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七年级下7bUnit1 Revision

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Unit1 Dream homes!


一.Teaching aims

1. Knowledge aims

? To master key words of this unit.

2. Ability aims

? To use what they have learned in this unit group language phrases and

sentence patterns..

? To use of cardinal and ordinal numbers correctly.

二.Teaching emphasis

? To use what they have learned in this unit group language phrases and

sentence patterns..

? To use of cardinal and ordinal numbers correctly..

三.Teaching difficulties

? To use what they have learned in this unit group language phrases and

sentence patterns..

? To use of cardinal and ordinal numbers correctly..

四.Teaching method

? Free talk,

? Task-based teaching method,

? Group cooperative inquiry method,

五. Teaching aids

? Multi-media

六.Teaching procedures

Step1 Presentation

1. Present the aims of this lesson. Ss understand them.

2. Present the important words of this lesson, Ss write down them.

dream worry palace child (children) street Canada garden country capital neighbour friendly beach climb France

- 1 -

million nineteen second third first fifth ninth twentieth

3. Ss Complete the following sentences with the correct words .

1). He wants to find a d_______ job.

2). Mr Zhang can ________delicious food. He is a good________.(烹饪)

3).Millie lives on the________(五)floor.

4).Simon is good at c ___________the hills.

5).Tokyo is the c ________of Japan.

6). Anna’s _______her bedroom with her sister.

7). Can I take a m ________for you? 8). My house looks big and c___________.

4. Present the important phrases of this unit. Ss oral them.

be full of washing machine football field share sb with sth of one’s own take a message more than at least the capital of the USA next to in the centre of be friendly to sb

look out at the beach listen to music my ow bathroom

Step2 Drills

1. Translate the sentences into Chinese.

1). Stephen喜欢和他的爷爷聊天。(like doing sth)

2). Peter 正在从他的卧室的窗户向外看花园。

3). 我的邻居总是对我很友好。(be friendly to sb)

4). 我认为这是种花的好地方。(a good place to..)

5). 英国的首都是伦敦。(the capital of)

6). Daniel个子不高,因此他坐在教室的前面。

2.Many people from different country will come to China now. Which countries are

they from and what are the capitals of them.

Countries Capital

China Beijing

The USA Washington DC

The UK London

France Paris

Japan Tokyo

Russia Moscow

Canada Ottawa

3. Reading : What is Neil’s house like?

Neil lives in a big house in a town near_______. His favourite in his house is the

__________. His family and he often sit there and enjoy______________

They have a ___________garden. Neil always _______With his dog there.

What’s Anna’s house like?

- 2 -

Anna lives in the ______of ______ on the ______floor. The flat is not very big but they have a nice __________. After dinner, Anna’s family like____________ and ______ there. Anna _______a bed with her sister. They often___________ in bed. What is Stephen’s home like?

Stephen lives in a_______ house in Los Angeles. It has eight rooms. He likes_______ best because he likes_______ there and look out at the ______ and the sea.

Step 3 Presentation

1. Present cardinal numbers. Sum up the rules.

? zero, one , two ,three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen,

? twenty-one/two/three……

? thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety

2.Can you read the numbers?

102 422 1,001 2,023,450

3. Present ordinal numbers(从第一到第二十三)

? first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth,

eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteen , twentieth

? twenty-first/second/third……

? 序数词,正几十twentieth thirtieth fortieth fiftieth sixtieth

seventieth eightieth ninetieth hundredth

3. 基数词变序数词(Summary)

1) 1,2,3特殊记,一般加 th就可以。

2) 8少t,9去e, ve 要用f替。

3) ty 结尾正数字,y变 ie也容易

Step4 Drills

1. Complete the following sentences with the correct words.

1). There are ________days in a week. Saturday day is the ________day. (seven)

2). Mr Green has ________children. Tom is the youngest(最年轻).He is the ________child. (nine)

3). There are ________months in a year. December is the __________month.(12)

4). Simon lives on the ___________floor.(20)

5). My house has__________ floor.(2)

2. Task: Simon’s dream home

Simon’s dream home is at the foot of a________. It has _________floors. There is a _______________ behind his house and a_________________ beside it. There is a________ and a_________________ on the ground floor. The kitchen is

- 3 -

very_______. The cinema has a large ________. He would like to invite his friends to ___________ with him at the weekend. On the first floor, there are six____________. Each room has a new computer and all the beds are _____________.There are_________ large rooms on the second floor. His friends and have__________ there. It is great fun.

3.范文:My dream home

My dream home is a big house at the top of a hill. It has four floors. There is a beautiful garden in front of it. On the ground floor, there is a big room for parties. There is a karaoke machine there. There is also a small cinema. I often watch videos and DVDs there. On the first floor, there are eight bedrooms. Each bedroom has a small swimming pool and a huge TV set. The second floor is for my dog. She has lots of toys there. There are some computer rooms on the third floor. I have more than enough computer games for my friends and myself. This is my dream home. I hope my dream comes true some day.

Step5 Summary and homework

1. To recite the text after class.

2. To remember the important vocabulary,phrases and sentences . Blackboard design

Teaching self-examination:


- 4 -

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