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unit2 短语及句子

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8A Unit 2 短语


1、 不得不做某事 have to do sth

2、不得不更努力工作 have to work harder

3、更少的广告 fewer advertisements

4、给某人买某物(2)buy sb sth = buy sth for sb

5、给我买一辆玩具卡车(2)buy me a toy lorry = buy a toy lorry for me

6、世界各地的学校 school around the world

7、英式英语 British English

8、美式英语 American English

9、有一场重要的比赛 have an important match

10、周末计划 plans for the weekend

11、校足球队 the school football team

12、练习做某事 practice doing sth

13、练习弹钢琴 practice playing the piano

14、学校生活 school life

15、在一所英国学校的生活 life in a British school

16、在八年级 in Year 8 = in the 8th grade = in Grade 8

17、一所混合学校 a mixed school

18、一起上课 have lessons together

19、在所有的科目中 among all the subjects

20、最喜欢法语 like French best

21、学习外语 learn foreign languages

22、有一个阅读周 have a Reading Week

23、在这周期间 during the week

24、从/向…借某物 borrow sth from …

25、向图书馆借更多的书 borrow more books from the library

26、从家带来书和杂志 bring in books and magazines from home

27、读更多的书 read more books

28、在这周的末尾 near the end of the week

29、和某人讨论某事 discuss sth. with sb.

30、和我的同学讨论这些书 discuss the books with our classmates

31、似乎/好像做某事 seem to do sth.

32、在一所美国学校的生活 life in an American school

33、在同伴俱乐部 Buddy Club

34、仔细聆听我的问题 listen to my problems carefully

35、给某人主动提供某物(2) offer sb. sth = offer sth. To sb.

36、给我提供帮助 offer me help

37、比平时结束早end earlier than usual

38、一起做运动 do sports together

39、一周两次 twice a week

40、课后打棒球 play baseball after class

41、每次努力练习practice hard every time

42、赢两场比赛 win two games

44、暑假 summer holiday

45、穿校服 wear school uniforms

46、做早操 do morning exercises

47、有更多周休息 have more weeks off

48、花最少的时间做功课(2spend the least time on homework

49、工作最努力 work the hardest

50、最多的学生 the most students

51、最少的老师 the fewest teachers

52、最少的果汁 the least juice

53、进行英语考试 have an English test

54、每门课有月考 have a monthly test

55、快速浏览问题 look through the questions

56、容易回答 answer questions easily

57、学外语 learn English

58、真的有趣 really fun

59、开始读得很慢 read slowly at first


61、用英语不断地写关于我的日常生活 keep writing in English about my daily life

62、玩得开心 have fun = have a good time = enjoy oneself + doing

63、我理想的学校 my ideal school

64、需要早起 need to get up early

65、有一小时的家作 have an hour of homework

66、在午餐时间听音乐 listen to music at lunchtime

67、选择学科学习 choose subjects to study

68、进行学校旅行 go on a school trip

69、有许多时间留给课外活动 have lots of time for after-school activities

43、帮助新生更多地了解这所学校 help new students learn more about the school

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