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八上 短语unit4T1

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Unit4 topic 1 (A-B) think about / of 1 考虑,想 2 乡村生活 life in the countryside The sky is bluer. 3 天空更蓝 4 享受大自然的美丽 enjoy the beautiful of nature live in 5 居住在 6 所有的(最高级) of all keep a pet dog 7 养宠物狗 8 使某人高兴 make sb happy play with 9 与...一起玩 both and 10 两个都 share sth with sb 11与某人分享 12 对...唱歌 sing to . As we know 13 众所周知 14 植物和动物你更喜欢哪一种?
Which do you like better , plants or animals ?

Unit4 topic 1 (C-D) thick froests 1 茂密的森林 2 世界热带地区 the hot parts of the world 3 数千种的植物 thousands of plants 4 不同种类 different kinds of 5 地球的肺部 the lungs of the earth 6 使空气更清新 make the air fresher and clearer 7 起重要作用 play an important part in control the climate 8 控制气候 9 灭绝 die out 10 变得越来越小 become smaller and smaller 11 以...为食 feed on sea animals 12 海洋生物 13 处于危境 be in danger 14最古老的类型 the oldest type of

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