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9AUnit4 TV programmes第六课时

5.We have to finish doing our homeworkbefore _________(play) basketball .

6.The students should keep quiet while the teachers ________(have) a meeting .

7.The students are discussing the ___________(come) sports meeting .

8.I want to know if Mr Black __________ (come) here .

9.I’m better at English but ____________(bad) at PE .


2.You should finish your homework __________ you go to bed .

3.Jack wants to be a businessman ___________ he leaves college .

4.There was a football match _______ Class Seven ______Class Eight .

5.The mother kept the door open ___________ her daughter came back .

6.Mother was watching TV ____________ Father was washing the dishes .

6.ZhangYimou is one of the most famous d________ in China .


1.You planned everything _________(well) than I did .

2.We _________(discuss) the story from 2 to 5 yesterday .

4.He didn’t pass the exam and his teacher looked at him ________(angry) .

1.Ann writes as _________ as Millie .(care)

2.Jim works _________ than any other student in his class .(hard)

3.The ________(busy) he is , the _______(happy) he feels .

4.Tom was ill yesterday .________(luck) she got ________(ill) today .

5.How long does Lucy spend _________ (read) English every day ?

6.Would you mind my __________(close) the window now ?

1.They will have an English party this __________(come) Sunday .

4.All the children passed the exam ___________ .(success)

5.Nobody can jump ___________(far) than the boy in his class .

6.We’ll have a ___________(week) exam this afternoon .

2.The worker was mending the machine from 9:00 to 11:00 this morning .(写出同义句) The worker was mending the machine ______ 9:00 _______ 11:00 this morning .

3.He will telephone me as soon as he gets there .(用not…until…改句)

He _______ _______ me _______ he gets there .

4.John runs fastest in his class .(改 为比较级句式)

John runs _____ _____ _____ ______ student in his class .

3.I want to go to the cinema but my mother ____________(不同意)

4.Millie is very ________ (sport) so she is good at sports .

5.That was really a _________ film and we were all _________ it . (bore)



What ____ ____ TV programme do you ____ ____ ?


The teacher asked,“What_____you_____ _____8o’clock_____9o’clock last night ?”

3.做眼保健操时不可睁开眼睛.You mustn’t___your eyes___ ___you____ ___eye


_____ _____ ____you do the exercises ,_____ _____ _____ you’ll make.


1.He talked _________(little) of all at the meeting .

2.The students agreed with the teacher after twenty minutes’ ___________ .(discuss)

3.He was working on the day of his ___________.(die)

4.It’s ___________(danger) to play football in the street .

5.I will give you two __________ (month) time to finish the work .

9.A large number of people go abroad to study __________ .(far)

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