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lesson 37

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Lesson 37 The Olympic Games

★hold (held,held) v. 召开
① vt. 拿着,抓住,抱住 Could you help me hold my bag, please? ② 容纳,装得下,包含 This cup can’t hold much water. 这杯子装不了多少水。 The stadium can hold 20,000 people. ③ 举行,进行(会议、会谈等);庆祝(节日);纪念 have a meeting = hold a meeting 召开会议 hold习惯用被动: ? The Olympic games will be held in China in 2016. ? A festival is held at Edinburgh every year. 节日庆典每年在爱丁堡举行一次. ? The next conference will be held in Geneva. 下次会议将在日内瓦举行. ? We are going to hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss the subject. 明天我们准备开一次会来讨论这个议题.

★immense adj. 巨大的

The universe is immense.

immense ocean
big large great adj.(一般的)大的 adj. 数量的大, 尺寸的大 adj. 伟大的, 重要的 big man large man great man 大人物 大块头 伟人

huge adj.(体积的)巨大的, 庞大,极大的, 无限的


adj. 极好的

★stadium n. 露天体育场 ? playground n. 操场 ? gymnasium=gym n. 健身房,体育馆;体育 ? 篮球场 gym ;足球场 stadium ★capital n. 首都 ? capital adj. 大写的, 重要的

★design v. 设计 ? ① vt. &vi. 设计图样 ? George has designed a new bridge. ? ② vt. &vi. 打算(做……),计划 ? He designed to enter for the competition. ? This book is designed for foreign tourist. ? ③ n. 图样,图纸;设计 ? Susan has just drawn a design for a new dress. ? Here is the design of the new house. designer n. 设计师


_(奥利匹克的)Games will be ___(举行)in our country in four

years' time. As a great many people will be visiting the country, the _____ (政府)
will be building new hotels, an _____ (巨大的)______(露天体育场), and a new Olympic-_____ (标准)swimming pool. They will also be building new roads and a special railway line. The Games will be held just outside the _____ (首都)and the whole area will be called 'Olympic City'. Workers will have completed the new roads by the end of this year. By the end of next year, they will have finished work on the new stadium. The ____ (巨大的)modern buildings have been ____ (设计)by Kurt Gunter. Everybody will be watching anxiously as the new buildings go up. We are all very excited and are looking forward to the Olympic Games because they have never been held before in this country.

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