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福建省厦门市火炬学校八年级英语上册 Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake课时作业

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Unit 8 How do you make a milk shake?课时作业


1. I ate two (piece) of bread. 2. There is some (lettuce) on the table. 3. I like (tomato) very much. 4. (final), he drank the milk shake. 5. How much (milk) do you need? 6. (put) the butter on a piece of bread.

7. Don’t (cut) up the apples. 8. I want (make) an apple milk shake. 9. He plans (make) some turkey (sandwich).

10. It’s time (enjoy) the (potato) noodles.

11. Many girls in our class enjoy (sing) and dancing.

12. My mother often (wash) clothes for me on weekends. I want to help her.

13. We need (eat) healthy food. We can’t eat junk food.

14. –It’s time (go) to bed. You should stop doing your homework.


( )1. I will ask some students to read . A. one to one B. one after one

C. one by one

( ) 2. There two pieces of turkey on the table and there some gravy on the pieces.

A. are, are B. are, is C. is, are

( ) 3. Please put the apple into the blender. A. don’t B. won’t

C. can’t

( ) 4. The piece of meat is too big. Let’s .

A. cut them up B. cut it up C. cut up it

( ) 5. healthy, my grandfather usually takes a walk after dinner every evening.

A. Keep B. keeping C. to keep

( ) 6. I like to eat soup, but I don’t like .

A. tomato, tomato B. tomato, tomatoes C. tomatoes, tomatoes

( ) 7. I need honey to make a banana milk shake.


A. a lot B. some C. many ( ) 8. ---Would you like ? ---No, thanks. I am not hungry.

A. some orange B. milk C. some sandwiches ( ) 9. --- oranges can you see on the table? ---About seven.

A. How many C. How much C. How big ( ) 10. --- orange can you see on the table? ---About seven cups.

A. How many C. How much C. How big


1. You mustn’t open the window now. It’s cold today. (改为祈使句) the window now. It’s cold today.

the knife.

3. How do you make turkey sandwiches? (同义句) Do you know turkey sandwiches? 4. We need four cups of coffee. (就划线部分提问) coffee do you need? 5. You should put one spoon of salt on the duck. (就划线部分提问) of salt should you put on the duck?


2. Please use the knife to cut the apple. (同义句) Please the apple


A: Hi, Li ling. What food you like best? B: My food is Yunnan Rice Noodles. A: Are they ?

B: Yes, they are. We all like them. A: Can you tell me to make this special food? B: Sure. First, the lettuce and cut it up. Then, make the chicken soup hot. A: What do you do then? B: the eggs, meat and lettuce in the pot of hot soup, one by one. , put the rice noodles into the soup. Then you can the rice noodles. A: Thanks a lot. I will try it one day.



The 1 in Britain is very different from our Chinese food. For example, they eat a lot of potatoes. They like to eat 2 every day. They eat bread 3 breakfast and usually for one other meal. They eat their bread with butter, 4 cheese or jam. Cheese and butter are made from 5 . They drink a lot of milk, too. They drink the milk cold or 6 , and they put it in their tea. They put sugar in their 7 , too. They are the world’s biggest tea 8 . They don’t eat much rice. And they like meat or fish with 9 and other vegetables. They serve all these together. After the main meal they always have 10 sweet. They call this dessert. They don’t have dumplings in Britain. ( ) 1. A. milk B. tea C. food ( ) 2. A. it B. them C. they ( ) 3. A. to B. with C. for ( ) 4. A. maybe B. and C. in

( ) 5. A. milk B. bread C. meat ( ) 6. A. hot B. cool C. warm

( ) 7. A. milk B. tea C. coffee ( ) 8. A. makers B. buyers C. drinkers

( ) 9. A. tomatoes B. bananas C. potatoes ( ) 10. A. something B. anything C. everything


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