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人教新目标英语九年级Unit 3 Section A 1

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Unit 3
Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes Section A Period 1

allow v.“允许,许可” ,allow sb to do sth”允许某 人做某事“,其被动语态为:sb be allowed to do sth. 此处should be allowed是个含有情态动词的被动语态.

Section A 1a-1c

Do you have any rules at home? Do you have any rules at school? Do your parents allow you to do the following things?

Do you agree?

This is Ming Ming. He is only 10 years old. But he can drive a bus, or car.

Obey the family rules!
As a teenager, you have a lot of rules at your house. Can you write down some of them? I’m allowed to … I’m not allowed to…

( should ﹢) be allowed to do (应该)允许做某事 agree and disagree
— Do you think …? — Yes, I agree.\ No, I disagree.

But in America, sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to drive.

I don’t think fifteen-year-olds should be get their ears pierced.

Teenagers should not be allowed to take a part-time job at night.

Can the teenagers in China be allowed to get their driver’s license ?

buy/choose your own clothes 买/选自己的衣服

Students shouldn’t be allowed to sleep in class.

Students shouldn’t be allowed to make noises.
Students shouldn’t be allowed to throw the rubbish in the classroom. Students should be allowed to speak English loudly. Students shouldn’t be allowed to get to class late .

get her ears pierced 穿耳
wear earring 戴耳环

drive 驾驶 driver 驾驶员,司机 driver’s license 驾驶证

Key phrases:
1. be allowed to do

2. go out with their friends

3. a part-time job


4. get their ears pierced
穿他们的耳朵 5. their own clothes 他们自己的衣服 6. driver’s license 驾驶执照 7. too wild


8. serious enough

9. silly earring 难看的耳环 10. instead of 替代 11. on weekends 在周末

1b. Listen and circle “T” or “F”. 1. Anna can go to the mall with John. (T) 2. Anna wants to get her ears pierced. (F) 3. Anna is allowed to choose her own clothes. (T)

Pair work
1. 根据1a的听力内容找出enough 短语, 并用 自己的话造句。 2. 翻译下列短语或句子 driver’s license at that age get their ears pierced It’s fun to watch. choose their own clothes I guess so. I want to be sure you get something nice.

2a. Listen and check what Kathy thinks.
√ √ √ √ √

Kathy 1. Sixteen-year-old should not be allowed work at night. 2. Larry shouldn’t work every night. 3. He should cut his hair. 4. He should stop wearing that silly earring.

5. He doesn’t seem to have many friends.
6. He shouldn’t work on weekends.

2a You may circle “Agree”, “Disagree”, or “Doesn’t know” to show what Molly thinks.
Kathy Molly 1. Sixteen-year-old should not Disagrees be allowed work at night. 2. Larry shouldn’t work Agrees every night.

Kathy 3. He should cut his hair. 4. He sho

uld stop wearing

Molly Doesn’t know Disagrees Doesn’t know

that silly earring.
5. He doesn’t seem to have

many friends.

2b. Listen again. Fill in the blanks with correct forms. Molly says that Larry is working late tonight, but Kathy thinks Larry shouldn’t be allowedto work late. Molly ______ ______ with Kathy, She thinks teenagers agrees never gets _____.Then Kathy thinks tired Larry shouldn’t work every night.

This makes Molly agree. They think he
needs time to do homework, Also they ____ think Larry’s hair should _____ because be cut it doesn’t look clean Kathy thinks Larry ____. shouldn’t wear that silly earring, but ___ Molly thinks she kind of like it. ______

Useful expressions
do homework cut one’s hair kind of like… looks cool have many friends work on weekends spend time with …
work late sixteen-year-olds be allowed to work at night disagree with… get tired work every night


The house is cleaned every day. 动作的接受者the house成了句子 的主语,就应该用被动语态。

结构: be +动词的过去分词 一般现在时: am/is/ are +动词的过去分词
一般过去时: was/were +动词的过去分词

英语中有两种语态:主动语态和被动语态。 ①主动语态表示 主语是动作的执行者。 ②被动语态构成:被动语态表示主语是动作的承受者。

一般现在时(is,am are) 一般过去时(was,were) ③情态动词的被动语态:

Eg:(1)Many people speak Chinese. 许多人说汉语。 (2)I 汉语被许多人说。 Chinese is spoken by many people.

opened the window.我打开了窗户。

窗户被我打开了。The window was opened (by me). (3)We should clean our classroom.我们应该打扫我们的班级

Our classroom should be cleaned. 我们的班级应该被打扫。


Make conversations. Use the phrases in the box.
too wild too young too silly not serious enough enough not old enough (1) adj.足够的,修饰名词,可以放在 not名词前也可以放在名词后 calm enough

eg:enough money/ money enough enough people/people enough A: I don’t think (2) adv.足够地,修饰形容词、副词, sixteen-year-olds 并放在其后。 should be allowed to drive. B: I agree. They eg:big/tall/serious/busy enough aren’t serious enough.


to drive 1.Sixteen-year-olds shouldn’t be allowed____(drive)

pierced 2.Some moive stars even get their noses____ (pierce

3.When she won the first prize,she was D just a ___ girl. A.twelve years old B. twelve-years-old C.twelve year old D.twelve-year-old C 4.Anna is not _______ to go to school. A.young enough B.enough young C.old enough D.enough old

5.My parents allow me to go out tonight.改为同义句 am allowed I _____ _______ to go out tonight.

1.We _________ (allow) to go to the movies on Friday nights. 2.Books can_____________ (not take) out

of the reading-room.
3.All the work must ___________ (finish) before Wednesday.

4.We water the flowers every day.(改为 被动语态) The flowers _______ ______by us every day.
5.You needn’t clean the room.(同上) The room needn’t _______ ______ by you now.

6.I think he is a good student.(否定句) —————————————————

7.He thinks he can pass the exam.(一 般疑问句)


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