o’clock.Jack ___ be here at any moment.(NMET1995)

A.must B.need C.shouldD.can

4 .The fire spread through the hotel very quickly but everyone __get out.(NMET1997)

A.had to B.wouldC.could D.was able to

5.Mr Brown, many students want to see you, __they wait here or outside﹖


6.The monitor must be in the reading-room,_____﹖

A.mustn’t B.doesn’t C.needn’t D.isn’t

7.Dr Baker must have given a good speech at the conference yesterday, __he﹖

A.mustn’t B.didn’t C.needn’t D.isn’t

8.—When can I come for the photos﹖ I need them tomorrow afternoon.

—They ____ be ready by 12:00(NMET1998)

A.can B.should C.might D.need

9.I told Sally how to get here, but perhaps I ____ for her.(NMET1994)

A.had to write it out.must have written it out B

C.should have written it out D.ought to write it out

10.He hardly __say anything more, since you know all about it.


11.—Alice looks sad.Did you tell her about the news?—Yes,but I __________ her later.

A.should have toldB.shouldn't have toldC.must have toldD.needn't have told

12.You __________ this morning,if you really wanted to see it yourself.

A.ought to comeB.may have comeC.ought to have comeD.could come

13.—You ought to have come here ten minutes ago.—I __________ ,but the train was late.

A.ought to.Bought to haveC.ought.Dhave ought to

14. __________ he come,the problem would be settled.

A.Would.BShouldC.Shall D.If

15.It is necessary that a college student__________at least a foreign language.

A.masters B.should masterC.may masterD.can master

16.Most of the mem bers demanded that the meeting __________ till Friday.

A.should put offB.not be put offC.wouldn't be put offD.can not put off

17.It's unfair that you __________ treat him like that.


18.I __________ advise you not to do that again in the future.


A.dare B.would C.shouldD.need

19.When I went out,whom __________ I meet but our old friend?

A.shouldB.could C.might D.would

20.Tom __________ at the gate of the cinem a now.

A.should have waitedB.should be waitingC.might wait D.would wait

21.”What you want, you ____ have it on condition that you get the best result,” said the boss.

A. would B. ought toC. shallD. could

22.---What’s wrong with your car? ---I don’t know. It just _____ start.

A. mustn’tB couldn’t C. wouldn’t D. shouldn’t

23.You _____ to the meeting this afternoon if you have something important to do.

A. needn’t to come B. don’t need come C.don’t need coming D. needn’t come

24.---May I pick a flower in the garden ? ---______.

A. No, you needn’tB.Not,please C. No,you mustn’t D. No,you won’t

25.---Helen, will you be at the party tonight ?

---Yes, but I have so much homework to do that I really _______.

A. won’tB .can’tC. mustn’t D. shouldn’t

26.I was really anxious about you. You ______ home without a word.

A. mustn’t leave B .shouldn’t have left C. couldn’t have left D.needn’t leave

27.Jenny _____ with him at that time,for I was having dinner with her in my home.

A.can’t have been B.mustn’t have been C .must beD.may be

28.If you listen to me,you _____ have some candies,Deary.


29.Peter ____ come with us tonight,but he isn’t very sure yet.


30.He ____ you more help,even though he was very busy.

A.might have given B.might give C.may have given D.may give

31.There is plenty of time.She ______.

A.mustn’t have hurried B.couldn’t have hurried

C.must not hurryD.needn’t have hurried

32.The plant is dead.I ______ it morewater.

A.will give B.would have givenC.must give D.should have given

33.---Dare you go home at night ?----_________.

A.Yes,I doB.No,I daren’t C.No,I don’t D.Yes,I dare so.

34.When you go abroad,do you _____ take your passport ?

A.have toB.ought toC.be able to D.need

35.---You must phone us every week. ----Yes,I _____.

A.mustB.have to C.willD.should

36.---Your language teacher looks a rather kind woman.

----But in fact she is cold and hard on us.You _____ believe it.

A.should B.wouldn’tC.mustn’t D.might not.

