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第Ⅰ卷 选择题(共95分)


第一部分 听对话回答问题 本部分共有10道小题,每小题你将听到一段对话,每段对话听两遍。(10分)

( )1. Who are they talking about?

B. C. ( )2. What is Nick’s father?

A. B. C. ( )3. What’s the time now?

A. B. C. ( )4. What does the man want to buy?

A. B. C.

C. Their families. ( )5. What do they talk about? A. Their schools. B. Their weekends.

( )6. What can this girl see in this room?


A. Some chairs. B. Some desks. C. Some students. ( )7. Where are they talking?

A. In the classroom. B. In a shop. C. In a library. ( )8. Whose is the blue T-shirt?

A. Lily’s. B. Nick’s. C. Their father’s. ( )9. How many students are there in the classroom now? A. 20. B. 15. C. Only 5. ( )10. Where does Amy come from?

A. America. B. England. C. China. 第二部分 听对话和短文回答问题


( )11. When does Daniel go running?

A. In the afternoon. B. Before breakfast. C. After breakfast. ( )12.What is Daniel’s favourite subject?

A. English. B. Math. C. Chinese.


听第一篇短文,回答13-15小题。 请根据短文内容,选择正确答案,完成信息记录表。

B. March B. short

C. April C.


( )13. A. January ( )14. A. tall thin

( )15. A. computer games dancing

听第二篇短文,回答16-20小题。 ( )16. How old is Jimmy?

A. 4 years old. years old.

( )17. Who takes Jimmy to school? A. His teacher. mother.

( )18. How do they go to school? A. By car. ( )19. What is the school like? A. Big and clean.

B. sports

B. 5 years old. C. 14

B. His father. C. His

B. By bus. C. By bike.



B. Big and beautiful.


and clean.

( )20. Does Jimmy like the school?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. don’t know.

二、单项选择 从下列每题所给的选项中,选择一个最佳答案。(20分)

A. a

B. an

C. the

C. Sorry, I

( ) 21.Xinghua is ___________ beautiful city. I like it very much.


D. / Good

( ) 22. You go to bed and you can say “___________” to your parents.

A. Good morning night

( ) 23.Hou Yifan comes back to Xinghua ___________ Sunday.

A. in A. tell ___________.

A. some; some some

( ) 26. —___________? —It’s half past six in the morning.

A. What time is it B. What colour is it How old is the dog

( ) 27. You can ___________ this book and know more about Xinghua.

A. see blackboard.

A. behind under

( ) 29. —___________ does the girl look? —She is very small and thin.

A. How

B. What B. sheep B. job

C. When

D. Where

D. breads

( ) 30. All of us can see some ___________ in this picture. Which is NOT right?

A. women A. name

C. children

( ) 31.—What is the girl’s ___________? —She is 14 years old.

C. age

D. grade

D. Yes,

( ) 32. —Is your name Kitty? —_________.

A. Yes, I am it is

( ) 33.—Can you help me _________ this cat? I go to my grandparents’ home this


B. Good afternoon C. Good evening

B. on B. talk

C. at C. say

D. of D. speak

( ) 24.—Please ___________ me about your new school. —Of course.

( ) 25.—Can you give me ___________ apples? —I am sorry. I don’t have

B. any; any

C. some; any



C. Whose book is it D.

B. watch C. read D. look

( ) 28. Millie is very tall and sits ___________ me. So I can’t see the

B. in front of

C. beside


B. Yes, I’m C. Yes, you are



A. look at

look for

( ) 34. —Are you in ___________? —Yes, I am.

A. Class 4, Grade 7

grade 7, class 4

( ) 35.Daniel is a ___________ football player. He plays football ___________.

A. good; good

well; good

( ) 36. Which sound is different from the other(与其它不同)? A. cake; face


( ) 37.What time ___________ this boy get up in the morning?

A. is B. are C. do D. does

( ) 38.—I am twelve and I like English.

—Oh, really? I am twelve ___________ and I ___________ like English.

A. also; also

too; also

( ) 39.—Would you like to go to the supermarket? —___________.

A. Yes, I’d like

No, I am very busy

( ) 40.—You are very cool in this shirt. —___________.

