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八上 短语unit2 T2

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Unit2 topic 2 (A-B) 1在电视上看足球赛 watch a soccer game on TV 2 熬夜 stay up late be bad for / be good for 3 对..有害/有益 read in the sun 4 在太阳下看书 5 把垃圾扔进垃圾箱 put litter into the dustbin wash hands before meals 6 饭前洗手 7 不吃早饭上学 go to school without having breakfast In the newspaper 8 在报纸上 cause cancer 9 引发癌症 give up smoking 10 放弃吸烟 borrow sth from sb 11从某人处借某物 lend sth to sb 12 把某物借给某人 enough water 13 足够的水 14 早睡早起
Go to bed early and get up early

Unit2 topic 2 (C-D) be careful of / be careful to do 1 小心/小心做… too much salt 2 太多的盐 force sb to do 3 强迫某人做某事 leave …for 4 离开往… a glass of milk 5 一杯牛奶 keep healthy 6 保持健康 on the plate 7 在盘子里 as soon as 8 一…就… get mad 9 发疯,生气 10 对..感到惊讶 be surprised to do 11 二手烟 Second-hand smoke 12 尽快 as soon as possible 13 事实上 in fact 14 超过/不到 more than / less than

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