37.A wise man __ sometimes make a mistake. A.can B.mayC.mightD.must 2

38.Don’t get the ink on your shirt,for it _________. A.won’t wash out

B.won’t be washed outC.doesn’t wash outD.can’t be washed out

39.---Is your father still an engineer ? ----_______.

A.Yes,he wasB.He didn’t use toC.No,but he used toD.No,but he used to be

40.There are so many people in the street that I _____ get through.

A.can’tB.couldn’t C.needn’t D.mustn’t

41.The classroom is empty.They must have gone to the sportsground,________?

A.don’t theyB.didn’t they C.haven’t theyD.hadn’t they

42.---You ought to have come earlier.---Yes,I ______.But the traffic was heavy.

A.ought to B.shouldC.must haveD.should have

43.Last night he hurt his leg,but at last he ______ get home safely.

A.couldB.can C.dareD.was able to

44.---Shall I tell John about it ? ----No,you ______.I’ve told him already.(1994)

A.needn’t B.wouldn’t C.mustn’t D.shouldn’t

45.Tom ought not to_____ me your secret,but he meant no harm.(1993)

A.have toldB.tellC.be telling D.having told

46.It’s already seven o’clock.Jack _____ be here at any moment.(1995)

A.must B.needC.should D.can

47.---When can I come for the photos ? I need them tomorrow afternoon.

----They _____ be ready by 12:00.(1998) A.can B.should C.might D.need

48.---I stayed at a hotel while in New York.

---Oh,did you ? You _____ with Barbara.(1998)

A.could have stayedB.could stay C.would stayD.must have stayed

49.Sorry I’m late. I ___ have turned off the alarm clock and gone back to sleep again. (2000 spring) A.might B.shouldC.can D.will

50.---Are you coming to Jeff’s party ?----I’m not sure.I _____ go to the concert instead.(2000)A.mustB.shouldC.wouldD.might 

51.---Write to me when you get home.----________.(2001 Spring)

A.I mustB.I shouldC.I willD.I can

52.---I hear you have got a set of valuable Australian coins. _____ I have a look ?

---Yes,certainly. (2002 Spring)

A.DoB.MayC.Shall D.Should

53.---Is John coming by train ?

--- He should,but he ______ not.He likes driving his car. (2002)

A.mustB.canC.need D.may


情态动词+have done: 1-5 ADAAA6-10 CDDCA

Key:1-5 BCCDA 6-10 DBBCD

11—15 A C B B B 16—20 B D C A B


41-45CDDAA46-50CBAAD 51-53CBD




(1)must表示“必须、禁止“时,反意疑问部分要用must (mustn’t) 。

You mustn’t stop your car here, must you?

You mustn’t do that again, must you?


They must finish the work today, needn’t they?

You must see the doctor, needn’t you?



He must be good at maths, isn’t he?

(4)当must用来表示对过去的情况进行“推测”(must + have done)时:a).

单纯表示对过去的推测, 与现在无关, 反意疑问句附加部分用过去式。

b). 表示对过去的推测且影响到现在或持续现在, 反意疑问句附加部分用现在完成式。 She must have read the novel last week, didn’t she?

You must have told her about it, haven’t you?

She must have had a very good time, didn’t she?

He must have lived here at least ten years, hasn’t he?

2.当陈述部分含有情态动词used to时,疑问部分可用usedn’t或didn’t

The old man used to smoke, didn’t he?或usedn’t he?

3. 当陈述部分带有情态动词ought to时,疑问部分用oughtn’t或shouldn’t

We ought to read this book, oughtn’t we?或shouldn’t we?

4.当陈述部分含有had better时,疑问部分用had

You’d better finish your homework now, hadn’t you?

5.陈述部分有have to +v. (had to + v.),疑问部分常用don't +主语(didn't +


We have to get there at eight tomorrow, don't we?

6. 陈述部分有would rather +v.,疑问部分多用 wouldn't +主语

He would rather read it ten times than recite it, wouldn't he?

7. 带情态动词dare或need的反意疑问句,疑问部分常用 need (dare ) +主语 We need not do it again, need we ?

He dare not say so, dare you/he?

当dare, need 为实义动词时,疑问部分用助动词do + 主语。

She doesn't dare to go home alone, does she?


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