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英语:Unit 11 Working with Animals重难点复习(北师大版八年级下)

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Unit 11 Working with Animals

一. 教学内容:

复习Unit 11

二. 教学重点:

1. 复习形容词的比较级和最高级。 2. 形容词-ed和-ing的区分。 3. 课文重点词组。

三. 具体内容:

(一). 形容词比较级和最高级

1. 大多数形容词都有三个等级的变化:原级,比较级和最高级。原级即原形;比较级表示“较??”或“更??一些”的意思;最高级表示“最??”的意思。 2. 形容词比较级最高级构成的规则变化。

形容词最高级用于三者或三者以上的人或事物的比较,表示在一群人或事物中,其中一个“最??”。最高级前一般要用定冠词the,句中一般有一个表示比较范围的介词of或in短语,of 后面一般接表示一群人或事物的代词或名词,in 后面一般接表示一个单位或场所的名词。

- 1 -

popular—more popular—the most popular important—more important—the most important serious—more serious—the most serious outgoing—more outgoing –the most outgoing 5. 最高级的基本用法:

1)三者或三者以上相比较用“the+最高级+名词+范围”。 This is the cleanest place of the city. Jack is the tallest boy in our class.

2) 表示“最??之一”,用“one of the +形容词最高级+复数名词” This is one of the most interesting books that I’ve ever read.

3) 形容词的最高级前面必须加定冠词the,但当形容词最高级前面有物主代词修饰时,则不加the.

This is my the best friend. This is my best friend.

Today is happiest day of my life. Today is the happiest day of my life.


—Do you think these jobs are interesting? —I’m not interested in these jobs.

在类似interest这类词后加-ed, 表示(人)感到??,在后面加-ing,表示事物或人让人感到??

- 2 -

如:exciting excited interesting interested embarrassing embarrassed boring bored surprising surprised moving moved disappointing disappointed

Ex. Choose the correct word to fill in the blanks.

(exciting, excited)

I’ve got some very _____________ news for you.

I’m very _____________ because we are going to New York.

(interesting, interested)

I wasn’t sure if he was really _______________ or if he was just being polite.

Did you meet any ______________ people on the plane?

(embarrassing, embarrassed)

I felt ________________ about how messy the house was. (boring, bored)

The job was so _________________.

After a while, I got _______________and left.


1. stay at a five-star hotel

2. swim in the Pacific Ocean

3. feed animals

4. hunt wild animals

5. protect wild animals

6. continue to do

7. reduce the killing of

8. allow people to kill

9. in difficult conditions

10. take photos of

11. hurt my leg

12. run all over the set

13. train animals


一. 用所给单词的正确形式填空。

1. Playing football is an (interest)game. Many people are 2. She was 3. I found her greatly 4. The movie Batman and Joker is - 3 -

5. This TV show is too

6. His home is the closest to school but my home is 7. This film is 8. I think this book is 9. Which do you like 10. In the morning Jane is

二. Fill in the blanks

1. A: Lily is not here. Where is she?

B: She _______ to Shanghai.

A: Wow! She is lucky. ______ you ever ______ to Shanghai?

B: Yes. I ______________ there once.

A: When ______ you _____ there?

B: I ______ there last year.

2. A: Look! What are they doing?

B: They _________ a kite.

A: _____ you ever ______ a kite?

B: Yes. I ________ a kite only once.

A: When _____ you _____ a kite?

B: Last weekend. I ______ a kite with my parents.

A: Where _____ you _____ a kite?

B: We _____ a kite in Chaoyang Park.

A: Do you like _______ a kite?

B: Yes, very much.

三. 单选

1. A. How long B. How often C. How much

2. He’s been back home , A. isn’t he B. is he C. has he

3. They have stayed here A. for B. since C. from

4. Mary has A. come to B. arrived at C. left

5. I don’t want you A. hurting B. hurt C. to hurt

6.I have not seen her A. for B. since C. in

- 4 - D. How soon D,. hasn’t he D. ever D stayed in D. hurted D. about

7. He A. joined B. has joined C. is in D. has been in

8. He has had the bike A. for B. since C. about D. \

9. Have you ever _______ to America?

A. go B. gone C. been D. went

10. Everybody ________. He feels very lonely.

A. go B. has gone C. have gone D. goes

- 5 -

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