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1. How _______ (大) the rain is!

2. Lin Lin is the ________ (young) in our class.

3. The man took off his shoes and put them under his bed very _______(quiet).

4. Ann felt very _______ (happy) at her birthday party.

5. Which is _______ (far) from us, the sun or the moon?

6. She looks _________ (thin) than me.

7. It snowed ______ (heavy) last night and now the streets are covered with snow.

8. Mr. Benson seems to be the ________ (busy) man in the world.

9.“The sooner, the ________ (good)”, Uncle Wang said.

10.Jack has the ______ (little) bread of the three boys.

11.We don’t think their classroom is ______(干净) than ours.

12. Meimei walks as _______ (慢) as Lily does.

13.Who’s _______(好) than you at English in your class?

14.The teacher asked us to take a _____ (仔细) look at everything in the lab.

15.Shanghai is one of the _______ (大) cities in the world.

16.Which is the _________ (beautiful) skirt of the three?

17.The sick man is getting ________ (ill).

18.The meat smells _______(坏). Please take it away.

19.The wind is blowing _________ (strong).

20. Of all the students Li Hua lives _______ (远).

21.She didn’t do her homework _________(仔细).

22.Your bag is much _________ (轻) than mine.

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1. My ____ sister is two years _____ than I.

A. older; older B. elder; elder C. older; elder D. elder; older

2. Can you do your work with _____ money and _____ people?

A. less; few B. less; fewer C. little; less D. few; less

3. I didn’t know which was _____, so I took them both.

A. good B. better C. best D. the best

4. There was _____ house in front of the hill.

A. a wooden old fine B. an old wooden fine

C. a fine old wooden D. an old fine wooden

5. The population of Beijing is larger than _____ Shengzhen.

A. / B. the one in C. that of D. those of

6. What an _____ story! I’m _____ in it.

A. interested; interesting B. interesting; interested

C. interested; interested D. interesting; interesting

7. The jacket is _____ nice, but it’s _____ more expensive than that one.

A. much; much B. very; very C. much; very D. very; much

8.After turning .She is too tired to walk ______.

A. farther B. further C. farthest D. furthest

9.–Do you think the chicken tastes ______?-She cooked it _____, I think.

A. good; good B. well; well C. well; good D. good; well

10.Li Lei is running _____ now.

A. more and more slowly B. slowier and slowier

C. slowly and slowly D. more slowly and more slowly

- 2 -

11.Lin Tao speaks English very well, and ______.

A. so does his friend B. his friend does so

C. so did his friend D. so he did

12.He worked _____ quietly _____ no one knew he was there.

A. so; as B. so; that C. very; that D. too; to

13.You must be more ______, Jim. Look, you didn’t write _____.

A carefully; careful B. careful; carefully

C. careful; careful D. carefully; carefully

14.The twins are together most of the time. So they never fell ______.

A. lonely B. alone C. happily D. friendly

15.New York is _____ in the United States.

A. larger than any city B. larger than any other city

C. bigger than any cities D. biggest of all the cities

16.This street is much ______ than that one.

A. straight B. straighterC. straightest D. more straighter

17.Of the two pencil-boxes, the boy chose ______ expensive one.

A. less B. the least C. the less D. the most

18.Would you please say it _____? I still can’t follow you.

A. more slow B. much slow C. more slowly D. much slowly

19.This kind of skirt looks ______ and sells ______.

A. nice; well B. nice; good C. well; well D. good; nice

20.–How was the weather yesterday?

-It was terrible. It rained _____. People could _____ go out.

A. hardly; hardly B. hardly; hard

- 3 -

C. hard; hard D. hard; hardly

21.He hurt her so _____ that she cried.

A. bad B. badly C. hardly D. worse

22.The girl is _____, but her younger sister is even _____.

A. tallest; taller B. taller; tallest C. tall; tallest D. tall; taller

23.This chair is not _____ for him to ______.

A. strong enough; sit B. enough strong; sit

C. enough strong; sit in D. strong enough; sit on

24.Tom does everything _____, so his teacher speaks ______ of him.

A. careful; high B. carefully; highly

C. careful; highly D. carefully; high

25.You don’t look so _____ as usual. You’d better go and see a doctor at once.

A. well B. good C. nice D. bad

1.The little baby looks _____.

A. lovely B. carefully C. heavily D. sadly

2. The Chinese people are ______ than you think.

A. friendly B. more friendly C. very friendly D. as friendly

3. Everything is _____ on the moon than on the earth.

A. much more lighter B. much more light

C. more lighter D. much lighter

4. She is _____ careful as I, but I’m _____ than you.

A. as; much careful B. so; more careful

C. as; much more careful D. so; very careful

5. I think science is ______ foreign languages.

- 4 -

A. so difficult as B. as difficult as

C. very difficult than D. much difficult than

6. Allan is one of _____ popular teachers in the school.

A. more B. the more C. most D. the most

7. I don’t think Unit 3 is more difficult. I think it’s _____.

A. more easily B. more easier C. much easily D. much easier

8. No one runs as fast as John in his class. The sentence means _____.

A. John runs fastest in his class.

B. John runs faster than any other boy in his class.

C. John runs more slowly than any other student in his class.

D. John runs as fast as others in his class,

9. Which do you like _____, tea, orange or water?

A. good B. well C. bestD. better

10. Of all the apples Jim’s is _____.

A. the bigger B. the biggest C. bigger D. biggest

11.Maths _____ one of the ______ subjects in middle school.

A. are; important B. is; most important

C. is; more important D. are; much important

12.What a _____ cough! You seem ______ ill.

A. terrible; terribly B. terribly; terrible

C. terrible; terrible D. terribly; terribly

13.The Yellow River is ______ river in China.

A. the two long B. the second longer

C. the second longest D. two longest

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14.–Do you have a big library?

-No, we don’t, at least, not _____ yours.

A. bigger as B. as big as C. as big than D. as bigger than

15. There are a lot _____ people today than yesterday.

A. of B. Most C. much D. more

16.–She has been ill since last week. How is she now?-She is _____ today.

A. worse B. iller C. worst D. much more ill

17.John has three sisters. Mary is the ______ of the three.

A. most cleverest B. more clever C. cleverest D. cleverer

18.It takes a long time to go there by train; It’s _____ by road!

A. quick B. the quickest C. much quick D. quicker

19.The horse is getting old and cannot run ______ it did.

A. as faster as B. so fast than C. faster D. so fast as 20 I believe that _____ you work, ______ result (结果) you’ll get.

A. the harder; the better B. the harder; a better

C. the more hard; the more better D. more hard; more better

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