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1.I am sorry______(hear) that your cat is dead

2.They are busy_________(study) for the exam.

3.Why not__________(go) shopping with me?

4.How about_________(go) shopping with me.

5.You’d better________(stay) at home.

6.I am going to the library _________(borrow) some books

7.It’s very important__________(learn) Chinese well.

8.Let ‘s _________(play) basketball

9.Do you mind__________(open) the door?

10.When can you finish___________(mend) my shoes?

11.She likes going__________(hike).

12.I often do some_________(read) at home on weekends

13.You should practice_____________(dance) every.

14.They are planning________(have) a picnic next Sunday.

15.We all enjoyed__________(watch)TV.

16.Could you please___________(empty) the trash?

17.She often helps them_________(clean) the street.

18.H e made me _________(wait) for you here.

19.I saw a man _________(fall) into the river when I passed by.

20.I often hear someone__________(sing) in the next room.

21.I like watch children__________(play) games.

22.Would you like __________( stay ) with me?

23.Your room needs_________( clean) now.

24.Who wants_________( go) out to dinners

25.Thank you for_________( tell) me the good news.

26.She is interested in______(run)

27.Tony is good at __________(swim)

28.He went to work without________(eat) breakfast.

29.She got up early_________(catch) the bus

30.When the teacher came in,they stopped___________(talk)

31.Remember________(turn) off the light please,when you leave.

32.Don’t forget __________ (say )goodbye to your parents when you leave everytime.


1. All the books _____ (be) not here, but they _____ (be) here a moment ago.

2. It ______ (be) there just now, but it ______(be not)there now.

3. Your CD Walkman ________ (be) on the ground just now.

4. Where’s the camera? It ________ (is) there a moment ago.

5. Where ____( be ) the diary now? It _____ (is) there just now.

7. Tom _______(go ) to visit a farm last week.

8.What ______ you _______(do) next Friday?

9. He often ________(have) dinner at home.

10. We _______(not watch) TV on Mondays.

11. I _______ (watch) a film with my friend last Friday.

12. My father _______ (be) in London next year.

13. What_______ you _____(do) three days ago?

14. David and Tom _______(be) in Class One.

15 Mike _______(not go) to the zoo on Sundays.

16. ______ they ________(like) the World Cup?

17. What _______they often _______(do) on Saturdays?

18. _______ your parents _______(read) newspapers every day?

19 The girl _______(teach) us English on Sundays.

20. She and I ________(take) a walk together every evening.

21. There ________(be) some water in the bottle.

22. Mike _______(like) cooking.

23. They _______(have) the same hobby.

24. My aunt _______(look) after her baby carefully.

25. You always _______(do) your homework well.

26. I _______(be) ill. I'm staying in bed.

27. She _______(go) to school from Monday to Friday.

28. The child often _______(watch) TV in the evening.

29. It ______ (be) Ben's birthday tomorrow.

30. She likes ______ newspapers, but she ______ a book yesterday. (read)

31. He _______ (play) football at4:00pm yesterday.

32 Jim's mother _________ (plant) trees at this time yesterday.

33. When I walked into the classroom.They ________ (sweep) the floor .

34.The telephone rang,while I_______(do) my homeworkMr White ________ (go)

35. Don't ______ the house. Mum _______ it yesterday. (clean)

36. What ____ you ______ just now? I _______ some housework. (do)

37. They _________ (make) a kite a week ago.

38. I want ______ apples. But my dad _______ all of them last month. (pick)

39. _______ he ______ the flowers this morning? Yes, he _____. (water)

40. She ____ (be) a pretty girl. Look, she _____ (do) Chinese dances.


1. Is your brother speak English? __________________

2. Does he likes going fishing? __________________

3. He likes play games after class. __________________

4. Mr. Wu teachs us English. __________________

5. She don't do her homework on Sundays. _________________

6.He wasn’t buy the pen yesterday._______________

7.They aren’t play basketball now.____________

8.She doesn’t doing her homework now.________________

9.This is my a book.________________

10.Who have a long ruler?____________

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