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福建省厦门市火炬学校八年级英语上册 Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake导学案

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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake导学案

一、翻译下列词组 1. 吃传统的食物 2. 在特别的假期 3. 在11月的第四个星期四 4. 表达感恩的时候

5. 在这时 6. 对生命和食物表达感恩 7. 庆祝感恩节 8. 做火鸡的一种方法

11. 用这种面包混合物把火鸡填满

12. 高温煮火鸡 13. 用火鸡款待你的朋友

14. 用肉汁覆盖这只火鸡

二、根据所给汉语提示完成下列单词。 1. People usually eat (传统的) food on special holidays.

2. In (秋天),it’s warm and cool.

3. People also remember the first (漂泊者) from (英格兰) who came to live in America.

4. These days, most Americans still (庆祝) this idea of giving thanks by having a big meal at home.

5. Then, put the turkey in a hot (烤箱)。

6. (最后), cut the turkey into thin pieces and eat the meat with vegetables.

7. When it is ready, place the turkey on a large plate and (遮盖) it

with (肉汁).

8. Cook it at a very high (温度)for a long time.

9. At last, (招待) the turkey to your friends with some vegetables.

10. You should (混合) together some bread pieces, onions and pepper.


( )1. I’d like to eat five of bread. A. cups B. pieces C. spoons

( ) 2. Do you know a way turkey Thanksgiving dinner?

A. to make, for B. make, about C. of make, with

( ) 3. We need to put salt but not any sugar in the turkey, and cook it for 1 9. 煮几个小时 10. 把火鸡切成薄片


A. little, a little B. few, a little C. a little, a few ( ) 4. We often celebrate holidays having a big meal our family. A. by, for B. with, with C. by, with ( ) 5. ---May I have bread butter? ---Yes. Here you are.

A. any, with B. any, on C. some, with

( ) 6. To make this special food, you also need things like fish and different vegetables.

A. other B. the other C. another

( ) 7. ______ the books in the bookcase, Joe. A. Put B. To put C. putting ( ) 8. There are over there. A. two boxes books B. two boxes of books C. two boxes of book

四、用所给词的适当形式填空 1. I like (tomato) and (chicken). 2. What is the (tradition) food for Thanksgiving?

3. The teacher made the boy (clean) the classroom by himself yesterday.

4. He wants (know) how (make) a banana milk shake. 5. ---Where are these from? ---They are from Australia. 6. Here is one way (make) delicious cakes.

五、根据汉语意思完成句子,一空一词。 1. 在美国,一个特殊的节日是感恩节。 A in the USA is Thanksgiving.

2. 这顿饭的主菜几乎总是火鸡,一只个头很大的鸟。 of this meal is always turkey, a large


六、完型填空 People eat different things in different parts of the world. In the south of China people eat rice every day. Sometimes they eat it two or three 1 a day. They usually eat it with fish, meat and vegetables. The Japanese eat 2 , too. They also eat a lot of fish. They sometimes eat raw(生的) fish. In Africa, corn is the most important 2

3 . People there make corn into flour(面粉). From this flour they 4 different kinds of bread and cakes. In western 5 such as Britain, Australia and the USA, the most important food is bread and potatoes. People there 6 make bread from wheat(小麦) flour. They cook potatoes 7 different ways. In England the most popular food is fish and chips. 8 people cook this food at home. They eat it at their workplace, in the park 9 even on the road. People 10 it “take-away” food.

( ) 1. A. kinds B. times C. ways ( ) 2. A. rice B. fish C. bread

( ) 3. A. fruit B. food C. vegetable ( ) 4. A. do B. make C. get

( ) 5. A. village B. countries C. cities ( )

always ( ) 7. A. with B. for C. in ( ) 8. A. Some time


( ) 9. A. and B. because C. but ( ) 10. A. give B. call C. ask

6. A. never B. usually C. B. Sometime C. 3

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