A. Of course B. Thank you C. You’re right D. Good idea

三、完形填空 阅读短文,从每题所给选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。(15分) Dear Kitty,

Thank you for your email. In your 41 , you tell 42 something about your school in America. And I 43 a lot about you and your school. Now let you know something about me and my 44 . I am a(an) 45 boy. I was born in Xinghua, Jiangsu. I am twelve years old. I am 46 Grade Seven at Xinghua Secondary School. It 47 about fifteen minutes to get to the school. I often go to school 48 . But I don’t walk to school when it rains. I take a bus. My school is big and beautiful. My class 49 many students, twenty boys and fifteen 50 . My teachers say all the 51 students are good. 52 like us very much. This is my family. My mother is a 4 B. look after C. look like D. B. Grade 7, Class 4 C. class 4, grade 7 D. B. well; well C. good; well D. B. go; home C. bike; kite D. me; B. too; too C. also; too D. B. Yes, I’d like to C. Yes, I do D.

53 . She 54 in Zhao Yang Hospital. I have a sister. She is very 55 . But I am tall. We are in the same school. My father is a teacher. He teaches English. All students like his subject and are good at English too.

I am happy in my family and I am happy at school too. Write back.

Yours Wang Fang

( ) 41. A. book picture

( ) 42. A. her like

( ) 44. A. class office

( ) 45. A. American Japanese ( ) 46. A. on travels

( ) 48. A. by bus have

( ) 50. A. men

D. thirty-five

B. They

C. You

D. He


B. doctor B. plays

C. driver C. works

B. children

C. women

D. girls

( ) 51. A. fifteen ( ) 52. A. We

D. farmer D. shops

B. strong

C. cute

B. twenty

C. thirty

B. by bike

C. by train

D. on foot


( ) 49. A. there is

B. there are

C. has

B. in

C. at

D. for


( ) 47. A. takes

B. comes

C. walks

B. English

C. Chinese


B. grade

C. school


B. him B. watch

C. me

D. it


( ) 43. A. know

C. hope

B. letter

C. email


( ) 53. A. teacher ( ) 54. A. studies ( ) 55. A. short thin

四、阅读理解 阅读下列内容,根据内容选择最佳答案。(40分)



My name is Daniel. Let me talk about my day. I get up at 6:30 a.m. and I read English for about half an hour. I eat breakfast at about 7:10 a.m. I go to school by bus at about 7:40 a.m. My school starts at 8:20 a.m. In the morning, I have three lessons. I like English best. At 11:20 a.m., we have lunch at school. After lunch, on Monday and Thursday, I go to the school library. On Tuesday and Friday, I go to the art room. And on Wednesday, I go to English Club. We have our class at 2:30 p.m., and we only have two lessons in the afternoon. School is over at 4:00 p.m. We can go home on the school bus. We always have a good time at school.

( ) 56. When does Daniel get up?

A. At 6:30 a.m. B. At 6:50 a.m. C. At 7:10 a.m. D. At 7:40 a.m.

( ) 57. How long does Daniel read English in the morning?

A. For about 10 minutes. B. For about half an hour.

C. For an hour. D. For an hour and a half.

( ) 58. How many classes are there in Daniel’s school every day?

A. Four B. Five C. Six D. Seven

( ) 59. How does Daniel go to school?

A. On foot. B. By bike. C. By bus. D. By car.

( ) 60. What does Daniel do after lunch on Wednesday?

A. He goes to school library. B. He goes to the art room.

C. He goes to English Club. D. He is in the classroom.


Hi, I am Simon. This is my school. It is very beautiful and modern(时尚). My classroom is very bright and big.

There are a lot of nice students in my class. Daniel is my best friend. He is good at math. At lunchtime, we often sit under the tree to chat with each other. Peter is my English teacher and he is very good. I like him best and so I like English best.

Our school starts at 8:25 a.m. and is over at 3:45 p.m. Before the first class, we do morning exercises(做早操). All the students have lunch at school. Before school is over, we are all on the playground to have activities(活动).

I like my school very much.

( ) 61. How is Simon’s school?

A. It is big and bright. B. It is modern but small.

C. It is big and beautiful. D. It is modern and beautiful.

( ) 62. What is Daniel good at?

A. Math B. English C. Chinese D. PE

( ) 63. Where do Daniel and Simon often chat at lunchtime?

A. In the classroom. B. On the playground.

C. In the dining hall. D. Under the tree.

( ) 64. When does Simon’s school start?

A. At 8:00. B. At 8:10. C. At 8:20. D. At 8:25. 6

( ) 65. Which is TRUE about Simon’s school?

A. Simon’s school is over at 4:00 p.m.

B. In Simon’s school, students do morning exercises first.

C. Some students go home for lunch in Simon’s school.

D. Peter is Simon’s Math teacher.


What sport do you like best?

Daniel: I like basketball best. I often watch NBA. I play basketball every day. I am short, but I am strong. I am a good basketball player in our school.

Lucy: Ping-ping is my favourite sport. I am a Chinese and Chinese ping-pong players are the best in the world. I want to be a good ping-pong player too. I often play it every afternoon.

Tom: I am tall and strong. I like football best. My father is a football player. I often watch my father play football. My father often teaches me to play football. I play with my father and others in the park every day.

( ) 66. What sport does Daniel like?

A. Football B. Basketball C. Ping-pong D.


( ) 67. Who likes football best?

A. Daniel B. Tom C. Lucy D. Nobody

( ) 68. What does Tom’s father do?

A. A teacher. B. A doctor. C. A policeman. D. A football player.

( ) 69. When does Lucy often play ping-pong? A. Every morning. B. Every afternoon. C. Every evening. D. At the weekend.

( ) 70. Which of the following is RIGHT?

A. Daniel is tall. B. Lucy wants to be a doctor.

C. Tom is thin. D. The passage(文章) is about favourite sports.


Hi! My name is Millie. I am from England. I am twelve years old. I am slim and tall. I have long hair. I like music. I listen to music every evening. I like reading and I am in the Reading Club. But I don’t like sports.

( ) 71. How old is Millie?

A. Twelve B. Thirteen

C. Fourteen

D. Fifteen 7

( ) 72. Where does Amy come from?

A. England B. America

( ) 73. Who wears a pair of glasses?

A. Millie B. Peter

D. Amy

( ) 74. What does Amy’s father do?

A. A teacher. B. A doctor.

A cook.

( ) 75. What is Peter like?

A. Slim and tall. B. Short and strong.

Thin and tall.

C. Beijing D. Nanjing C. Simon C. A policeman. D. C. Tall and strong. D.

第Ⅱ卷 (非选择题 共 55分)

五、阅读表达 阅读短文,按要求完成短文后的各项任务。(10 分)

Let me tell you about me and my family. My name is Daniel. I am your new classmate. I am thirteen years old now. I was born in Nanjing, but I live in Shanghai. Look! This is a photo of my family. I am ①_______ my father ②______ my mother. My father is on my left. He is tall and strong. He looks cool. My mother is on my right. She is short, but is beautiful. My parents work in the hospital in Shanghai. ③I have lunch at school. I like chatting with friends. My hobby is listening to music. I love playing computer games too. I can draw pictures well. I am in Drawing Club. I have a dog. Its name is Snoopy. I look after the dog at home. My grandparents like the dog too. Would you like to be friends with me? Please write to me.

76. 在①、②空白处分别填入一个适当的词使句意完整、上下文通顺。

_____________ ______________

77. 把③句译成中文。

_______________________________________________________________ 。

78. 回答问题: What club is Daniel in?

________________________________________________________________ .

79. 在文中找出与“Do you want to be friends with me?” 意思相近的句子,并将它写在答题卡上。 ________________________________________________________________ .

80. 在文中找出最能表达该短文主题的句子,并将它写在答题卡上。


六、词汇运用 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 ( 每空不限一词)。(15分)

81. —What is ___________ (you) name? —I am Jack.

82. —Where ___________ (be) the teachers? —They are in the office now. 83. My brother ___________ (do) homework every day.

84. This boy is a good student. We all like ___________(he).

85. Simon wants ___________ (have) lunch at school.

86. There are many ___________ (tomato) on the desk.


87. Let’s ___________ (fly) kites after school.

88. It is ___________ (sun) today. We can go to the park.

89. Amy likes sports and is good at ___________ (swim).

90. Uncle Wang enjoys ___________ (listen) to music. His favourite singer is Wang Feng.

91. ___________ ( not watch)TV. It’s time for lunch.

92. Look at this classroom ___________ (build). It is nice.

93. —What’s your hobby? —___________ (dance) is my hobby.

94. Why not ___________ (come) to my birthday party?

95. My father and mother come to the ___________ (parent) meeting at three in my school.

七、短文填空 根据短文内容及首字母提示,补全空格内单词,使短文完整、通顺。 (10 分)

Look at this picture. He 96)i___________ David. He loves sports.

97)H___________ likes basketball very much.

He is a 98)m___________ of his school basketball team. He often 99)p___________ basketball with his friends after school. He is 100)g___________ at playing basketball. They often play 101)b___________ and watch basketball matches on TV. David likes Yao Ming 102)v___________ much. 103)B___________ Yao Ming is his hero. David wants 104)t___________ be a good basketball player like Yao Ming.

105)D___________ you like sports? Can you tell me about your favourite sport?

八、书面表达 (20分)


1. 运用第三人称;

2. 要点完整,表达清楚,语句通顺,意思连贯;

3. 60词左右。


is Peter. He



__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10

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